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Towleroad Guide to the Tube #363

IT DOESN'T HAVE TO BE THAT WAY: New Obama ad warns of a scary future.

JOHN KERRY: On John McCain. "He said he was going to interrupt his campaign to save the negotiations. Most people believe that what he did was interrupt the negotiations to save his campaign."

DENNIS KUCINICH: Kucinich blew his lid on the bailout deal on the House floor on Sunday afternoon.

HYPOCRISY ALERT: A video sent to blogger Mike Rogers on the hypocrisy of McCain and his gay chief of staff Mark Buse.

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  1. Wow, Kucinich is my new hero. I didn't think there were any politicians left who actually cared about the average citizen.

    Posted by: Taylor | Sep 29, 2008 5:39:04 PM

  2. Kucinich was the best of the field (and incidentally he was the most pro-gay candidate) in the Democratic primary.

    Posted by: HOGB | Sep 29, 2008 5:47:31 PM

  3. HOGB, I'm impressed with your recent comments. I agree with a lot of what you've written, it's nice to know that we can come together and work on issues and not fight. It sucks that it takes our nation falling apart to bring people together, but I hope things will get better. I hope.

    Posted by: CJ | Sep 29, 2008 5:54:44 PM

  4. I wonder how NBC feels about that Obama ad? I mean, they must be getting tired of being called the liberal media when they didn't do anything and now Obama's team commandeers it for a fake newscast? Hmmm....

    Posted by: tony | Sep 29, 2008 6:52:00 PM

  5. Who is that Obama ad directed at? It seems like a complete waste, scaring only those who would already vote for Obama.

    I do like that it might scare some folks out of complacency, but it still seems pretty lame as a campaign ad.

    (Kucinich is fantastic, as always)

    Posted by: gay as life | Sep 29, 2008 6:56:07 PM

  6. Who cares if McCain's staff employs a gay man?

    It's NOT McCain who is the hippocrite- that honor is taken by the gay man who works there on purpose.

    Posted by: Drew | Sep 29, 2008 8:29:37 PM

  7. May the godz bless Dennis, he's been our hero here for years in oHIo. Another oHIo congressperson, Marcy Kaptur, was pretty hot on the same subject last week. She's another asskicker, focused solely on her constituents, who's been in congress for years.

    Posted by: Jim | Sep 29, 2008 8:52:05 PM

  8. The big elephant in the room that no one wants to talk about is how racism is going to affect the outcome of this election as it nearly affected the primaries.

    Posted by: anon | Sep 29, 2008 10:21:38 PM

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