Blood-sucking Vampire Moth Discovered!


Just in time for Halloween, a new moth has been discovered in Siberia, and it feeds on blood.

Let’s hope it stays there.

It’s thought to have evolved from a fruit-eating species: “Some researchers, [Entomologist Jennifer Zaspel] noted, hypothesize that blood-feeding in insects and animals evolved from behaviors such as feeding on tears, dung, and pus-filled wounds.”


I’ll take these guys, thanks.


  1. matthew says

    Lets send Mccain and Palin to Siberia now precisely where this bug lives, although I have a feeling the little bug would die from blood from either one of those two.

  2. says

    Brian, you are absolutely correct in re: Mosquitoes! Except you and me can squash one of those pesky bugs with our hands. I dare you (or anyone else) to squash that moth-thing with their bare hands! That thing looks like it would leave a big mess…

  3. says

    As a Queer entomologist, this is great news! There’s another moth in Malaysia that feeds on blood as well, The Vampire Moth (Calyptera eustrigata) and several types of Owl Moth worldwide also feed on the tears of large mammals. Don’t cry when you’re camping in the woods!!

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