1. Rad says

    No no no no no, he wasn’t speaking at Penn State, he was speaking at the State Penn. These was a rally with his remaining base, all the GOP CEO’s that have been convicted of fraud.

  2. Larry says

    Sarah Palin’s expression is priceless. It’s like “Crap, he’s totally cracking up. I’d like him to WIN first.”

  3. MATH says

    I’m surprised that people haven’t started calling him the Manchurian Candidate. Just as ridiculous and untrue as “secret muslim,” but that never stopped anyone before…

  4. michael says

    I think his happy/smug little smile after finishing the sentence is even more distressing. Reminds me of an old senile guy babbling senselessly and thinking he was about to become president…

    oh wait.

    palin’s look Is pricesless, though.

  5. FunMe says

    Yes, Patrick NYC, it is too early totake outthe champagne.

    We MUST fight until the end because these republiCONs are not going to go out without a fight. They will try everything (Kitchen sink).

    Work as we are behind to ensure victory for THAT ONE in 2008!

  6. David R. says

    Yes, the Repugs will stop at nothing. There’s now a court case in Wisconsin brought by the Sec’y of State (who just happens to be McCain’s WI campaign chair) to “double check” every modified voter registration before election day. This will disproportionately affect poor and minority voters who are less likely to have driver’s licenses. (Funny how it’s only the Rs who think there’s a voter fraud problem when the record shows again and again that they’re wrong!)

    At a minimum, this amounts to intimidation.

  7. Jimmyboyo says

    Patrick NYC

    :-) I’m chilling mine

    Though I do agree with Funme to the extent that we can’t relax one bit till Nov.

  8. Hypocrites say what? says

    How dare anyone check for voter fraud!! They’ll stop at NOTHING!

    So what if Acorn signed up the same person ten times in Colorado with multiple addresses, multiple social security numbers and one signature?

  9. Tex... says

    I think the old man said exactly what was on his Alzheimer ridden mushy mind. Poor thing….it’s hard to concentrate when you know your cancer is killing you.