1. Annie says

    What a classy broad. I am more impressed each time I hear her speak. She is so easy and spontaneous. Gawd, what would Cindy McCain be like if she were allowed to speak?

  2. Jimmyboyo says


    Look up the Rural Electrification program

    The gov redistributed (taxed highly) the wealth of the rich north to pay for wiring / setting up power plants in the south and west

    The south and west on their own probably wouldn’t even have electricity for much of their areas even today if wealth redistribution didn’t make america stronger and GREAT!

    History/ reality / truth have a liberal bias

  3. gr8guyca says

    Not only did Michelle not spend $150,000 on clothes, but the yellow sweater she is wearing in on sale at J. Crew. (Was $118.00,
    now $89.99.)

  4. says

    My lord I love this woman. How anything thinks she is scary and angry is beyond me.

    And for “Mr. Redistribute Wealth” guy, it takes a lot of nerve for Palin to get in front of all of those people and harp about socialism and how Obama wants to redistribute wealth, when Alaska made billions from taxes on oil company profits, then actually sent additional checks to every citizen from that money. Hmmmmmmm – tax the profits of companies, give that money to your citizens. How in the world is that not redistributing the wealth?

  5. JohnDrake says

    Redistribute wealth? Oh, you mean like when the Bush Administration borrows a trillion dollars – that middle class folks who WORK for a living will have to pay back – and gives it to billionaire Wall Street criminals who ran their massive investment houses into the ground? You mean that kind of redistribution of wealth?

    I agree, redistribution of wealth sucks. What we *should* be doing is taxing the rich – heavily – and using that money to fix the economy that *they* ran and that *they’ve* destroyed. Make *them* pay a trillion dollars in taxes to clean up *their* mess.

    You break it, you buy it, asshats.

  6. nic says

    she is a classy woman married to a classy guy. we need them desperately. let’s get rid of the rubes and the riffraff.