Mistrial in San Diego Firefighter Gay Pride Harassment Suit

A mistrial has been declared after the jury said it was deadlocked in a case brought by four San Diego firefighters suing the city for sexual harassment for being forced to take part in the city’s Gay Pride parade:

Firefighterssandiegopride_2“According to lawyer Charles LiMandri, who represented the firefighters in the suit, the jury deadlocked 8-4 in favor of the firefighters on the sexual harassment claim. The jury voted 11-1 to reject the claim of one firefighter that he suffered retaliation for complaining about the parade assignment. One juror said she felt the panel could have reached a verdict on the sexual harassment claim if given more time, but City Attorney Mike Aguirre, who was defending the city in the suit, wanted the panel to declare whether it was deadlocked. “

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  1. Brad says

    Not only was this a waste of taxpayer dollars in both the court’s and the city’s time, it opened the door for a few more sue-happy public servant bigots bring forth new claims. Even with a mistrial, the “preliminary” findings of the jury will have a chilling effect on any municipality considering doing the right thing.

  2. says

    “PLus they should not have been forced to participate. If they were there in a security/safety capacity fine but not to march.”

    Once again, they didn’t march. They were in their fire truck, as they are at ALL public parades in San Diego. There should never have been a trial in the first place.

  3. says

    Hopefully the city will do more “sensitivity training” so these supposedly hetro macho men won’t be so afraid of themselves and their own sexuality. Bravo to the 4 jurors who acted like responsible adults and said no to these babies and their $$$ greed.

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