Morrissey’s Year of Refusal


Morrissey told BBC Radio 2’s Janice Long that his new album, Year of Refusal, to be released in February, is his best yet.

The image above is rumored to be the cover photo for that album.

Said the singer: “It’s fantastically strong. It’s very, very strong and it’s interesting for me after all these years, but it’s the strongest.”

He also told Long he’s planning an autobiography to clear up some of the “very annoying” and “silly” stories that have been written about him over the years:

“With every printed interview, there’s lots of misquotes…Lots of them are really silly and really extreme, which you have to live with the rest of your life. So it’s setting the record straight…So much crap is written about me and it’s quite hard to live with sometimes because it all gets burned down in history and becomes part of whatever it is you are, the legacy, and it becomes very annoying.”

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  1. ggreen says

    If he had a little more talent and a lot less attitude he wouldn’t be so bitter about not being a mainstream success. He loves gay money but he has gay panic.

  2. your bloody valentine says

    oh leave the hot man alone. you be lucky to look that good at 49.
    i admire his music so much and i admire that he didnt have to whore himself out for the success and legions of international fans he has. viva moz!

  3. DC Arnold says

    What Moz has accomplished and is still around is testament to not allowing the music biz to shape your image or you compromising your standards. Which goes to prove you can still be Seasick yet still Docked.

  4. In the Know says

    The problem with Morrissey is that he wants to project one thing, when in fact he sleeps with women but wants to pander everyone, so doesn’t make it known. He gets the odd blowjob from a guy every now and again, and considers himself “mostly gay” — but he refuses to have intercourse with men. :( He’ll only screw women, and unprotected at that.

    viva moz indeed. :(

  5. strongjay says

    it’s so strong the image, so very very very strong, super strong, stronger than strong, the strongest of the strongest, elliptically, startlingly, calculatingly, subliminally, fascinatingly strong. Herculean strong.

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