1. 24play says

    Is the Patrick Guerriero who’s the No on Prop 8 campaign director THE SAME Patrick Guerriero who was head of the Log Cabin Republican’s until just a year or two ago?

    If so, it would go a long way toward explaining No on Prop 8’s complete ineptitude: shitty ads, heavy ad buys way too far ahead of election day, lackluster fundraising efforts, etc., etc., etc.

  2. SpeechlessInSeattle says

    While it’s great to hear donations have increased it is abysmally STUPID for Guerriero to reveal the numbers because it will have two disastrous effects:

    1. Say to many would-be pro gay donors that they don’t need to now, and, worse
    2. Result in even larger anti gay donations. That side has already demonstrated that they have far more individuals and rich organizations willing to give far more. This is nothing but a signal for them to do exactly that.


  3. says

    Will all of the donors to NO on PROP 8 get refunds if it does pass? How much will everyone spend next time to purchase civil rights?

    America’s Capitalism at its “finest”.

    If we TRULY believed we deserved equality, we would NOT be spending a dime to obtain it.

  4. Mike says

    The Prop 8 forces have the Mormon Church and Knights of Columbus footing the majority of the bill for their efforts – threatening their zombie followers with eternal damnation if they don’t donate their life savings to “the cause”. To bad they didn’t pick something constructive (like feed the poor) with their $$$ and legions, but that’s anything matter and water under the bridge.

    Even I was a bit surprised by tenacity, so don’t bag on the No on 8 campaign just yet. Gay folk aren’t stupid and I’m sure we have a few major surprises to unleash when the time is right. In the meantime, unfortunately we need to not lose focus and continue to donate our time and $$$.

    Send those viral videos out…they were terrific, post messages on your Facebook, Myspace, Orkut…what have you. Send out email, write letters to the editor, respond to blog postings. Talk to your friends, neighbors, co-workers. That is what the other side has been doing. Put a frickin’ bumper sticker on your car, wear a No on 8 T-shirt. BE VISIBLE. I just purchases a shitload of No on 8 buttons, bumper stickers, etc. which I’m going to distribute to my friends. You’d be surprised the impact of seeing a few bumper stickers on cars have… on the road, at the supermarket, in your work parking lot. People have to understand they are taking away rights, and seeing a real person on the street showing support for No on 8 has just as much impact if not more than a TV advertisement. I’ve been seeing alot of “Protect Marriage” bumper stickers in Orange County… we’ve got to show folks real people are being impacted by their hate. Sorry for the long rant…

  5. anthony says

    24PLAY is right, it’s the same guy who fought against same sex rights as the leader of the LCRs – I was contemplating giving a donation but would never give to a group he’s part of.

  6. Rad says

    I appreciate this effort, honestly, I do. I am a gay man in a long term relationship. Some day my partner and I want our relationship to be legally recognized.

    But the message I am getting from all this is “the one with the most money wins the vote”, and you know, I don’t like that message.

    You mean these folks can run a smart and strategic campaign on what is coming in? I am on the opposite side of the country from CA. I do not see the daily battles.

    It might better the cause NATIONALLY if we heard “we need $1M a day to keep the advertising running” or “we need $1M a day to keep our forces visible through Nov 4″.



  7. Bojo says

    I’m with 24PLAY and Anthony. I live in Maryland and have given substantially, however if I had known Patrick was a part of this I’m not so sure I would have. It also explains the pathetic half a~~ efforts the No on Prop 8 is conducting and which might explain why so few GLBT California residents have donated to the campaign.

  8. Kerry says

    It is disturbing to see the large percentage of the LGBT community in California that have not donated to the No On Prop. 8 campaign. Are they just complacent about their constitutional rights and don’t care if they are taken away?

    I made my donation this week from the red state of Idaho. However, the efforts from the No On Prop. 8 campaign that I have seen to date are far from impactful. There must be a huge resource of top tier creative media talent within the LGBT community in California and they don’t seem to be tapping into it. The 2006 spot that Andy posted is well done and a creative way of inspiring thought among the broader population.

    Whoever is leading the campaign needs to pull together a strategy that will polarize the LGBT community in a way that they will take action. High profile straight celebrities and corporations have stepped up to the plate to support equality. If only 30K of 1 million LGBT Californians have donated, then that is pathetic.

    The days are ticking by. I hope this is not an indicator of the LGBT voter turnout in the state of California.

  9. Obama said NO says

    Too bad Obama couldn’t throw a few of his millions of dollars towards these campaigns, but then since he’s against gay marriage I guess he doesn’t give a shit.

  10. Austin says

    I’m with a few of the other posters here who wondered if this is just turning into a contest to see how much money we can throw at this thing. To me, Guerriero made it sound like if we can get our asses together and raise millions and millions of dollars, then we will win (and Prop 8 will lose). I do not believe that for one second.

    I have always been a big proponent of “micro-activism,” or grass-roots activism. Maybe I’m not ambitious, maybe I don’t know how to be an activist on a large scale, but I’ve always thought the best form of activism available to gays and lesbians everywhere is the act of coming out. Everyone can do it, regardless of their income or social status. And I think it goes a long way when one’s best friend, one’s child, one’s co-worker who serves as a coffee buddy and has sat two cubicles away comes out as gay or lesbian.

    And I think the same principle applies to gay marriage as well. Don’t flame me here, you can do it through e-mail if you really, really want =), but I actually have reservations about gay marriage. While I think that there are so many deserving couples out there that have been denied for so long, I also think there are so many who simply want to have this right because it has been denied for so long but are not ready to understand what “marriage” in all its definitions means. Regardless, for two people in a loving, committed, and monogamous relationship to come out to friends and family, I think that in some, hopefully most, cases, moms and dads and friends who otherwise will have voted “Yes” will find it that much harder to do so.

  11. Michael Bedwell says

    Although I agree that it was stupid to reveal how much anti 8 donations have increased, it is even stupider for anyone to NOT donate simply because of Patrick Guerriero’s involvement.

    This is actually the first time I’ve seen his name in relation to the campaign, but if it is the same guy who formerly headed Log Cabin, note two things:

    A. He was not their head when the group endorsed Bush fils in 2000, and, under his leadership, Log Cabin refused to endorse Bush in 2004.

    B. After leaving that office, he became the director of the Gill Action Fund. Tim Gill, along with a small group of other wealthy gays, has done more to defeat antigay candidates for office than anyone else.

    Defeating antigay initiatives is a much harder task, particularly when the other side is “preorganized” by nature of church congregations, etc., and because the gay activist movement suicidally gave up decades ago on actually trying to reeducate the electorate while the antigay industry has continued to poison it.

    But it CAN be done [as shown in Arizona in 2006], but it can’t be done without money to pay for TV ads to offset the saturation ads full of lies and homohatred the other side is broadcasting]. Please continue to donate as much as you can.

    Thank you.

  12. 24play says

    A little poking around has allowed me to answer my own question.

    It is the same Patrick Guerriero who headed the LCRs for 4 years. But he was named campaign director of No on Prop 8 just 3 weeks ago, so he should NOT be blamed for the group’s shitté performance through the whole summer.

    That being said, I think he’s a strange choice. If I were hiring a campaign director for No on Prop 8, I’d want someone with experience managing statewide campaigns (voter targeting and turnout, advertising, volunteer coordination, etc.) in California, or someone with extensive media messaging experience, or, ideally someone with both.

  13. akaison says

    Well, all I have to say is that I am glad I am not the only one noticing the the lack of effective campaigning that allows one to squander both time (they have known about this since the Spring) and resources (could have been organizing since Spring, lack of money allocation, lack of effective outreach to young /minority voters, women voters, etc- the coalition that would allow one to defeat Prop 8) and the lack of using techniques that other progressive causes have been using this cycle such as micro targetting, diminishing one’s loses in red areas of the state, incentivizing volunteering, use of free media such as going on black and Latino radio, etc. I am no in CA- but even I know of these techiques which if you put inthe months of work could have made the expected right wing attack less effective. SOomeone said above that these efforts are hard to defeat. That’s not really true. We don’t show up. THey are hard to defeat because we wait till the last minute, and throw money at it without engaging people beyond what we want. If there were an ongoing attempt by Gill and others to engage people, as the Democrats are now learning through Obama, then you have a better chance of winning. You can not simply assume what people will do- you must engage them and not ceed territory as gays do as a political force to the right wingers.

  14. akaison says

    One other point- even if prop 8 passes, I really wish someone would use whatever funds are left to support the creation of a proper gay political infrastructure in CA as a test model for how to change things in other states. Part of that structure would include doing something like Obama’s neighbor to neighbor program for gay rights issues and recruiting local gays who are iwllin as representatives in various communities- especially in the conservative ones to start to build relationships that later can be fired up in situations where we may overturn Prop 8 with out own Prop. This would be proactive long term thinking rather than the we are dead for a decate brigade that’s been using such language to push people to donate. Which is better- the give up before because it wasn’t easy or to give people the view that this isn’t going to end here? We could do what the right did, especially if the vote is close, but do it in 2 years or so.

  15. Oscar says

    When it comes to Florida,the proposition against gay marriage is going to pass.What gays have to do is not come to Florida and let the travel agency know the reason that Florida is homophobic to the max.No Miami Beach,no Ft Lauderdale,no Key West,no Orlando,etc…When floridians (with the highest unemployment in the nation) realize that by passing the proposition they lost the gay dollars (and those are many) they will make sure they will need a special election tio pass this proposition.Floridians will learn what is right only when it hurts in the pocketbook.
    Make sure you make public the reason for the boycott.

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