Transgender Sports Writer Mike Penner/Christine Daniels Reverses?

You may remember back in April 2007 a column by L.A. Times sports writer Mike Penner which got a ton of press.

Daniels_pennerSaid Penner in that column: “Today I leave for a few weeks’ vacation, and when I return, I will come back in yet another incarnation…As Christine [Daniels]…I am a transsexual sportswriter. It has taken more than 40 years, a million tears and hundreds of hours of soul-wrenching therapy for me to work up the courage to type those words. I realize many readers and colleagues and friends will be shocked to read them.”

Today it has been confirmed by Sports Editor Randy Harvey that Christine Daniels, whose transition was chronicled in a blog by the paper, will be returning to write for the paper…as Mike Penner.

The blog entries regarding Penner’s transition have reportedly been removed.


  1. Asher says

    This is not that uncommon. My sister’s ex-girlfriend has switched back and forth between living as a man and living as a woman several times. My uneducated, uninformed and unresearched opinion is that some TG people might think that transitioning to the other gender ‘fixes’ everything, but then discover that it doesn’t.

  2. says

    Is there any evidence to suggest that the writer has transitioned back to male, or just that the writer will once again be writing as Mike Penner? It seems to me that she could have decided, even after the blog, it was easier to continue to write as Mike Penner.

  3. djork says

    Her blog entries about her transition were fascinating and quite moving. I wondered why they stopped.

  4. Rodney says

    Actually, Distingue, they don’t cut it off. They split it into quarters and turn it inside out.

  5. Derrick from Philly says


    I imagine that there are many others that we see at gay clutbs, pride events, gay street festivals etc. who have gone throught the reassignment surgery but decided to go back to appearing as their former selves. Some, of course, were never part of the gay world to begin with; but for those who are gay & transgender, I welcome them back. I just hope they can find peace of mind and maybe even happiness.

  6. anon says

    Shades of Mr. Garrison here. I’m still strongly of the opinion that transsexuals need to have their psychological needs addressed first before going under the knife. Apparently all those tears did not help. That, or his career was suffering as a woman and needed his old “trademark” back. In the end, dealing with people who are all ME-ME-ME gets tiring, don’t you think?