1. Foochy says

    Matt, there is no out-of-state restrictions on the Connecticut ruling on same-sex marriage. The Massachusetts’ restriction was not originally part of the same-sex ruling in the state, but was a moot anti-miscegenation law some legislator/group had scrounged up to prevent out-of-state gay and lesbian couples from marrying in Massachusetts, since it was the first state.

    That law was roundly defeated earlier this year due to a coalition of MassEquality (the group which primarily fought for same-sex marriage) and key black legislators and respected members of the community (some of whom are gay *and* black!) who were able to communicate the inherent racism in the old law (it was originally drafted to prevent out-of-state inter-racial couples from taking advantage of Massachusetts’ allowance of such couplings at the time) and successfully make the connection between racism and anti-homosexual discrimination clear for their constituents (note to California…).

    So you can marry in both Massachusetts and Connecticut irrespective of whether you live in the states — although, gay and lesbian couples still have to abide by the divorce rules which require one party to reside in the state for one year before bringing forward a decree.

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