Sacha Baron-Cohen’s ‘Bruno’ Plays Voyeur at a Gay Orgy

NYDN’s Rush & Molloy report that Sacha Baron-Cohen’s ‘Bruno’ film has turned to the gay adult film biz for one of its scenes:

Saint_capucci_2“Cohen turned to a couple of pros for a sex scene in his forthcoming ‘Bruno’ in which he plays a flamboyant Austrian fashion journalist.Looking for actors who were willing to do full-frontal nudity, Cohen and director Dan Mazer called on David Forest, the go-to guy for gay adult stars. ‘We auditioned about 10 actors,’ says Forest. They finally settled on triple-X stars Paul Barba (usually billed as ‘Tony Capucci’) and John Martel (known to fans as ‘Tyler Saint’). Cohen summoned Barba and Martel to the Aramano Hotel in Burbank. ‘There’s a scene where Bruno comes to the hotel with some guys,’ Forest tells us. ‘They’re all trying to get Bruno to come upstairs for an orgy. Five guys are there. Two of them are my guys. Bruno apparently doesn’t want to join the party, but he watches through the window. I’m told it’s hilarious.’ This isn’t the first time Cohen has turned to Forest, who provided Borat with his “son” – a porn star known as Stonie, who’s seen naked in photos with his ‘dad.’ Forest, who used to run one of the top Hollywood escort services, now gets so many calls from mainstream movie productions that his new agency, ForestCasting, is focusing on providing talent for scenes that less liberated actors won’t do.”

Bruno1_2Sacha Baron Cohen, masquerading as Bruno, crashed fashion shows earlier this year in Paris and Milan, caused havoc at a cage fighting event in Arkansas, go-go danced in the middle of a Wichita airport terminal, and duped Ben Affleck as well as a former Israeli spy into doing serious interviews with him, and crashed a “Proposition 8″ rally two days before the election where he was photographed and caught on film by another media outlet.