1. Michael M says

    Seems to me the people who “follow” this Pastor wouldn’t care if this guy was there or not. I don’t get it – but I do: Obama is just starting his re-election campaign, on Inauguration Day. Some people are constantly running for election. If we limited terms to 4 years and you’re out, a person might try to get elected and do as much as possible before being tossed.

  2. elg says

    For the first time, I actually like Hilary Rosen. We all know she’s a lesbian but it’s like she “came out” on CNN.

    Sometimes being angry and upset can force a person out of their comfort zone. Good job Hilary!

    Now where is that other dyke, DONNA BRAZILE?

  3. scar2 says

    I became a fan of Rosen after I saw this last night. I looked her up right away & she is an amazing woman. She is just the person we need to fight our causes.

  4. Mike R says

    Now don’t get me wrong – I dislike Warren as much as the next good homo. But really – what are the chances that Obama could have found a preacher who would have made everyone happy? Obama consistently makes the case for bringing people of differing opinions to the table. No matter the choice – and this topic is no exception, this applies practically everywhere in politics – someone is going to be pissed off.
    I like Hilary Rosen plenty, but her comment that there are “hundreds of preachers with stature in the country” that would have made better choices is a little delusional.
    Rick Warren may be a horse’s ass when it comes to LGBT rights, but he has the power to make a lot of people care about important issues like the environment and global poverty – two issues that NO preacher in this country has given a fig about before. LGBT rights are an important issue for the next administration, but by no means the most critical. We need to repair the damage done by the Bush administration to how we are viewed around the world; we need to start caring about things like the Kyoto standards and poverty. Not just paying lip service to them, but really trying to do something. Let’s face it, we’ve got some big fish to fry and bitching about what, in the long, run no one is going to remember in 2 years (does anyone remember who prays at inaugurations?) seems, well, a bit overwrought.

  5. Carmen says

    Mike R – If Rick Warren had said blacks should not have equal rights and compared their relationships to incest and pedophilia, if he had successfully fought to have the rights of blacks taken away, would that be okay as long as he championed the environment?

  6. tooboot says

    What is delusional Mike R. is that you think Obama’s choice was harmless. Of all the pastors he could have chosen, regardless of their actions on global issues, he chose a preacher who uses evangelical rhetoric to insult, belittle and demean people.
    You are what’s wrong with the LGBT movement these days, you lack moral outrage!

  7. peterparker says

    I *hate* Roland Martin. Not only is he a Bible thumping bigot, he’s also simply stupid. And yes, CNN should pull him off their staff.

    Hilary Rosen was fantastic!

  8. dk says

    I completely agree w/ Darren above. You have to draw these people out of their narrow little world to educate them about gay issues. Inclusive means everybody whether you agree with them or not.

  9. Rick in Ohio says

    When I hear people excusing hate groups because they’ve done good work in other areas I’m always reminded of college when the frat boys would go out on Saturday afternoon and do some charity work, then rape unconscious women at their party on Saturday night.

    Such nice boys.

  10. Mike R says

    I never said that the choice was harmless. And I certainly don’t think it was “okay.” And I certainly didn’t stoop to judging, or begrudging, anyone else their opinion. I have plenty of moral outrage, I just choose to direct it where I believe it will have the most beneficial effect for our community.
    Let’s face it, every (or most, I won’t generalize) evangelical preacher uses their pulpit to demean and belittle people. However, most of them stop there and do not use their role to do anything good. I was only trying to point out that Rick Warren’s stance on gays is not the only thing that’s important right now. It should not even be the only important issue for our community. Should we not also care about the environment and poverty? Health care affordability?

    Both Carmen and John NYC are twisting my words a bit here. The choice of Warren is not okay, or harmless. It’s unacceptable for anyone to compare gay marriage to incest and would be equally unacceptable to oppose interracial marriage. But show me an evangelical preacher (or any preacher) with a large following, who people are willing to listen to on a broad range of issues, that you would support? Who could Obama have chosen for this ultimately unimportant activity that wouldn’t have sparked moral outrage in some or all of us? Or in others? He’s never going to be able to please everybody all the time, we just have to hope and believe that he’ll get it right for our community more often than not.

  11. says

    Fact is, that in a separation of church and state, religion should not be welcome at, or a facet of, the Inaugural… period.

    Otherwise, we need jewish, mormon, scientologist, buddhist, moslem, and satanist, and voodoo (to name but a few) representation under the umbrella of inclusiveness.
    Let Obama swear on the flag to a judge, and let Aretha belt out a non-gospel hit, perhaps a rousing rendition of “Respect”.

  12. Mike R says

    “So we can expect the KKK, NAMBLA, and Holocaust deniers to be in attendance as well?”

    If you can find a Holocaust denier or KKK member who voted for and supports Obama, I’m sure they would be more than welcome at the Inauguration. Chances are pretty slim, though.

    You want to be better than people like Rick Warren, then welcome them into the fold. Let’s kill ’em with kindness instead of the vitriol they use.

  13. Mark in New Mexico says

    This situation has certainly given me pause to reconsider my support for Obama ( not only did I contribute money to his campaign, I, like many of you, donated time knocking on doors for him). I would have expected McCain to have selected Warren, but Obama? It is NOT shrewd politics to take a group of people who worked hard to support you and publicly humiliate them on the one day they should have a seat at the table. How many Warren supporters dontated time and money to Obama? There is definitely a sense of betrayal that Obama needs to recognize and correct.

  14. blakely says

    “So we can expect the KKK, NAMBLA, and Holocaust deniers to be in attendance as well?”

    “But if we let gays redefine marriage, then don’t we have welcome polygamy and people marrying their pets as well?”

    Arguing on baseless terms is counter-productive, no matter who you are.

  15. Mike R says

    They way I see it, Rick Warren is overall one of the more innocuous pastors of “stature” that people will recognize. This was the brilliance and stupidity w/ Obama’s whole marketing notion of “change”. “Change” is good because it is easily internalized, but bad because as an idea that means different things to all people. Obama winning the election doesn’t mean that everyone in the country is now lovin’ on the gays. Fact is, if “change is gonna come” that means that at some point, some shit needs to actually get done. To do that, one must make friends, make bargains, and work to compromise. I may not like Warren’s positions on LGBT rights, but to say he shouldn’t be allowed to participate on that basis alone is short-sighted and counter-productive to the “change” that we all bought in to.

  16. says

    Well done, Hilary. It’s obvious this choice touches a raw nerve with her, as it should, and she’s both articulate and uncharacteristically passionate. Clearly, Obama is using his big tent philosophy here (let’s include even people we disagree with, focus on their good qualities, point out the disagreements, then happily move on), but this time the big tent has collapsed. I understand his intentions, but he screwed up, hugely. In the long run, I hope the firestorm will show him and his staff that inclusiveness has its limits, and he went beyond them. He could learn from this or it could be indicative of how he’ll govern. I hope it’s the former. Time will tell.

  17. freddy says

    Ah, Roland Martin, the hyper-educated, articulate CNN talking head that is “currently working towards his master’s degree” (as per A veritable genius.

    I love that Rosen brought up the fact that a pastor who preached for the reinstitution of slavery would NEVER be considered … and the there would be zero issue. Why ARE gay rights still a bargaining chip? Freeze those haters out.

  18. JT says

    I can see where all the people here are saying, “well, “gay” isnt the only issue to be discussed..and yes…Rick Warren has done some good things Im sure. But…really?
    First, we “the gay community” is courted to campaign, donate and vote. We heard him say “I dont believe in gay marriage”, obviously trying to appease the conservatives, but then he talked out of the side of his mouth and said, “he opposed Prop 8″ and “Belives everyone should have equal rights under the law”, trying to hold the progressives and gays.
    Then he wins, everyone is rejoicing, accept gays since yet again we were thrown under the bus for the ‘good’ of others. Now, trying to reach out to this man, and his followers, all of which hated on Obama, voted for McCain, and said some of the most degrading things about Obama and progressives in general..really? It seems to me, its a case of “Well, i already got the gays in my camp, so now that I’ve won, they arent really THAT important anymore.”
    So we, AGAIN, are being asked to “take one for the team.”
    I agree with Rosen. Had this been about a pastor who had been anti-semetic, or belived in reversing the Civil Rights Act, or women’s right to vote…we wouldnt even be talking baout it.

  19. ross says

    “Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man’s character, give him power.”

    -Abraham Lincoln

    Obama is a wonderful orator, but as far as I can tell, that’s all he is. So far, he has taken no ACTION that indicates he is an advocate for lgbt rights. We don’t really know what he believes in until he comes to power and the gloves come off. I didn’t vote for him for this reason, and I’m surprised so many in the lgbt community are shocked by this move.

    Roland Martin is a bigot and a hypocrite. How quickly history repeats itself amongst the weak-minded.

  20. GregV says

    “But show me an evangelical preacher (or any preacher) with a large following, who people are willing to listen to on a broad range of issues, that you would support? Who could Obama have chosen for this ultimately unimportant activity that wouldn’t have sparked moral outrage in some or all of us?”

    The first person who springs to my mind is the pastor of Glide Memorial United Methodist Church in SF. He and his congregation have done great things to help people of all kinds across the board. The movie The Pursuit Of Happyness tells the true story of a man and his little boy being rescued from a hard life by that church and the pastor who was the real life helper to the protagonist was featured in a bit part as a tribute to what he had done.
    There is no division of white or black, gay or straight, rich or poor in his congregation.
    He would have been an excellent choice.

  21. krebin says

    I understand wanting to bring the country together, so why not bring more diverse opinions to the table? Where are the white supremacist voices, or the voices that feel women belong more in the home than in the work force? Why are gay rights still an intellectual issue, a “debate”, like climate change or the industry bailouts?

    Let’s face it: we still aren’t taken seriously. Too many people still think that being gay amounts to a weird, goofy, kinda gross choice, at best the sort of thing you should just do in the dark and keep to yourself.

    Don’t let the “big” issues distract you from the fact that you are not equal to straight people under the law. The economy will ALWAYS be an issue because economies are complex and the fact is that NO ONE knows exactly how to manage them, as our current situation demonstrates. Why should straight people enjoy their rights as we deal with the economy while we just have to wait until the time is right?

    We should all be upset that Obama would go with such a wingnut for this ceremony, and we should also be a little upset that in the 21st century, we are still having “invocations”. That’s just creepy.

  22. CarlosnLA says

    I’m sure all the demented Haters in history have done somebody good. Especially to those that agree to their philosophies. Even Adolf Hitler was kind to white German children and their mothers’. Obama should invite all Haters to his inauguration big tent. I’m so glad this idiot Barack never fooled me with his confusing “Change” ideology. I’m proud to say I DID NOT VOTE for NOBAMA.

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