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Brooklyn Man Dies as Result of Anti-Gay, Anti-Hispanic Assault

UPDATE: Jose Sucuzhañay, who had been on life support and in a coma since he and his brother were attacked with a bottle and an aluminum baseball bat in the early hours of Monday morning, has died: "The victim, Jose Osvaldo Sucuzhanay, the co-owner of Open Realty International, a real estate agency in Bushwick, was described by family members as a gentle, generous man, a father of two children who live with his parents in Azogues, Ecuador, his native town. He lived on Kossuth Place, in a building that is also home to his brother Diego and a sister, Blanca Naranjo. The victim’s girlfriend, Amada, arrived about six months ago and has been staying with Mr. Sucuzhanay."


Two Ecuadoran immigrant brothers, now named as Jose Sucuzhañay, 31, and Romel Sucuzhañay, were walking home arm-in-arm after a night of drinking in the Bushwick neighborhood of Brooklyn were attacked because they were perceived to be gay, police say, although anti-Hispanic slurs were also used during the assault:

NY Post: "The attackers were described as four black men riding in a burgundy sport utility vehicle. There were no arrests. Police said the attack occurred at about 3:30 a.m. Sunday in the Bushwick neighborhood as the brothers neared their home on foot. One attacker jumped out of the SUV, used the anti-gay slur, then smashed (Jose) over the head with a bottle. As (Romel) ran away, three other men exited the vehicle and joined the assault, police said. One hit the victim in the head with a bat while the others kicked him. At some point, (Romel) returned holding a cell phone and told the men he had called police. They then drove off together. The 31-year-old victim remained hospitalized Monday in critical condition..."

A more thorough report of the incident and the reactions now at the NYT.

BushwickABC7 reports that the brother who was beaten is basically clinging to life and the family, who lives in Ecuador, is trying to make the decision whether or not to take him off life support. A vigil is planned at the hospital tomorrow.

Said City Council Speaker Christine Quinn: "We believe all of this happened simply because of who these individuals are and who these perpetrators perceived them to be. For some reason (they) didn't like the two men they believed were gay ... and felt so emboldened in their hatred that they acted it out in violence."

Police are still searching for the assailants. Anyone with information is asked to contact Crime Stoppers by calling 1-800-577-TIPS, by texting TIP577 to CRIMES, or by going to

Ecuadorian brothers beaten in Brooklyn - VIDEO [abc7]
Ecuadoran Dies From Attack That May Be Treated as Hate Crime [nyt]

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  1. Now it is murder. I hope the spirit of this poor man, killed by vicious homophobes, haunts their waking and their sleeping. God damn them with an everlasting punishment.

    Posted by: Nathan James | Dec 9, 2008 12:35:39 PM

  2. I'm anxiously awaiting Pat Boone's and the signatories of the "NO HATE" ad in the NY Times to do a press release on this acto of hate and terrorism.

    Since gay protestors of Prop 8 have been compared to Mumbai terrorists I should certainly expect that this horrendous and REAL act of terrorism should rouse them to an impassioned condemnation of the perpetrators. It should be an easy decision for them, especially since the victims weren't REALLY gay; they won't have to break their perfect record of remaining silent when REAL gay people have been assaulted and killed, all too often in the name of God.

    Posted by: Zeke | Dec 9, 2008 12:48:59 PM

  3. What will these beasts say when they are captured?

    "we thought they was faggots" In their minds--that's justification for slaughtering "certain" people in the streets.

    And they will be captured. If their victim had been a transwoman--maybe not. But they killed an innocent heterosexual because they thought he was gay. They will be captured now-- because even violent, anti-gay homphobes can justify this murder.

    Posted by: Derrick from Phillly | Dec 9, 2008 1:07:40 PM

  4. Christ.

    Another senseless death. Oh, that poor family. My heart just aches for them.

    And we shall continue to hold candlelight vigils while the anti's continue to fan the flames of hatred.

    Posted by: tjc | Dec 9, 2008 1:08:15 PM

  5. "...because even violent, anti-gay homophobes canNOT justify this murder."

    Posted by: Derrick from Philly | Dec 9, 2008 1:10:03 PM

  6. Somebody ask Mike Huckabee if this crosses his "violence threshold" yet, or does this incident not count because the victim wasn't actually gay, just *perceived* as gay?

    Posted by: C | Dec 9, 2008 1:11:43 PM

  7. But under Huckabee's violence threshold bullsh*t excuse, this incident doesn't qualify. It wasn't the police or other state officials doing the beating under official sanction of the law.

    Huckabee is a pitiful excuse for a human being though as are the four assailants here. Homophobia is truly a disease that all too often manifests itself in hateful acts of violence against others who are or, as in this case, merely perceived to be GLBT.

    Posted by: Craig | Dec 9, 2008 1:19:41 PM

  8. So sad, when will the hate stop? And, when will the people who know these cowards report them to the police for prosecution?? My condolences to the family.

    And, Nic, you are no better than the hate filled thugs who did this heinous act, your racism, as usual, is as vile as their homophobia as are the wrong lies about blacks and prop 8 that some keep spewing.

    Posted by: Raul | Dec 9, 2008 1:30:23 PM

  9. Per the NY City Council, Gays and Lesbians Of Bushwick Empowered (GLOBE) is working on a co-ordinated vigil protest. I am planning on merging my efforts with theirs. I will keep everybody updated on any progress we make.

    Posted by: Nathan James | Dec 9, 2008 1:58:34 PM

  10. My sympathies to the Sucuzhañay family. Too many people die violent deaths in the world. That two brothers walking home in a loving, brotherly embrace should attacked is horrific.


    Ditto what Q said. For some time now, you have spewed your anti-black racist B.S., revealing just how twisted and similar you are to homophobes that regularly attack gay people. You dehumanize African-Americans, reducing individuals into a mindless mass, and then assign characteristics to suit your racist fantasies.

    How different are you from Pat Boone who just described "gays" as being similar to the Mumbai terrorists? Not much. You both operate with the same sense of entitlement and bigotry, seeing yourself as part of a group that is better than another.

    Lawrence King was a 15-year-old biracial gay child. He was murdered by a white classmate who put a gun to King's head and killed him.

    Michael Sandy was an African-American gay man who was murdered by a group of white men.

    Matthew Shepard was a white gay man who was brutally murdered by two white men.

    Brandon Teena was trans-man who was raped and murdered by two white men.

    It seems that almost every day on Towleroad, there is one scumbag like Nic who feels the need spew racist filth, engaging in the same kind of hate that is directed at gays. These idiots are oblivious to the irony of how their actions mimics those of their critics.

    Posted by: noah | Dec 9, 2008 2:08:54 PM

  11. I feel so sorry for the family who have lost a loved one in a homophobic and racist attack.

    (The attackers were heard to use anti-gay and anti-latino slurs, and the ferocity certainly indicates it was a hate crime).

    This idiocy is heartbreaking.

    Murder shows that you're superior? Beating someone proves you're a better man? Hurting someone demonstrates the strength of your views? Actually, it does the opposite.

    Posted by: FASTLAD | Dec 9, 2008 2:11:26 PM

  12. NATHAN JAMES, great idea on the vigil, if you can post the nearest subway and times, so we can spread the word to everyone, straight, gay and the mass media.

    Everyone here should flood Pat Boone,s website, just copy and past the times article.

    As for that douche bag Schuckabee, he is on Jon Stewart tonight. Here is a open forum on his site.

    Perhaps send some questions for Stewart to ask this prick.

    Posted by: patrick nyc | Dec 9, 2008 2:14:29 PM

  13. I think black folks better start dealing with their f*cked-up attitudes about gays.

    I was walking with my 30-year-old son about a month ago and he had his arm around my shoulder and we were talking about sh*t like we always do. Three black guys in a Lexus sedan driving by started screaming at us, calling us faggots, homos, c*cksuckers, perverts. My son flipped them the bird and they screeched to a halt, roared back in reverse, two jumped out of the car and started coming at us--one had a metal rod in his hand. The HATRED in one guy's eyes, damn! It is only by God's grace that at that moment a cop car had turned the corner at the time they were driving in reverse (against oncoming traffic) and they put on their red light and stopped behind the Lexus. The two @ssholes froze and one dropped the rod he had. I think the cops knew that something was going on, but they wouldn't listen to us. They just told us to get on and mind our business. The black guys glared at us. Again, the HATRED in their eyes! Where does that come from? Yeah, black folks better start talking about this. Or else it's going to get really nasty.

    Posted by: mike | Dec 9, 2008 2:33:01 PM

  14. Oh, goodie, another racist blaming every black person for the actions of a few of them...and who has probably experienced discrimination from whites but would never think of attributing that violence to white people generally.

    Posted by: MAJeff | Dec 9, 2008 2:41:33 PM

  15. Well, to any Latino-American or Mexican-American this incident is especially painful. We should all be angry and hurt by this savagery no matter what race the perpetrators and victim are-- but to many Latino-Americans, the victim was one of their own.

    In his comment, Mexican-American NIC asked more questions than he gave answers. A true racist would already have all the answers in his racist mind.

    Posted by: Derrick from Philly | Dec 9, 2008 2:42:44 PM

  16. And now Mike joins nic in spouting vile racism by projecting behaviour upon an entire group of people. Glad to see that nic and his ilk are finally being recognized as, and called out for, the sub-human filth they demonstrably are.

    Posted by: rudy | Dec 9, 2008 2:48:43 PM

  17. Oh, MIKE, you know the same behavior could have been exihibited by some sick white boys too. Go to rough working-class white neighborhoods are walk with another man's arm around your sholdder. All violent homophobes are dangerous--whether black, white, Latino, Asian or on "in the closet" or on the "down low"...all of them are sick motha' fuckas.

    Posted by: Derrick from Philly | Dec 9, 2008 2:51:00 PM

  18. You know, when I was living in Iowa, I received several death threats because I'm gay. Fucking white people.

    Posted by: MAJeff | Dec 9, 2008 2:56:43 PM

  19. It's just a matter of time before some of these cowards get caught in the act of killing some other innocent person or drunkenly bragging to their pals how they beat the living shit out of a guy walking down the street and killed him. As the violence escalates in the coming months due to the religious reich,Prop 8,Milk film,washed up idiots like Fuckabee,etc hopefully GLBT folks will take self defense classes to protect their lives. For the sake of their families I hope justice will be served eventually.

    Posted by: SFshawn | Dec 9, 2008 3:32:30 PM

  20. you can stomp your feet and gnash your teeth while calling me a racist, with spittle running down your chin, but that will not make me what i am not. yes, this incident could just as easily have been whites against latinos/gays or the reverse. but in this particular incidence, it was black men hurling racial and homophobic epithets at two brothers who were doing what latino brothers would do for each other, taking care. further the thugs acted on that hate. they beat a guy to death, for god's sake! there is something wrong with that mind-set.

    is it really racist to posit a question that insists on an answer? time and again we are reminded that our (gay) grievances are not equal to the black struggle of the 60s. why not? or should we defer to the huckabees of the world and quantify our pain. if we cannot ask questions, then we should all just be having monologues.

    Posted by: nic | Dec 9, 2008 4:18:26 PM

  21. Nic wrote: "crazy comes in all colors. call me a bigot or call me a racist, but i do not see brown on black violence as much as i see black on brown violence."

    Gang violence by Latino gangs against blacks in Los Angeles and the surrounding area are forcing many blacks to leave LA. If I thought like you, I would label ALL Latinos as anti-black racists determined to chase black people out of the LA area.

    Posted by: elg | Dec 9, 2008 4:41:51 PM

  22. Let's all not play the part of the racist police now accusing one another of being this and that. There are way too many "racist police" on the Internet.

    An important question to ask is matter what do we squash this "gangsta" and "thug" culture that has grown so out of control?

    You can connect it too Huckabee and Pat Boone as much as you want - but to deny the effects of the glorification of a hostile, assaulting, confrontational and violent street culture in music and pop culture would be negligent on our part.

    Young men in this country are encouraged to be thugs in every other music video. We have to be accountable and recognize that fact.

    Posted by: RELAX | Dec 9, 2008 4:45:45 PM

  23. Perhaps if our government hadn't instituted COINTELPRO and destroyed groups like the Black Panthers (the original ones, not the divisive derivative that exists today), this kind of thing wouldn't happen at all these days:

    Posted by: Kingscrun | Dec 9, 2008 4:59:02 PM

  24. Relax,

    Screw you and your condescending attitude! Take out "racist" and insert "homophobic" and your statement could easily be the latest memo published by James Dobson.


    It's great that you continue to push your racist bullshit. As you well know, there is no such thing as a "Latino" race. Latinos can be any race or a combination of races. Mexico, for instance, although primarily made up of mestizos, those of Indian and white ancestry, also has whites, blacks, Indians (indigenous peoples), and Asians. This is demographic is similar in various combinations throught out Latin America. Right?

    Also, it's nice of you to ignore the vicious, racist attacks in Los Angeles by Mexican gangs against African-Americans. Those attacks are well documented. What about the murder of a 14-year-old girl skateboarding by Latinos?


    ... Her 21-year-old son Anthony was shot in the face with a .25-caliber semi-automatic while lying on a futon she had purchased for him from IKEA. He died wearing a shirt that read, "Keep the Peace."

    Anthony Prudhomme was slain by members of the Avenues, a Latino street gang. But he was not a rival gang member, or a police informant, or a drug dealer. The Avenues did not target him for the content of his character, or even the contents of his apartment.

    They targeted him for the color of his skin


    Anthony Prudhomme presented no threat to the Avenues. Even so, he was murdered two months after he moved into Highland Park, a neighborhood in northeastern Los Angeles that is home to many gang members. "He didn't have anything [to steal]," his mother says. "He had nothing when they broke in. So to shoot him, I'm sure it was a stripe. They get stripes for killing black people."


    According to gang experts and law enforcement agents, a longstanding race war between the Mexican Mafia and the Black Guerilla family, a rival African-American prison gang, has generated such intense racial hatred among Mexican Mafia leaders, or shot callers, that they have issued a "green light" on all blacks. A sort of gang-life fatwah, this amounts to a standing authorization for Latino gang members to prove their mettle by terrorizing or even murdering any blacks sighted in a neighborhood claimed by a gang loyal to the Mexican Mafia.


    Random, racially motivated crimes have been committed across the 88 cities of Los Angeles County by the members of Latino gangs


    But while the Latino gangs' racial terror campaign is not new, gang experts and law enforcement authorities say the intensity and frequency of anti-black terrorism is now escalating, as the amount of turf in Los Angeles claimed by Latino gangs continues to increase rapidly.


    The LAPD estimates there are now 22,000 Latino gang members in the city of Los Angeles alone. That's not only more than all the Crips and the Bloods; it's more than all black, Asian, and white gang members combined. Almost all of those Latino gang members in L.A. -- let alone those in other California cities -- are loyal to the Mexican Mafia. Most have been thoroughly indoctrinated with the Mexican Mafia's violent racism during stints in prison, where most gangs are racially based."

    So, Nic, there are evil people of every "race" and ethnicity. Take your crap elsewhere.


    "The blacks" don't have to do a damn thing. There are individual homophobes of all backgrounds. I'm sure the family of Lawrence King is not damning all white people for the murder of their African-American son any more than is Matthew Shepards's family.

    Somewhere, Pat Boone is thinking of his next column about the evil gays. He could use your words as a starting point on how to smear millions of people. Nice work, Mike and Nic!

    Posted by: noah | Dec 9, 2008 5:56:33 PM

  25. Let the perpetrators see what its like to be perceived as gay when justice is done and they wind up in prison. Let's hope they get perceived as gay by the other inmates - a lot.

    Posted by: joe | Dec 9, 2008 6:14:58 PM

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