Rearview Mirror: Looking Back at the Week on Towleroad


road.jpg Obama team announces anti-gay bigot pastor Rick Warren to give inauguration invocation.
road.jpg REACTION: Obama defends choice, Hilary Rosen on AC360, Obama “Talking Points”
road.jpg Rick Warren on why he’s not homophobic.
road.jpg Shepard Fairey disappointed: Rick Warren invite a slap.
road.jpg Iraq good-bye: Bush doesn’t let the shot hit him on the way out.
road.jpg KEEPERS: Gay Penguins “Best Parents in the Zoo.”
road.jpg Daniel Radcliffe: The Love That Dare not Speak its Neigh.
road.jpg Pat Boone: I love gays. Ann Coulter: Proud to be a hate crime.
road.jpg Hungary: no domestic partners. Hong Kong: First official Gay Pride parade.
road.jpg Brody Jenner at ease with homoerotic, awkward situations.
road.jpg Van Johnson, closeted Hollywood heartthrob, dies at 92.
road.jpg Sarah Palin defends “ex-gay” programs as right wing falsely links Wasilla church to gays.
road.jpg Vigil in Brooklyn for Ecuadorean hate crime victim Jose Sucuzhañay.
road.jpg ACLU to school: allow student to wear anti-Prop 8 t-shirt.
road.jpg Jesus to perform gay marriages in fake memoirist James Frey’s new book.
road.jpg Wealth of species discovered in Greater Mekong.
road.jpg Happy Holidays from America’s most prominent anti-gay hate groups.
road.jpg Vandals hit Berlin’s gay Holocaust Memorial a second time.
road.jpg Obama’s Secretary of Education Arne Duncan backed Chicago’s gay high school.
road.jpg THE TUBE: Bush’s ‘So What?’, Dolphin Stampede, The View, White House Xmas.
road.jpg A big gay Hockney-Van Sant Milk mash-up.
road.jpg Suspected arrested in January murder of Daniel Yakovleff in Boston.
road.jpg Milan footballer Marco Borriello awaits David Beckham’s big package.
road.jpg Grace Jones: a mass-produced self-portrait in chocolate.
road.jpg MUSIC: A final listen to 2008.
road.jpg William White: a gay man for Secretary of the Navy?
road.jpg Retired space shuttles to go on sale for $42 million.
road.jpg Rufus Wainwright clarifies position on marriage equality.
road.jpg Seann William Scott: Jockstrapped and ready to serve tennis balls.
road.jpg Barney Frank names trans man Diego Sanchez his senior policy advisor.
road.jpg Pastor Ted Haggard to promote HBO documentray about life in exile.
road.jpg PLU: Elton John, refrigerated beaches, Tim Campbell and Anthony Callea, David Archuleta, NY Governor David Paterson, Robert Downey, Jr. , Tony Ward, Paul Rudd, RuPaul, Vman, Prince Harry, Hedi Slimane.

AfterElton announced this week that Towleroad won its 2008 Visibility Award for Best Website so I want to give a big THANKS to everyone who voted for us! I’m flattered and feel grateful to have such amazing and engaged readers.

Posted December 20, 2008 at 12:30pm ETC by Andy Towle
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