News: Rick Warren, Hung, Ecuador, PETA, Mickey Rourke, Tangier

road.jpg Activists launch Rick-a-Thon to raise money for LGBT Equality during Rick Warren’s inauguration invocation: “Driving Equality is hosting a Rick-A-Thon to turn Rick Warren’s anti-equality stance into positive change for LGBT people. Every second that Warren stands at the podium, he will be raising money to advance LGBT civil rights.”

Thomas_janeroad.jpg Hung: HBO series about man who uses massive piece to get ahead gets the go-ahead.

road.jpg Ecuadoran president Rafael Correa vows to fight homophobia in wake of NYC anti-gay murder: We will fight together … to forever uproot these aberrations of certain maladjusted [individuals], uproot them from the face of the earth, from humanity: Xenophobia, homophobia and all kinds of discrimination, all kinds of violence.”

road.jpg Portia de Rossi loves her wife.

road.jpg Arizona marriage equality activists look to 2010: “A man who champions equality for gays in the United Kingdom has traveled here to launch a drive for a ballot initiative that would establish civil partnerships, which since 2005 have allowed British same-sex couples to legally register their relationships.”

road.jpg Mickey Rourke’s face: a history.

Mercuryroad.jpg Queen guitarist Brian May says he didn’t know Freddie Mercury was gay: “No, I didn’t know. I don’t think even he was fully cognizant in the beginning. You’re talking to someone who shared rooms with Fred on the first couple of tours, so I knew him pretty well. I knew a lot of his girlfriends and he certainly didn’t have boyfriends, that’s for sure. I think there was a slight suspicion, but it never occurred to me that he was gay.”

road.jpg Britain’s Christmas drag-fest.

road.jpg Religious right wing stirred up over Campbell’s Soup ads in the Advocate.

road.jpg 70’s New York art figure John Perrault marries longtime partner Jeff Weinstein in Provincetown.

Becksroad.jpg Red and black rolled out for Beckham in Milan.

road.jpg Edilson Nascimento is the hottest Brazilian of 2008.

road.jpg A massive Kerry Degman fix.

road.jpg PETA signs Tim Gunn: “The animal-rights group has enlisted none other than Tim Gunn to be its new spokesman in a video decrying using rabbit fur from China. China has no laws that prevent animal cruelty and, as such, you can imagine how things are on the animal farms. Gunn gives kudos to companies who have changed suppliers after viewing PETA’s videos.”

road.jpg The resurrection of Tangier: “In the heady years after World War II, when Tangier was still in diplomatic limbo as an International Zone, its craggy shores became a gay-friendly haven for spies, globe-trotting businessmen, beatniks in exile and eccentric foreigners. This is where William S. Burroughs wrote the bulk of ‘Naked Lunch,’ which marks its 50th anniversary next year, and where Paul Bowles completed his haunting and existential cult classic, ‘The Sheltering Sky.’ As recently as the last decade, Tangier was still considered a down-on-its-luck town riddled with drugs and hustlers. But while sleazy dives, decayed buildings and dark alleys can still be found, a stylish new Tangier has emerged, fueled by royal investments and a thriving arts community.”


  1. sparks says

    “We support all types of families, regardless of how they’re defined, [and have done so] for more than 100 years,” Sanzio offers. “We advertise in a variety of different media outlets that appeal to a broad spectrum of society. That’s what we’re doing here, and that’s what we’ll continue to do.”

    Good for Campbell’s. I know which brand of soup I’ll be buying exclusively this winter!

  2. says

    The AFA really has nothing better to do than read Advocate? Do they really think people give a rats ass what they are up in arms over?

    Kudos to Campbell’s! I will certainly buy buy their brand, too!


    I also have to second the comment about “Hung”; there better not be some plastic, stunt peen!

  3. Math says

    I actually thought of the Campbell’s story this weekend when I was grocery shopping and bought a few cans extra of Campbell’s. We should definitely show them that we appreciate their support.

  4. satori says

    Uh, maybe because Freddie wasn’t gay? Why must we always trap people in boxes. Maybe he was something else; bi, whatever. People don’t all fit neatly into our constructed categories; as much as we’d like them to for security of mind and political convenience.

  5. says

    Oh that is so great about Jeff and John!

    Jeff is famous for an appearance he made at New School panel many years ago where the subject was “Is There Such a Thing As a Gay Sensibility And Does It Influence Our Lives?” Jeff immediately announced to the audience “There is no such thing as a gay sensibility and yes it has an enormous influence on our lives.”

  6. says

    Oh look another lame Equality organization raising money

    “Driving Equality is a trek across America to raise awareness of the various forms of discrimination faced by LGBT people in each state of the nation. Highlighting the differences in rights, laws, and amendments between the states will shed light on the current social standing of queer individuals today. I hope to create a dialogue about the disparities across the nation, and what can be done to end discrimination for all.”

    The time for “chatting is done”

  7. says

    Interesting to note, currently Campbell’s soup is also one of the few stocks doing well on Wall Street this season… they’ve out-performed Progresso because Campbell’s has no MSG.
    As much as the soup stock is a good investment, I’d check the sodium content first before buying the actual soup.

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