Polar Scare


Food appears to be getting scarce in Barrow, Alaska:

“The target, a surveyor, was returning to his car in the remote town of Barrow, Alaska, when he saw the great white beast. With no time to unlock the door of his vehicle and climb inside, he tried to duck out of sight. But the hungry bear was not giving up, and a terrifying chase began. First, the beast stood up on its furry haunches and eyed its prey. Then it loped around the car, and even climbed over the bonnet to try to reach him. After a few laps of the car the bear almost caught up, managing to land a few heavy swipes on his prey. The man eventually managed to take refuge in a neighbouring truck which was unlocked. His back and head were covered in more than 100 deep scratches where the massive claws had managed to rip through his thick winter clothes and padded coat. Barrow is the northernmost town of the United States, 340 miles north of the Arctic Circle.”

More shots here.

That bear was lucky it wasn’t in Iceland.


Debby, World’s Oldest Living Polar Bear, Dies [tr]


  1. JerzeeMike says

    That’s probably who was in the second truck the first guy ducked into. Not for nothing but a polar bear is 800 lbs of untamed fury especially when hungry. I don’t think I would’ve gotten out of the truck either unless I had a gun. Where the hell is Sarah Palin when you need her?

  2. Josh says

    I don’t normally read these comments, but I had to see if there was a Palin reference and what it was. Well said Kipesquire

    Where was Sarah Palin anyways? Isn’t this one of her duties as Governor? It’s not like there is anything else she needs to be doing and she’s not campaigning for the Vice Presidency anymore so this just shouldn’t happen.

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