1. Sargon Bighorn says

    Only 250 people showed up, and some of those are not Gay. One has to ask if this Civil Right is really a big deal for Gay Americans. With such low turn out I think very few really care about Civil Rights.

  2. says

    I care a lot about civil rights, and I do not support this protest. I totally endorse the “No More Mr. Gay” approach, but I still think this was way tacky.

    And what’s worse, it was off-message. Personal attacks like this one distract from the goal of legal equality and make it seem as if we’re policing people’s sex lives.

    It’s really none of our business whether Crist is closeted or not, and, while following the Republican party line (like a great many other officials at whose family events nobody thinks to protest), he isn’t in himself a particularly notable anti-marriage figure.

  3. wrong says

    Crist’s hypocrisy in vocally endorsing Florida’s anti-gay marriage amendment and following it shortly thereafter by a marriage of his own, particularly because he is a closeted gay man, is something that should absolutely be protested.

    Shame on him.

  4. Get a Clue says

    “Policing people’s sex lives”, how interesting that you should state it that way when in fact Crist and others on the Right are doing just that when they deny Civil Marriage equality. They’re stating that the denial of Civil Marriage Equality is based on Gay American’s Sex lives, i.e the inability to make babies. You do know how babies are made don’t you? Crist and the Right amend the state constitution to deny Civil Rights and you’re worried about not offending some one? Amazing.

  5. says

    It amazes me that Crist seems soo above it all. How sad that his wedding is now mixed with civil protest stemming from the bigotry he pedaled. How embarrassing for them both, especially in the years and months ahead.

    I would never want to get married with people protesting it because of unnecessary hate that I espouse. Bad Karma.

  6. says

    “And what’s worse, it was off-message. Personal attacks like this one distract from the goal of legal equality and make it seem as if we’re policing people’s sex lives.”

    Huh? Whether the protest was a good idea or not is debatable, but it wasn’t “off-message.” Crist supported Amendment 2 and, as governor of the state, he certainly bears some responsibility for its passage. The message of the protesters (articulately explained in the 1st video) was, “We want the same right to marry as our governor has, the same governor who is against our equality.” There’s nothing distracting about that, and it has nothing to do with (or shouldn’t) his sex life or speculation that he’s closeted. (That IS a distraction.) As the leading public figure of a state that discriminates against gay people, he should be held accountable, and from what I saw the protest looked peaceful and respectful, not a personal attack.

  7. says

    I believe it was mainly fear that caused people not to show up to demonstrate at this first true impACT –

    agree or disagree – I for one use to be fearful – I am so over it – the fear that is – what I’m not over and never will be is my/our civil rights. Come Out/Show Up – go ahead – take my/our hands and walk with us to the FOTB (front of the bus) – Cate Colgan

  8. Keep up the pressure says

    250 in St. Petersburg, Fl. is a very decent turnout, if you ask me — in light of all the protests (few of us have the time to be “full-time protestors”), the holidays, the weather. It was a pointed and newsworthy protest. Good job, folks. Let’s keep it up.

  9. Lucrece says

    It really is an ineffectual protest. Crist is a rather popular governor, and protesting his wedding will actually harm the endeavor to shift public opinion towards our side, particularly with heterosexuals.

    The protest came off as militant.

  10. davefromtampa says

    It is galling for Crist to pubically back a hate amendment while planning his own wedding. That was the message, fine for him but what about us? He brought it upon himself.

  11. says

    i think we should demonstrate at EVERY straight wedding until we have the same rights as they do. i wouldn’t even mind stepping up the ‘loudness’ of these protests. we need more ACT-UP style demonstrations NOW.

  12. says

    I am wondering if “Impact” has amy long term plan? They seem to be everywhere all at once.

    While I admire the grassroots efforts and think our “established LGBT leadership” are a bunch of boring Trogs, I think that Impact seem not to understand that too many protests all over the idealogical map just tend to end up in media burnout. Look at PETA. Their protests are now just good for a laugh at the end of the news or as a punchline on late night and FOX.

    Maybe our current “leadership” sucks but Impact aint it either. This protest was sorta weird and a bit tacky. In my opinion.

    Just like the “Day Without A Gay” I think it’s great that average people are starting groups, but, we are going to have to come up with a national and local plan of attack. How? I don’t know. Hopefully our movements Bayard Rustin/MLK/Ghandi etc will rise up soon.

  13. says

    to Lecrece: we NEED to be MILITANT now. the days of playing nice are over. the people on the other side are doing EVERYTHING they can to make sure we’ll never share their right to marry, so we need to do EVERYTHING we can to stop them. if that means being militant, we need to be militant++ then. this is not the time to roll over and take it with a smile.

  14. FunMe says

    I think the protestors should be congratulated for holding a peaceful rally in a state that is more homophobic than CA or NY.

    Who cares what the few naysayers here might think. Do you find them protesting. They can step to the side and be ignored.

    Not once did any of them say that Crist is closeted even though he is.

    And yeah, what about Crist marrying AGAIN? Actually his beard was married before too. Definitely HYPOCRISY at its worst.

    I’m surprised Tom Cruise, Calvin Klein and Barry Diller didn’t show up. They all have the same kind of “marriage”.

  15. Frederick Carter says

    My spouse and I are one of the approximately 18,000 couples who were legally married in CA, before Prop. 8 passed. We moved to California from North Florida two years ago, specifically to be able to live openly and honestly as a gay couple–without facing the overt hostility & discrimination we had faced in Jacksonville for ten years. So the passage of Prop. 8 in CA and Amendment 2 in FL is something we simply won’t just ignore…we have been involved in numerous protests, letter-writing campaigns, and marriage-equality political movements since this occurred. I believe whole-heartedly that these protesters at Crist’s wedding were right in doing so, and I applaud their efforts.
    P.S.-I find the fact that Charlie Crist backed Amendment 2 and recently got “married” even more offensive, because one of my best friends in Jacksonville met Crist at a party several years ago and told me the Florida Gov. is in fact gay…what a hypocrite Crist is!!!

  16. Mike says

    Best of luck to the Governor, I’ll take him at his word he is marrying who he wants. The problem is that I can’t marry who I want.

    As far as I’m concerned any form of peaceful demonstration is OK.

    What we need right now is another Harvey Milk to lead us out of the wilderness. I just saw the Milk movie this weekend and was amazed at the parallels between what happened with the Brigs initiative campaign and Prop 8. Sean Penn lambastes the gay establishment for coming out with ads that don’t even mention “gay” – same thing unfortunately happened with Prop 8.

    What Milk said still rings true, we absolutely have to be visible and the most powerful thing we all can do is come out of the closet. When people realize we are their friends, neighbours, co-workers, they won’t vote against us. If we remain invisible they will continue to be tricked by the wingnuts.

    And one more thing while I’m on my therapeutic rant here… what’s with all these stories in the press about the poor “victims” who have been “targeted” by the gay community because they donated $$$ to Proposition 8?

    Excuse the f#*K out of me but:

    1. No one put a gun to their heads to donate
    2. They knew what they were doing
    3. They were spending $$$ to take away MY RIGHTS

    This whole justification of bigotry by wrapping oneself in the freedom of speech/religion canard is a bunch of crap. If they had done the same thing to take away rights from blacks/women/jews/etc. they would have been run out of town on a rail. This is gay bashing, pure and simple and the fact that these “victim” stories are still being posted in the press is shameful.

    I’m a gay man and I’m simply done, stick a fork in me. I hope all of you are done also! Let’s ring in the new year with visibility, activism and hope! Never give up, never surrender…. 😉

  17. says

    One thing to remember too: when there are “radicals” about, the middle-of-the-road queers look more appealing to the masses. Regardless, I think protesting this wedding was the right™ thing to do on principle.

  18. Ty says

    Bla Bla Bla, what are we going to do? Organize and fight by donating to the HRC.
    The only meaningful gay org.
    They are controversial, but hey, we sistahs GOT to stick together!!!

  19. BlondFlattop says

    We had heard the likes of Cate Colgan and that Andrew somebody were going to be there spearheading this ordeal. I just hope the straight community thinks that Cate & Andrew are representative of our community… they are NOT! Both are coniving and only out to get something for themselves. Bet Cate made money on this some how. Not sure how, but you can bet she tried… or tried to get people to ‘invest’ in her.
    Once she stops wide stance, pulling her men’s underwear out from the stuck nether regions, she starts to babble on…
    Not a very effective leader in my book.

  20. LesboThis says

    Wow – on the rag there ‘BlondFlattop’ ? What a totally cruel, mean and unnecessary characterization of Cate, one of the nicest, most generous people I have ever met. Yeah, she may babble on at times, but she is a very creative person, a “visionary” even, and she does not portend to be a “leader” of the gay rights movement at all. You sound bitter, spiteful, and full of rage, and I feel sorry for you. The community needs more people like Cate Colgan, and less whiny, bitch y queens like you.. (Yeh, “queen”, no matter what gender you are). What have you done for the community lately -if ever ?

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