1. Jay says

    Judging by his “holy cow’ comment, I’d surmise Mr. Valandra is one of those golden-calf worshipping pagan types. Figures he’ll be biased against this innocent expression of religious freedom.

    Seriously, where do these wingnuts get their money from?!?!?!?

  2. says

    In a really bizarre way, I don’t see how “real Christians” can square the Santa Claus part of Christmas (Elves living in the North Pole with flying reindeer and magic and all that) with Christianity. Didn’t the “real Christians” say the same sorts of things about Harry Potter? What is the difference between Santa Claus and his elves and Dumbledor and the kids at Harry’s school? Really? I think it’s all a lot of fun stories, but why is one evil (Harry Potter and magic wands) and the other Christian (Santa Claus, magic snowballs and flying reindeer)? I would really like to know.

  3. basis4insanity says

    This is so over the top it’s funny. Marilyn Manson’s probably downloading & printing this out for his Xmas card…along with 100,000 disaffected youth using it to update their facebook pages. I’m going to save it & fwd it around to a few peeps. It’s hilarious!

  4. peterparker says

    I’d have to say the Phelps’ new carol is the best Christmas song I’ve ever encountered and possibly the only one I could ever bear listening to, so long as old hag Shirley Phelps doesn’t have a solo part in it.

  5. Joe says

    I seriously doubt that will be displayed. Its inflammatory language, libel against ALL priests, disrespect to the fallen soldiers…it’s just inappropriate for a display in a government building. If it had been a simple statement such as The WBB asks you to look past the make believe and asks you to believe in…whatever, then it might have been accepted. It certainly is one of the more creative posters by the WBB, but like everything else associated with that group, it reeks of bad taste. There’s just no way to beautify hate. It’s ugly and that’s that.

  6. says

    These assholes are copy cats. They stole those images from the cover of the Christmas album of death metal darlings Beast Infection.

    I keed I keed. This family is just becoming a farce. I’m surprised Christopher Guest hasn’t made a funny mockumentary about it.

  7. Zeke says

    Sadly, Fred Phelps and his Klan are only about a degree or two crazier and more hateful than some of the most popular and revered “Christian” leaders (who have millions of followers) on the scene in America today.

  8. Pender says

    I fully support the inclusion of this sign. In fact, it’s hard for me to think of a way in which this sign is not completely awesome. In fact, I think I’d pay for an autographed copy.

    Oh Phelpses… it’s so hard for me to hate you when you are such a help to the causes of gay equality and secularism.

  9. thom says

    Geeze…”rad” is right. Gramps Phelps most def was the model for the evil claus in this, this…whatever it is.I think we have to all stand back and think this through. These wingnut jobs are having the time of their life!…Not a one of them is worth a piss and they know it, so they infuriate and humiliate and all have a big laugh about it all. They are tragic losers with a voice that we keep ginving them. I mean look at them. Ugly-ass to the last inbred one of them. Merry Chrismas Phelps tribe…see all of you in hell.

  10. says

    I wish they would have made it less blatantly offensive. It will be probably get rejected just for that fact.

    If they had made it more presentable they could have started a real fight over government endorsing religious and philosophical viewpoints.

    There shouldn’t be any religion in the government building at all. The only reason FFRF posts their sign is because there are already Christian symbols there, so they do it to even the playing field. I believe their reasoning is, if we are going to be displaying religious symbols, we might as well make it fair and let everyone display one so we aren’t endorsing one over the other.

    What I wish would happen is that all religions start cramming the building with their symbols, and the stupid lawmakers finally realize they shouldn’t be doing it at all and kick them all out.

  11. RB says

    You are correct Zeke! Given our recent rollback in rights on November 4th, Phelps wasn’t the only “crazy”! Perhaps he is simply saying what many do not have the guts to say to our face. At least we know who our enemies are…unfortunately that leaves so many more that are our neighbors, family and supposed friends that voted against us! I can always fight the devil that I know, and that would be Phelps!

  12. AG says

    I fully support its inclusion, with a big, easily-readable sign in multiple languages accompanying it that says, “Courtesy Westboro Baptist Church.”

    This is, like, rabid hate on acid.

  13. says

    On one hand, I hate the Westboro Baptist church (though I always feel sorry for the kids who have to grow up with that crap), but on the other hand, can you imagine having to live under that amount of pressure – God is an hate-filled, all-powerful, damning being – now, go out and live. I hope all the kids have therapy-funds started.

  14. MAJeff says

    Several years ago, I was at Creating Change when it was in Dallas. Of course, the Phelpses showed up to protest our hotel. My friends and I ran up to our rooms to get our cameras, but by the time we got back down from the 23rd floor, Freddie and the fam were gone.

    I really wanted a picture with Fred.

    He didn’t show up in Cambridge for the first night of marriage here in MA, but parts of the clan did. Ten thousand people threw a happy party, and there were no confrontations. Without being confronted, their whole reason for being there was defeated, and they left very early in the evening.

    Point and laugh.

  15. Mr. E says

    “innocent expression of religious freedom”

    Seriously? There is absolutely NOTHING innocent about the Phelps Phuckers! NOTHING! And as crazy as this shit is, I can’t believe that anyone on here would even begin to suggest some kind of monetary flow to these crazy’s! These bitches get much of their money from law suits that they file against people who have attacked them. Even tho they themselves instigated the violence. The Phelps clan are nothing but the lowest of the low and deserve nothing less then being stoned to death.

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