1. patrick nyc says

    Always liked her, she always seems smart on Letterman, but now I LOVE HER. She was quick to the point and I’m sure she and her brother and friends are just as shocked as most of us are.

    I will not hold my breath for others in Hollywood to follow though.

  2. johnosahon says


    because while the bitch is asking obama to explain the warren controversy, she needs to explain her CLOSE TIES to the catholic church. yes, explain that one anne.

    hypocricy at the highest order, was it not her and her boyfriend who were profiting from deals with the catholic church who think gays are going to hell? at least Obama is not getting money from his own.

  3. anon says


    Not all Catholics are in union with Rome – in fact there is a doctrinal clause which suggests people can opt out if their conscious clashes with church teaching. The same way not everyone in a political party agrees 100% of the time they may not agree with 100% of the religion. The church might be homophobic and anti-woman, but it also provides free healthcare to people with AIDS when the government and some private hospitals refuse.

    You probably purchase stuff from McDonalds (who abuse staff and animals), the Gap and Nike (who use child labor), Walmart (anti-gay and anti-union) and a variety of other organizations. It’s not all black and white.

  4. Chicago Boy says

    And Rezko did not help Obama buy his house in Chicago? Explain that one. Oh yeah, he did by never answering the real questions about the land deal. At least Obama is consistent.

  5. says

    Ugh, so tired of Rick Warren already. Anne, the answer is: “Politics.” The real question is, are we going to move beyond our hurt feelings on Jan 20 to make Obama keep his promises to us on ENDA, DOMA, DADT and hate crimes over the next 4 years?

  6. says


    I was never a Hathaway fan (though I like her movies well enough) until now, however, any idiot can find out that it was her bf who was a con man and she dumped him when she found out.

    Have you never associated with someone who turned out to be a bad apple? Should I blame you for them?

    I’m amazed that she snuck that one in. Good for you Hathaway!

  7. johnosahon says

    to Derek Washington

    i am NOT talking about whether he was a con man or not, that’s their business, i am talking about the close relationship they kept with the church.

    to anon

    would you be defending Obama if he chose a priest instead of warren? No, you would have been complaining about how the catholic church HATES the gays.

    my point here is that everything is NOT black and white. like she has associations with “homophobes” so does he, stop throwing stones unless you can smash the target without smashing your own house. JUST SAYING.

  8. Lucas says

    She never referenced Rick Warren in terms of his anti-gay stand. She simply said she wanted an explanation of why Obama picked him. Rick Warren is disgusting for many many many reasons beyond just his stand on gay issues.

    Right on Hathaway…better than Melissa Etheridge and her kool-aid drinking ass.

  9. Jose Arribas says

    This girl is fucking awesome! As for you John,etc., go over to Fauxnews or Sludge, this ain’t the place for you to spread your lies and hatred. Dumbfuk.

  10. patrick nyc says


    Not sure where you get your information but the Feds cleared Hathaway of any wrong doing, she has publicly said she knew nothing of his crimes. As for her religion, how do you know she is a practicing Catholic?

    She has said that her brother is gay, as are most of her friends. A homophobe? How do you just make shit up?

  11. Leland Frances says

    Exactly HOW, Mike, are you going to be able to “MAKE Obama keep his promises to us on ENDA, DOMA, DADT and hate crimes over the next 4 years” if, every time he forceably dry fucks us you just smile, bend over, and say, “Please, Massa, may I have another?”

    He lied about passing a gay rights bill in Illinois and gays bent over.

    He talked down to us when he said we shouldn’t be so focused on marriage and gays threw their legs in the air again.

    He insulted our intelligence by repeatedly insisting that he was for “FULL LGBT equality” even as he opposed marriage equality and gays spat on their own assholes.

    He hid his support for states to deny us any kind of legal relationship recogniton behind talk of repealing FEDERAL DOMA and gays rolled back on their stomachs.

    He effectively said, “Take this, bitches!” over campaigning with Rev. Donnie “Gays are trying to kill our children” McClurkin and gays did.

    After WE taught him that lesson—that we’d let him get away with anything—he pushed gay heads deep into their Shepard Fairey Obama Change pillow cases and rammed us even deeper and harder still, all the while screaming, “It’s Rick Warren, now you little faggots. Take THIS!!!” and the gay Mike’s of the world ooze, “Oooh, hurt me more, Massa, hurt me more!”

    Well, he did: he just shoved antigay Tim Kaine up our bleeding asses when he crowned him head of the DNC.

    Four more years of Obama’s love for the gays and we’ll all need colostomy bags [available for a $30 donation to the Obama Statue Fund].

  12. dezboy says

    Oh MIKE you are tooooo funny…”make Obama keep his promises” to gays. ROFLMAO. Be gone you gays. You have no power in the Nobama administration. Enjoy the view from the back of the bus. Separate but unequal for you mos. Get used to it.

  13. Derrick from Philly says

    “…gays spat on their own assholes.”

    Physically impossible, Leland.

    Ending DADT, pushing and signing ENDA, appointing federal judges sympathetic to gay civil rights– are all going to happen…having my beautiful president fuck me? Wishing on the moon, baby.

  14. Greenman says

    Earlier in the interview Anne makes a joke about watching “When Animals Attack” with friends over New Year’s. The program she seems to be tuned into right now is “When Unquestioning Obama Supporters Attack” for DARING to question a decision of Obama’s. I don’t know about you, but I’d like the answer to her question as well.

    Obama counts Rev James T Meeks of the Salem Baptist Church in Chicago, a man named by the Southern Poverty Law Center as one of the top anti-gay pastors in the country, as a “spiritual counselor.” In fact, it was with Meeks that Obama prayed the day after he officially became the Democratic nominee for President. Add that to the aforementioned Donnie McClurkin, Rick Warren, and Tim Kaine and if you’re not asking yourself if maybe the gay community hasn’t been “bamboozled, hookwinked, & given the Okey-doke,” you’re not paying attention. Oh, but Obama has said he is a “fierce” advocate of gay rights. Well, maybe I blinked and missed the evidence of that other than a statement page on his website. In the meantime he seems to associate and promote a LOT of homophobes.

    We have seen the results of NOT asking questions and demanding answers from our political leaders. Look where that got us, all of us. Just because someone is from “our team” doesn’t mean they cannot be questioned or be held accountable for their actions. Wake up.

  15. Jimmyboyo says



    1- Not being in communion with Rome automatically makes one NOT!!! a Catholic. The earliest church writings pre the Nicean Creed’s revisment in 381 adding “one holy catholic and apostolic Church” state explicitly such like letters written to the bishop of Rome “..where you are, so to is the church…” etc. To not be in communion with the Bishop of rome = pope …is to be NON catholic.

    2- the only way to opt out on doctrine is

    …….A) concerning VENIAL sins not MORTAL sins. Gay sex as defined and upheld by the catholic church is that it is a MORTAL SIN and can not be opted out on.

    …….b) You are mentally unable as in down syndrome or such to be able to understand the church’s teaching on said subject then by all means you are not condemned for not understanding and upholding it.

    As a “Mortal SIN” gay sex MUST be confessed in the sacrament of confession before one receives the eucharist for to receive the eucharist without confessing and renouncing it then one is committing a 2nd MORTAL SIN. 1 damns you to hell if unconfessed pre death with only the most extreme case of being unable to get to confession pre death but willing to confess giving you a dispensation from Heaven itself.

    Anyway; the catholic church sucks. orthedox sucks. protestants are crazy on top of sucky. If you are going to follow a myth then one must adhere to the tenets of said myth which means one must be catholic or at least orthedox (with issues)but protestants are just crazy schismatics. (side note…judaism, islam, budhism etc all suck as well)

    It is all BS and a myth anyway so why even bother.

    Heck the golden rule isn’t even original to myth jesus. It was stolen/ co-opted from an materialist greek atheist philosopher named Epicurus 300 years pre jesus myth’s supposed beginnings

  16. Jimmyboyo says


    “…also provides free healthcare to people with AIDS when the government and some private hospitals refuse.”

    BS!! again

    the catholic church states explicitly that condoms are a MORTAL SIN (not venial) and thus their use to prevent AIDS int he 1st place is strictly forbidden. The “church” is a main cause behind the aids epidemic in Africa by teaching and enforcing no condoms!!!!

    So treating said victims of aids after setting up the situation that is causing them to get it in the first place is utter BS!

  17. Jimmyboyo says

    post post script :-)

    Are you a priest?

    Someone who is now trapped in their position due to it being your bread and butter and retirement plan. Unable to leave because you have no skill set to enable you to live in the outside world. Trapped and forced to uphold/ make crappy defenses of said institution ?????? there are a ton of those and it is sad

  18. Derrick from Philly says

    “Just because someone is from “our team” doesn’t mean they cannot be questioned or be held accountable for their actions. Wake up.”

    You’re absolutely right, GREENMAN, and it is perfectly proper for some of “our team” to respond to what we believe are unfair criticisms of our new President, and to defend him.

  19. Greenman says

    “Ending DADT, pushing and signing ENDA, appointing federal judges sympathetic to gay civil rights– are all going to happen…”

    You really are “wishing on the moon” because I have yet to see even a scintilla of concrete evidence, even during the election, Obama is much concerned with gay rights. Oh, we were mentioned in speeches (written by others) among a shopping list of other stalwart Democratic groups, and certainly our money and effort were welcomed by his campaign, but many of us are wondering if we were pandered to, nothing more.

    I truly hope your faith in Obama is well placed and I am being needlessly concerned, but his associations with religious homophobes bothers me. I realize Obama has many other things on his plate to be concerned about now and don’t really expect gay rights to be his primary or even secondary goal, but if you or anyone else else can point to evidence that it is ANYWHERE on his map I’d love to see it. And pages on websites don’t count, actions or even close associations with persons counterbalancing his homophobic associates does.

  20. Derrick from Philly says

    “…but many of us are wondering if we were pandered to, nothing more.”

    Funny, that statement reminds me of something I’ve wanted to say on Towleroad for weeks now:

    every black person I talked to before the election knew that there was nothing in this for them but symbolism. There is nothing Barack Obama can do specifically for black communities in America–except maybe provide aid for the inner-cities, but there is an entity in the US Senate called “Shelby of Alabama” who would filibuster that.

    My point is black folks expect nothing from Obama “specifically” for black folks except “feeling good” about seeing him and Michele in the White House.

    Gay people are one of the only groups that he can do something for “specifically”: end DADT, push for and sign ENDA, and appoint progressive judges.

    If he gives us more Ruth Bader Ginsbergs–he will have done a great deal to further gay people’s civil rights rights.

  21. David T says

    good for anne. she’s smart, and she supports the gay community. “close ties” means nothing if you don’t define it. she can throw all the stones she wants. i suppose because i have close relatives who are catholic, i therefore cannot criticize obama for cozying up to warren. ridiculous.

  22. says

    Hathaway was raised a Catholic with what she considered “really strong values,” and has stated she wanted to be a nun during her childhood.[8][10] However, at the age of fifteen she decided not to become a nun after learning that her brother Michael was gay.[10] Despite her Catholic upbringing, she felt that she could not be part of a religion that disapproved of her brother’s sexual orientation. She has stated that she is a non-denominational Christian.[10]

    I love Anne – she’s so talented, beautiful, smart and such a hag! LOL.

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