1. Tim says

    That was so funny, its going to take young kids like this to help end the nonsense that so many have about gays, if you are comfortable with your own sexuality, you won’t care what others do.

  2. dk says

    Very funny and good to see two young guys so comfortable in their own skin. Also reminded me of why I’m glad I never had kids, they can be smart asses when they want to.

  3. says

    I don’t get it – are these two boy friends? Other than actors, I don’t know ANY high school students that are this comfortable with each other, especially on national television, cable or not.

    Mostly I don’t get how far away from reality any of these awful, awful shows can get before they officially name a new TV genre: trailer-trash TV.

  4. Patrick says

    Yeah, no way is this unscripted, unless they’re boyfriends, which that last clip of them in the hallway brings into question. Being only 3 years outside of high school, this would not have happened, especially not on camera.

  5. Dback says

    I laughed out loud when the kid in the dark sweatshirt said “…and then there’s pictures!” And when I was substitute teaching in San Jose, I had two male students making out in class one day; when I called them on it–as I would any couple– they said “It’s okay, we’re not really gay!” Different world, my friends.

  6. JerzeeMike says

    LMFAO!! This is TOTALLY my godson and his best friend! They are very much like the two guys in the video and will push the envelop when screwing with authority figures.

    And for those people who think that straight boys just don’t do these things to screw with adults I have news for you-they do. Scripted or not, still a damn funny video.

  7. says

    It’s from truTV “Not Reality. Actually.” so I assume it’s meant to look as real as some reality TV looks, which is not very . . . but whatever it was, I thought it was hilarious and terrific. The definition of “appropriate” has sure changed since I was in high school!

  8. Ed says

    LMFAO! It may have been scripted but I’m not sure it was scripted by the producers. I can see the guys in this video hatching this plan knowing that they were being called to principal’s office for the “grinding” and that they would probably be on camera. They wanted to see how far they could push the principal.


  9. Dustin says

    haha, I’m a high school graduate of 2007..and yeh some straight boys would totally do that kind of thing just to get a reaction from somebody..whether or not they’re on TV, and I went to a private high school.

  10. Paul R says

    Actually, Dustin, all the boys I knew from private high schools were way gayer than the ones from public schools. Especially if they were living away from home.

  11. Grace says

    I’m an oldtimer who graduated in the 90s, and I definitely knew straight jocks who would’ve done this. Part screwing with authority, part mugging for the cameras. Some kids just have the confidence to find the most uncomfortable truth and highlight it until the authority’s speechless.

  12. NaughtyLola says

    Maybe “scripted” in the sense that they pulled a hell of a prank on their principal. I knew people in high school who were ballsy enough to pull stunts like that with completely straight faces and that was 20 years ago. Brilliant. I wish the whole world was this irreverent.

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