1. Aiden Raccoon says

    Actually this is what we need. A man who can say in a casual nonchalant tone, “This is my fiance”. There is no deviant sexual undertones here. Fiance is a strong word to married folks that says we are two people who can’t wait for our wedding day.

  2. Scott says

    While perhaps not the gay Rosa Parks, things like this demonstrate that we’re all just people with dreams, aspirations, loves, fears, etc.

  3. Jim says

    Saw it, loved it. Especially since the other 2 contestants made it a point to mention their church during the intros. Robert said, “I’m engaged to a wonderful person.” So I was already rooting for him to make it to the final round. Terrific.

  4. Yeek says

    You know what I like best about this posting? Not one person has been mean or dismissive or toxic. Yay!

  5. tjc says

    Good for him!

    I just wish they’d kissed. Maybe they did and it was edited, or maybe they refilmed it (for whatever reason) and the excitement wasn’t as strong as the first time. I just know that if I won the final round and got $40k, I’d be all over the hubby!

    That was really sweet to see. Thanks Andy!

  6. Marty says

    Wheel of Fortune has guys who are recognizable as queens on at least once a month or so but this was the most direct of them. I especially liked that neither one of them were twinkies, but had stocky “big” bodies. Good to see! Not so good to see? His *huge* tongue stud!!! Ick. 😉

  7. husky14620 says

    Well, he was a bit flaming, and he certainly didn’t play the game well, but he did make up for it when he introduced his fiancé. But buying all those vowels when he obviously already knew the answer? What a waste, and a great way to get regular fans of the show to dislike him.

  8. TikiHead says

    That is so nice to see! I do wonder what Pat Sajak thought of it… isn’t he a bit of a right wing tool?

  9. jimmyboyo says

    I haven’t seen WoF in like forever. When did they start using the itty bitty wheel?

    This was a smart move on making the show relevant to younger viewers. All polls show those under 30 overwhelmingly support us with even the majority of right wing xtians under 30 not bothered by gay marriage. To last into the next decade , the producers of WoF did a smart thing.

    Anyway; do they still do the tacky and overpriced prizes thing. “I’ll take the ceramic dalmation for $1,000″


  10. GayRepublican says

    Yes, Pat Sajak is a republican, but I’d be surprised if he’s anti-gay. “Hollywood republicans” tend to be supportive of gays, because they’ve been around and exposed to gays for years. Any conservative in Hollywood isn’t going to be someone who has never had a close gay friend.

  11. BadMax says

    Very good indeed, I’m glad they did that!
    To be honest, here in the UK it’s already quite common to see gay contestants in trivia quizzes (e.g. Deal or No Deal is often attended by gay contestants with their bfs!), and that’s the way it should be all around the world!

  12. GayRepublican says

    As for the show, yes, I think this is the first time they’ve ever aired a man referring to his lover as ‘fiance’. Usually it’s ‘best friend’ or or something like that. Odds are good that the show didn’t want to offend its elderly viewers, but with times changing and even the elderly starting to get on board, I think the show not only made the morally right move, but also the smart move in terms of business.

  13. crispy says

    LOL at Tom A. I was gonna mention the sweaters… but Yeek shamed me for even thinking it.

    But yeh, those sweaters.

  14. Luke says

    Good for them and much happiness, just surprised that Sajack’s right wing GOP head didn’t spin around a few times!

  15. dw says

    i’ve been waiting for this to happen on wheel. They’re the last holdout among the big game shows, in terms of allowing openly gay contestants to mention their partners. I’ve always wanted to audition, but knew i wouldn’t get on, because i wouldn’t hide being gay in the screening interview. Yeah for wheel! (i guess, as others have noted, that pat’s not THAT kind of wacky republican – he’s a ‘hollywood’ republican).

  16. Rex says

    I saw it and it was great- good to see two guys not hiding their life. I do remember seeing another contestant that made it to the final round and he introduced his partner – another man, so it’s probably not a first, but is definately a statement.

  17. Harrison says

    Also it should be mentioned that – while it may be trick editing – when the contestant announced that the person in the friends & family slot was his fiance, I didn’t see any groans or grimaces or any negative facial expressions of the sort. Maybe they train those Wheel audiences well. have fun with that $40K in Tahoe!

  18. says

    This wasn’t really the first time. A few months ago they had a rather effeminate guy on and he shut the other two constestants out and won every game, plus the bonus round. He introduced his “friend” and they hugged. Wasn’t lost on me. Loved it!!! Especially the shut out. He was one smart kid!

  19. Alcaseltzer says

    Sorry for being bitchy, but this is another example that trumps the stereotype that all gays are goodlooking, in shape and have good taste in clothes…Look at those outfits…yikes!

  20. kellyree says

    I think this is great! I don’t know if I’m noticing it because they’re a gay couple, but does Pat usually run off camera saying he should get out of there? I thought it was usual for a host to stand and congratulate the couple. That being said, I’m not a big WoF watcher :)

    Either way, progress is good!

  21. TrippyBear says

    Pat is a well known homophobe and doesn’t like gay people.
    If you listen closely to Pat after he see the guy’s partner coming he said “I’ll leave now”

  22. Didje says

    Actually, I saw another gay couple on recently. The contestant played very well, and I never got a gay vibe from him. When he got to the final round, his partner was waiting for him. When the contestant said “This is my partner, Dave!*”, Pat blinked but only lost 1/2 a beat. Seems a bit sad that’s it a step forward to have the one you love there, but we’re coming around! (*Dave may not have been his name)

  23. somethinginpink says

    I’m happy they didn’t edit it out, but I was wondering the same as alcaseltzer and tikihead…doesn’t Pat usually stand with the winner at least for a second instead of ducking out for smoke or something? and secondly, what did happen to the disembodied head hovering around the showroom whilst coveting the $1000 ceramic dalmation?

  24. NYRK says

    The “shopping spree” portion of the show was discontinued in 1987. Just think of all those poor ceramic dogs in a warehouse somewhere, unloved…

    The mini wheel for the bonus round (“bonus wheel”) was added in 2001.

  25. peterparker says

    About 15 years ago, I was watching Wheel of Fortune when a very, very gay bleached blonde queen won. His partner came running onto the stage and bear hugged him while the two of them jumped up and down like school girls who’ve just been told they made the cheerleading squad. They were completely overjoyed. Meanwhile, Pat adopted a facial expression that seemed to say “YIKES! Gays in the room!”. He strikes me as a tool.

  26. Ronnie says

    In a jubilant moment why must WE still feel the need to be haters. I was happy and smiled when I saw this. I was rooting for the guy from the git-go and was dying to see who he would introduce from the audience. I realize Pat is a Republican but he’s always come across as non judgemental. When he introduced the fiance I didn’t detect any apprehension. Sajak hates to be accosted, hugged, etc. by the winners. I’ve even seen a winner pick him up. So if you watch regularly you’ll see him scurry QUICKLY out of the way when any family or partner rushes the stage. Every night, without fail. Let’s just enjoy this wonderful moment.

  27. Ronnie says

    Forgot to mention…I’ve seen gay folks mention their partners several times in the past on Wheel. I’ve never seen Pat appear the least bit uncomfortable.

  28. nic says

    this was pretty cool, but i remember that the king of tv, regis philbin, seemed to almost encourage a guy/guy connection on the early “millionaire” show. it happened more than once.

  29. KKG says

    Outstanding! Everyone deserves happiness and love no matter what package (pardon the pun) it’s delivered in. No idea why the idea of gay marriage is so shocking to so many people.

  30. tonylee says

    #1 He did not shake the contestant’s hand as usual when he won.

    #2 When introduced the contestant’s fiancee, Pat Sajak said, “how did he get past security.”

    #3 When he won, Pat walked off stage and said, “I’ll leave now.”

    Total homophobe.

  31. Another Andy says

    Hey now! I was on Wheel in January 2008, and while I didn’t have a partner supporting me in the bonus round, I’m a big flamer and Pat Sajak was totally cool with me. Just saying!

  32. Charles Roland says

    I like Jimmyboyo’s comment. I also can’t help but think of the days when WoF prizes were picked at the end of each segment from a bunch of overpriced furniture and useless stuff. It always ended with a gift certificate. “I’ll take the rest on a gift certificate, please!”

  33. Bryan says

    That decades of activism have apparently concluded in nothing more than an ovine longing for middle class game show respectability is cause for despair, not celebration. This is the absolute nadir of the LGBT movement, right here, right now.

    “There is [sic] no deviant sexual undertones here.”

    You’re quite right, but your attitudes are even less examined than your grammar. Queer (excuse me, “gay”) men no longer deviate from mediocrity, sexually or otherwise. We’ve exchanged radical sex as a force for social change for outlet mall sweaters. Apparently it occurs to no one that acceptance at the price of removing the sex from homosexuality is a truly pathetic, pyrrhic victory.

    You too can be on Wheel of Fortune with your fiancé. You may also live in a trailer, own a Barcalounger, and watch 50 hours of television a week. All you have to do is cut off your balls, kill your soul, and spend your life aping people who aren’t in fact admirable.

    Look! The impoverishment of spirit, the abandonment of integrity, and the death of an entire peoples’ collective imagination. Everybody dance.

  34. ty says

    Bryan, the radical sex got us the wrong kind of social change in the eighties and killed half of us.
    These guys represent the next generation of gay men. They aren’t queer, as that term is pejorative, and they aren’t wasting time getting their shrunken from meth balls licked in a bathhouse somewhere.

  35. TANK says

    Ty, that was a bit harsh and judgmental. Nothing wrong safe sex, even in dionysian excess. Maybe bryan has a point, though. Maybe this is our revolutionary road…maybe not. Not. I would like that as pickup line. “Hey, baby, let’s make history and do it.”

  36. says

    It takes guts to do what that guy did on national television. Even now, not that many people are willing to do it and now more people will do it. I think it helps our cause for the audience of that show to see this. How appropriate it was on a game show created by Merv Griffin.

  37. Contrarian says

    Wow, 2 gay guys go on a tacky game show in less than fashion forward clothes, and according to “Bryan” the rainbow heavens are falling. “{R}adical sex as a force for social change”? Methinks I detect a member of tenured academia here who teaches, oh let’s say, “gender studies” or some such nonsense.

    As “Ty” said, radical sex brought only early often horrific death to so many. Not to sound pedantic Bry, but homosexuality refers to attraction, not merely sex unless you think prison, military, and desert island type sex (or even g4p porn)is about attraction. Integrity? So if you fight for the right of couples to form monogamous sanctioned by law relationships, you’re an Uncle Tom of rainbowdom? Gay men as randy sexual outlaws–gee that is so John Rechy or early Larry Kramer. May I suggest the community has (thankfully) moved on.

  38. Wheezy says

    @ Bryan,

    Gay sex ISN’T radical sex. Sucking and fucking isn’t radical; it’s just sex. Same thing straight people are doing. Big deal.

    That’s why there isn’t any deviant sexual over/undertones. Because there’s nothing deviant about it anymore. (Okay, maybe to 30+ religious folks, but more and more people don’t give a shit.)

    Or are you talking about fucking without condoms? Bare-backing isn’t social-changing radical either. It’s just dumb…and it isn’t confined to gay men.

  39. Robert Kent says

    Pat and Vanna was nice, they didn’t put me on the show cause I was gay they put me there cause I did good at the casting the sweater was put on last minute by me I was, so nervous and sweating that I didn’t want to go on national TV with a wet pits, and well they did not edit out any of the scenes nor did they do a retake Chuck and I didn’t kiss cause we were mega excited and we don’t normally do PDA so why start…. we are still happily together and enjoying life, the WOF crew and staff was very nice and didn’t treat me like a weirdo, Pat knew he was my fiance before we went on air and he still asked me I was not directed in any way not to be myself… anyone who knows me knows I am really that type of guy…. thanks everyone for your encouragement.