1. says

    I was ready to ask “Is that a real hair color?”, then I glanced below to the photo of Cindy McCain…

    I see peroxide is making a comeback!

    But does carpet match the drapes?

  2. Derrick from Philly says

    I’ll be damned! In the photo to the right he looks like Jean Harlow.

    She was a fellow Piscean, you know…loved a lot of sex.

  3. Mark says

    sigh…is it any wonder that I do not identify with 95% of the gay community if this is what we aspire to look like? I just don’t get it.

  4. johnny says

    Uhhmmm, it’s really supposed to be about the clothes, not the model. But then I’m just different that way.

  5. Sargon Bighorn says

    MARK! you said it so well! I think the percentage for me is higher more like 98%. And lest we forget, the model is what 22 yrs old.

  6. jayson says

    He’s the new, male, Linda Evangelista. In three months… red!
    Loves it and him.
    Stop hating, you bitter old queens.

  7. my2cents says

    close ur eyes…
    remember back…
    way, way, waaaay back…
    the 80’s
    when could have any
    and look hot?

    it’s all about…
    the EYES!

  8. nic says

    were we to be honest and not hyper-critical, we would all agree that this young man is beautiful. it doesn’t matter, really, if you want to fuck him. beauty is beauty. why deny him that?

  9. Paul R says

    I honestly cannot believe that some people are wondering if that’s his natural hair color.

    Even albinos (and no offense to albinos) don’t have that hair color.

  10. RP says

    I always wondered what happened to little David from Village of the Damned (well… actually that kid plays John Connor on the Terminator show, but you get the gist).

  11. nic says


    bitch! yes, i do get your drifteroo, but does he have beautiful features or no? i’m jus’ playin’….

  12. Matty says

    He’s cute, looks like a submissive little bottom. I’d hit it, tired hair color and all.

    Calvin Klein? Now there’s a blast from the past, I thought all he makes these days is the cheap underwear they sell at discount clothing stores. You know, you give a thought about buying because all your good undies are in the laundry, but don’t.

  13. Killershoes says

    Barack Obama: redefining the male physique
    Barack Obama works out for 45 minutes, six days a week. What can other men learn from his example?

    Albino Obama?

  14. rob says

    I hope the media catches on here.this ad was actually a reshoot. they shot 5 models, one which was black and then they hated it and reshot it on the whitest boy left in a 2 hour period on the second day of the shoot. calvin klein should be embarassed here. racism at its best

  15. Lecoqu says

    Umm, hi – I wonder if a single person who is so critical of this gorgeous model is remotely attractive.

  16. max says

    those of you who’re dissing him for being too ‘white’, for your info he is half-arabic (speaks arabic) and his full name is Ahmad Jalal Abualrub.