1. Jay says

    A conspicuous start to his run, to say the least. This isn’t going to be pretty. As was said in the previous thread, this isn’t about the sex. It’s about the lying.

  2. David D. says

    Who are these people who think to themselves, “Hey, I’m going to go ahead and run for public office because if I win, that thing with the teenager is *never* going to come out!”

  3. Andy says

    I thought the guy was over 18 when it happened? I don’t get it. Why is this an issue? There are much worse problems out there.

    If he hadn’t persuaded the guy to lie than he wouldn’t have had a chance.


  4. says

    Sam, dear, you could have just left it at tacky; but instead, you moved on to actionable. Stupid, stupid, stupid. Use the brain in your head, the one behind those pretty blue eyes, not the one in your dick.

  5. John says

    Before they do this, don’t they need to ask Breedlove if he was 18 when he had sex with Sam. Without his help, the police can’t charge him with the crime.

  6. Steve says

    Just as an editorial issue, it would be helpful if you mentioned the gender of the staffer in question. If this were Drudge, I would assume this was heterosexual indiscretion unless otherwise specified, that it’s mentioned here leaves it open and it would be helpful if it were made more clear.

  7. tribalpottery says

    Sam Adams is a disgrace to the LBGT community. With his lies including taking full-page newspaper denials and asking a teenager to confer with his dishonesty, I feel that he has lost all his credibility. I would rather see a straight honest mayor than support a gay dishonest one simply because we share the same sexual orientation.

  8. Todd says

    The timing of this whole thing just seems odd. Why the mea culpa a couple of weeks after taking office? Why not before? I think I’ve been raised on too much bad TV, but my instinct tells me that the younger fella was putting the screws on. I mean the two of them got through the election without blabbing, What changed? There’s definately something more there.

  9. tribalpottery says

    Reporters should ask him about his relationship with Greg Eddie. Eddie was his domestic partner from 1992 to 2004. Adams was notoriously unfaithful to him while he was in other local post. Eddie successfully sued for a portion of his Adams’ pension and alimony.

    What about Christopher Stowell who is the Oregon ballet director who he was dating at the time he was romancing Beau Breedlove? Stowell was wise enough not to be in a relationship with Sam Adams.

    His current boyfriend Peter Zuckerman is an award winning journalist. Within the small gay community of Portland it is quite well-known that Adams has been less than faithful to him as well.

  10. Jay says

    Agreed, Tribalpottery. I’m not deluding myself into think any politician will ever truly be hands-clean, but the cover-up is just too much. It’s a matter of broken trust. You know, once someone lies to you, you always wonder what else they’re hiding.

  11. Marc says

    Why isn’t his party affiliation being mentioned? Is he another scum-bag Republican hypocrite who condemns lying and abuse of power, then commits the same act? This, for me, is a horror story come true. I suspect that my teenage son is gay, and I am willing to support his choice, but I don’t want anyone in a position of authority over him, using their position to seduce him.

  12. Chris says

    The police should investigate if there is probable cause to believe that a crime was committed. If he committed a crime or a code of ethics violation, he should step down. If he didn’t, he should stand his ground.

    So far, all we know is that he lied to a reporter about a consensual relationship with an adult — which is not a legitimate question for a reporter to be asking in the first place. We can debate whether he should have said “none of your business” instead of lying, but the fact is that the persistent prejudice that views gay men as predators might very well have convicted him in the court of public opinion if he had done that. A 40 year old straight politician could have said “none of your business” if asked about dating an 18 year old and it would not even cause a blip, but if a gay one said that, it very likely would be all over for him.

  13. Troy says

    Leave it to irresponsible, high-profile gay men to continually tarnish how the country/world views us. Someone of this ilk, who willfully pursues politic office and therefore willingly courts public scrutiny should at least have the presence of mind to limit his sexual conquests to men his own age. Everyone is parsing this — “oh but he was 18 at the time” You know what? It doesn’t matter. A teenager is still a teenager and this guy had no business being in that kind of compromising postion with him.

  14. Paul R says

    Steve and Marc, the reason some background wasn’t provided is because Towleroad has already run extensive coverage of the story. He an openly gay mayor, and yes the (then) minor is male. There are many links to previous stories above.

    I don’t condone Adams’s actions or lying or cheating or anything else, but I’m driven crazy by the notion that no sex can be consensual unless the participants are 18. I went to college at 16 and had plenty of sex, and before that messed around with a guy in high school. My straight friends did the same thing, and they were often stupid when it came to safe sex. I knew all about it and never had any problems. Kids who receive (or seek out) proper sex ed are not necessarily going to be at any risk, physically or emotionally.

    I know women who messed around with their male peers at much younger ages (say, 11), and while I wouldn’t endorse that, it doesn’t seem to have caused them permanent damage of any sort. As an 18 year old I wouldn’t have wanted to bed a 42 year old, but the younger guy here seems to have a history of dating men quite a bit older. He’s 21, and his most recent boyfriend is 39. Again, I’m not defending Adams. But the younger guy played a role too, and wasn’t necessarily the victim in their sexual relationship. He was a victim in being told to lie, but he got a few favors out of it (like getting Adams to cut the ribbon at the opening of his employer, borrowing his car, etc.). Something suggests that he knows how to play his cards.

  15. says

    This is a big deal because the teen was an intern or former intern. It may not have broken any specific rules or laws, but it was certainly wrong.

    The reason we use 18 as the standard for the age of consent when having sex with someone over the age of 18 is that we have to draw the line somewhere to find balance between freedom and protecting youngsters who have little power. 18 may not always be the right age, but it works pretty well most of the time.

    It is my understanding (from news reports) that Adams had sex with the kid when he was 18, so statutory rape did NOT occur.

    I think Adams has let his looks, charisma, and power go to his head. This happens all the time with people gay and straight, but you know, I just wish it wouldn’t happen with the first out gay mayor of a semi-major US city. Pisses me off royally.

  16. says

    This is so stupid, because no matter what, the kid was over the age of consent and, unless the kid speaks up, whatever happened did so after the kid turned 18. There’s no evidence to investigate anything.

    What we have here is a witch hunt. Can’t bush the queer during the campaign ‘cuz then you’re a bigot. But add actual sex to it? Now you can dig deep.

    Prediction if the AG does take it on: they find nothing about his relationship with the kid, but keep finding fake ‘charges’ a la Clinton that will eventually take the guy down. Meanwhile, he gets nothing done. The likely-homophobic police are probably ecstatic to push this…

  17. says

    if this is only about LYING then David Vitter, Larry Craig and all the others that couldn’t keep it in their pants need to step down or be prosecuted. they lied too. they lied to their spouses, their constituents and their public commitments. they also broke the law. last time i looked, using a prostitute was a crime, and don’t even let me start on Craig…

    i’m not saying what Smith did was right, but i am saying what’s good for the goose is good for the ganders. just because Smith likes the ganders doesn’t make it worse.

  18. says

    @ RYAN: thanks for the correction. It looks like you’re right on that.

    The ethical case remains, however, that Adams was either in a position of authority or had just ended such, so in my book, it was a stupid thing to do. St00pider yet to lie about it.

  19. wyskip says

    strange country! A fourteen year old can pull out a gun and kill. He is then tried as an adult and spends his life in jail. An eighteen year old gets laid and we treat him like a child! Someone help me with this.

  20. wyskip says

    strange country! A fourteen year old can pull out a gun and kill. He is then tried as an adult and spends his life in jail. An eighteen year old gets laid and we treat him like a child! Someone help me with this.

  21. FrozenNorth says

    Unless he’s lying now that kid was in fact 18 before their affair. He’s lied once to protect his career, why wouldn’t he lie twice to protect him from potential jail time? It’s often funny how the lines slip a little each time when people start to reveal things.

    And I’m sorry but so called “adult” or not, there is something inherently and profoundly wrong to me to see a 44 y.o. having a sexual relationship with someone (male or female!) who is any where near 18.

    Imagine if your nephew or son brought home a man that age. Do you think you’d really be like “oh, good job, lucky bugger. He’s consenting so that’s cool.” wink wink nudge nudge.


  22. says

    @ David – Stupid? Yes. Unethical? That’s debatable. I guess you could say that, but I could also see the 18 y/o genuinely being attracted to Adams. I have friends who prefer guys that are 10+ years older. I agree, that 18 vs. 40 is a huge difference, but an 18 year old is not a kid. Not being that far removed from 18, I know I was a competent enough person to make decisions for myself.

    @ Dan. Don’t be absurd. There were no broken laws here if, as has been reported, the kid was 18. Chances are, he was, as they didn’t meet until the kid was 2 months from being 18. The state has no business investigating the situation unless the kid says he was under the age of 18. Period. Otherwise, this is a witch hunt, one that’s largely fueled by homophobia… and the sad thing is there are all too many people in the glbt community who seem to want to make the purge. Adams shouldn’t have lied, but he doesn’t need to step down from this nothing-here-move-along neo-Monica Lewinski story.

  23. TANK says

    There’s nothing morally wrong with him lying about having a sexual relationship with this kid if there’s no moral obligation to divulge the truth about one’s sexual things… Even him taking out an ad to deny it is his right if one is not required to tell the truth, when asked, about one’s personal life when those things have no impact on anyone but those involved in one’s personal life.

    That being said, we who struggle against the stereotypes of the majority have an obligation to those like us to set an example IF that will result in equal treatment. However, those who would be swayed to oppose our rights by this wouldn’t be supporting us anyway.

  24. tribalpottery says

    @Tank Before the election, Sam Adams took full-page ads saying that he had NO relations sexual or otherwise with Beau Breedlove. He said that he was being attacked because he was gay. Adams played the role as a victimized gay man. He IS required to tell the truth then because he was running for mayor and any decent human being would have done so. If he had nothing to hid, he should’ve been open about the fact WHILE he was running not AFTER he was elected.

    BTW no one ever mentions Bob Ball. Bob Ball, another gay man on the city council, was another contender for the mayoral position.

  25. says

    “As was said in the previous thread, this isn’t about the sex. It’s about the lying.”

    It’s always about the sex. Even when it’s about the lying, it’s still about the sex. People use the lying to bust people who are having sex they disapprove of. People also love to desexualize teenagers and pretend that a teenager couldn’t possibly have any interest in an older guy and even be the pursuer instead of the pursued. But it happens.

    Not that that makes Sam Adams innocent of bad judgment, but I’m sure that many of those calling for his resignation aren’t merely upset about the lying or the fine line between 17 and 18. They don’t like that he’s getting it on with a young guy. To my mind, he was amazingly foolish and egotistical (like so many politicians) to think that this wouldn’t be revealed and wouldn’t be a big deal if it was. The blindness that comes with a little power.

  26. Nikki says

    Andy, the kid was underaged. There are plenty of truly adult men he could have dated/slept with, there’s no reason to sleep with people under the official age of consent.

    I hope he is investigated and made an example of.

    Tank, one of your posts scares me. I personally don’t believe anyone should lie about having a relationship with someone under the age of consent — straight, gay or otherwise. Pretending this doesn’t matter DOES feed into negative stereotypes about the so-called ‘gay agenda’. Punish Adams and we can move forward.

  27. Dan says

    Ryan, wake up. There wouldn’t be so much smoke here if this kid was solidly 18 and they knew there wasn’t any blurry line to deal with. This is probably why the state authorities are getting involved… there is some evidence that Beau and Sam had conversations of a sexual nature prior to his turning 18. Which, if you wanted to be a total dick about it, could be considered pandering/felonious sexual abuse.

    Besides, they’re both liars. Mr. Adams, especially. Why on earth should we take his word it was legal at this point?

    Let the police conduct their investigation. If everything was on the up and up, great. Otherwise – the nation’s first openly gay mayor of large city is going to jail.

  28. Nikki says

    In other words, TribalPoetry, he used the ‘gay card’ in the same way blacks are accused of using the ‘race card’ — except Sam Adams really did use the ‘gay card’ to lie to his constituents and try to hide from his own bad decision-making?

    Ugh. Portland can do much better than Adams. As for Bob Ball, I guess we haven’t heard of him because he keeps his head low and just tries to do his job? I hope. Well, should the community support Ball to take Adams place?

  29. Leo says

    Cut the hypocrisy. This was a consenting sex between adults. Start in a mirror for two minutes, then ask yourself what YOU would have said if you were in Sam Adams’ shoes.

    I thought we voted the party of hypocritical moral outrage out of office.

  30. Leo says

    ” Bob Ball, another gay man on the city council, was another contender for the mayoral position. ”

    Please folks, get the facts. Ball is not on City Council, he’s a downtown condo developer who has never yet had to answer any tough questions of his own.

  31. ganymeade says

    He should step down. This is a very uncomfortable time for PDX and he should just let it go. He blew his great chance and embarrased this great city on the national stage during one of the most historic weeks in American history. Thanks Sam the Scam. Scram! We deserve better. It was the blackballing of Ball and the manipulation of the young man to lie that offends me most. I dated older guys at his age too but was fortunately not forced to lie about it. That is spiritual abuse. IT hurt the young man and he confessed and apologized to Ball who is a victim here. He has faced scrutiny as the entire media in Portland painted Ball as an opportunistic liar and ruined any chance of a political future. Sam behaved ruthlessly and I have no pity.

  32. David D. says

    When I was 17/18, I was almost exclusively attracted to men in their 30s and 40s. I was completely capable of making my own decisions about sex as were my friends, all of whom had had sex before I did. And this was nearly 30 years ago. Were things really that much more progressive then?

  33. says

    @ LEO: If I were in Adams’s shoes, I would have said, “Gee, you’re awfully hot and I’m flattered, but you’re too young for me and I was kinda your boss. Oh, and I’m already in a relationship with someone else. Later dude.” Just like many ADULTS do all the time. Just not ones who’ve let it all go to their head.

  34. Colin says

    I’m upset that Sam decided to go ahead and lie, but what makes me really wonky is… did he hand out a job to Amy Ruiz from the Merc to keep her quiet? How much of this story is yet to unfold? I live in Portland and voted for the guy. I’m still having a hard time trying to understand how to feel about all this…
    Personally, I’d like to see Adams serve out his term. Yes, this is a bad situation. Yes, he lied, and yes, it’s kind of yucky that he bedded an 18 year old. They met when the kid was 17, but by that time (2005), Adams had already been Vera Katz’s favorite peon: he had to know that breaking the law by sexing up a minor would have killed him. For some reason, I still believe that Sammy boy decided to wait till the kid was 18 to boff him. And for that, well… you know what they say about people who live in glass houses.
    What I am happy to see in this dialogue is that most people believe that a 40+ man dating an 18 year old kid is unacceptable. Tell your friends. I’ve run into several Beau Breedlove clones in my time (as a peer, I’m young yet), and it would be nice if we could, you know, condemn this kind of crap now? It’s time for all the gay men out there to betray your stereotype and behave responsibly.

  35. TANK says


    First, I will assume, solely for the sake of argument, that the relationship was legal.

    Second, he lied about having the relationship.

    Third, during the course of lying about the relationship, he took out full page ads in a paper saying that he was being attacked because of his sexual orientation.

    The third issue is, and should be evaluated separately from whether or not he was ethically required to tell the truth for two reasons.

    1. It is a case of a person using minority status and legitimate cases of minority victimization to cover up a lie and falsely villainize those who are telling the truth by calling them homophobes. This makes it harder for people who are discriminated against because of their minority status to bring attention to this, and minimizes actual cases of discrimination based victimization. It trivializes real discrimination.

    2. IF there is no ethical obligation for anyone to be honest and forthright, when asked, about their sexual orientation, sexual history and sexual relationships so long as no one is being harmed as a result of that lie and no laws were broken, then obviously that entails that there no breach of ethics has occurred if one lies, when asked, about who they slept with. However, that depends on the relationship, too, and the relationship between Adams and his constituency is not the same as between Adams and a partner, and thus one’s honesty in matters of, say, infidelity, is not ethically required of one to veritable strangers.

    Given that it is certainly not harming anyone to lie to a relative stranger about sexual conduct and interpersonal affairs in this case, and no one has the right to demand answers about sexual conduct that does not involve them or people they are in a relationship with, I conclude that there is no ethical (and, separately, no legal) obligation to be honest and forthright about one’s sexual relationships, i.e., it is okay to lie to a stranger who asks.

    This excuses the lie, but not the way in which he went about perpetuating the lie. So he has a pass for 2., but not 1. To play the “gay card” falsely is to give phrases like playing the gay card credibility. For that, he acted unethically. Unethically enough to be required to resign from office? I don’t think so…not given how many politicians play their respective cards very well.

    Lastly is the issue of harm he has done by exemplifying the predatory gay deviant pedophile stereotype. First, to whom is he exemplifying such a stereotype to? It’s not allies or potential alllies. Once again, though, if people buy into the spin that the far right will doubtless use for ammunition, they already believed it to begin with, and would have believed something else. That is to say, they’d not be allies anyway. Of course, this is the heat of it. But if one person is willing to believe that gay men are pedophiles based on the presumptively legal relationship between an eighteen year old and an early forty something year old, they’re probably not fans of gay folks to begin with…

    Of course, if he broke the law and this constitutes statutory rape…well, that’s a separate issue that fortunately for all of us, doesn’t stand a snowball’s chance in hell of ever being proven.

  36. Bill says

    Oh GOD shut up, gay people! You don’t have to prove anything to haterosexuals. You don’t have to prove anything to haterosexuals. You don’t have to prove anything to haterosexuals. Can you READ that? They are not your authority, not your god.

    Sam Adams was dating at the time. Sam Adams was dating at the time. Sam Adams was dating at the time. Beau Breedlove was an ADULT. Beau Breedlove was an ADULT. Beau Breedlove was an ADULT.

  37. Bill says

    These attacks on Sam Adams are 100% anti-gay. The whole reason he lied was because the haterosexual and gay enforcers of haterosexual oppression public would not accept a dating gay man.

  38. says

    @ Dan: Why should we not investigate it? Because it’s none of our freaking business. If Beau was seduced under age, and the chances are slim since they met 2 months before he turned 18 (even ignoring the fact that he was beyond the age of consent), it’s Beau’s business. IF he was under age and IF he felt wronged, he has plenty of legal and civil options to take. Since he doesn’t, as far as we’re aware – and have a right to know – is that the two had a legal, adult relationship.

    I swear, the fear of all this puritanical bullshit in our society is driving gay people to eat their own when they did little wrong. A private, legal sexual relationship between two consenting was no one else’s business to begin with. Anything else is a McCarthy-like witch hunt just aimed to take the queer down, with some gays playing along apparently afraid Sam Adams will stain our community. In reality, no one freaking cares and only the insanely homophobic will take any credence in this.

  39. ty says

    Sam had no obligation to divulge his sex life while running for office. It is noones business!!People need to stop being such haters!! I thought I was prude !!

  40. TANK says

    He acted wrongly, however, in the way he lied. But let’s be honest…most of you criticizing the criticizers are of an ANYTHING GOES mentality that has made the so-called lgbt communities very unhealthy places. Some ethic is required…some decency. Remember that.

  41. John in CA says

    The attorney general that you all are demonizing as “homophobic” and “prudish,” John Kroger (D), is a vocal supporter of same-sex marriage. He also pledged to vigorously prosecute anyone accused of anti-gay discrimination when he ran for office last year.

    This is the evil monster you want to lynch in the name of queer liberation? Give me a break. Kroger’s simply doing his job. It is certainly possible, if not likely, that a crime has been committed. Either way, as the attorney general of Oregon, he has the responsibility to look into the possible misdeeds of any elected official. Portland is also the largest city in the state and the 23rd largest city in the nation. We’re not talking about the Mayor of Wassilla here. This is a big deal.

  42. says

    the sexual conduct of two consenting adults is hardly the business of the public. this is just another case of the absurd sex-phobic attitudes of American Judeo Christian douchebags getting in the way of the body politic. Grow up, America. We look like idiots to the rest of the world!

  43. Bill says

    Where were the cries of resignation for David Paterson who acknowledges shortly after he became Governor of New York that he and his wife have an open marriage?

  44. Another Matt says

    Bill, there were no cries for Gov. Patterson to resign because he was UPFRONT and HONESTLY admitted his indiscretions on day one (or day 2, or 3)…there was no lying, no taking out a full-page ad to deny affairs, no asking his wife or mistress(es) to lie for him…

    I don’t care how old this kid was (I was a big slut at 17…and 18…and 19), I think it’s appalling that someone in a position of power, who obviously knows what it was like to be a gay teenager, took advantage of his position for some easy, impressionable, emotionally immature ass.

  45. Chris says

    Adams seems to have a thing for twinks, his current bf is 27. Lying about it just too much, when he set himself up to a higher standard and as a model of the “gay’s no longer a big deal” principal to straight people. At that political level, now, being gay, you can’t openly chase ass in way that a straight might be just be able to get away with.

  46. Nick says

    It’s funny that on a site I frequent that’s full of straight men everyone is behind Sam, yet here on T-Road, the calls for his head have reached fever pitch. Bizarre.

  47. Contrarian says

    The most appalling posts here (as some have noted) are the anything goes, gay men need have no morals, standards or ethics argument. He is a municipal chief executive with, as the article points out, power over the police and their budget. He should go, pronto.

    He was also described as a mentor to the kid. Do gay men get a special pass which reads: “We’re oppressed so we get to boff whomever, whenever we want too cause standards and morals are a hetero-sexist power play”? If some of you had kids (YES SOME LGBT folks DO!) you would not want some employer or teacher or politician or priest in a position of unequal emotional/financial power taking advantage.

  48. says

    I’ve thought about it and thought about it. Sam Adams confessed to having an
    “affair” with an 18 year old former intern, Beau Breedlove. So what. Breedlove was 18, yes they met when he was 17 but seriously folks we ship off our boys to be mangled and mutilated with shrapnel in Iraq but an 18 year old young MAN is not capable of consensual sex? Give me a fucking break. While I am saddened that Sam chose to lie about the relationship I completely understand why he did. Anytime an older man and a younger man hook up people shout pervert and pedophile. When a heterosexual man does it it’s called a ” trophy wife/trophy fuck”. Heterosexual women now aspire to be “cougars” like Kim Catrell’s Samantha on Sex and the City or Demi Moore, in real life. But asymmetrical intergenerational homosexual relationships scream molestation and daddy issues. I’ve decided despite his lie (which was a bad move, bad Sam!) I will stand by his side and come to his aid anytime. He made a mistake.
    I’m so fucking sick of the ageist bullshit. It’s such societal homophobia that pushes this issue. They were two consenting adults. Adults, folks Adults, they are still friends. Just because two men fuck does not mean they are criminals, which is the implication here. In decades past this would not be an issue nor discussed so publicly. I think this issue is an issue of sexuality. How many Senators , congressmen, PRESIDENTS (Bill, I’m looking at you!) fuck younger women, interns ect. , while married in office? This was no adultery, this was a man coming out of an 11 year relationship, a newly divorced man on the dating scene which as a Portlander myself I must say is slim pickings when it comes to good quality guys (sorry it’s true!). Beau Breedlove was a hot younger guy who was smart and attractive and clearly an ego boost. We’ve all dated the ego booster, god knows mine was impetus to move cross country- to get away from him. People should be annoyed he lied but not crucify him for sleeping with another GROWN man. If 18 is not adult enough for Americans the lets recall our service men and women of that age. If they can be sent to take a bullet they should be allowed to make the choice to make love to the person they choose.

    Also Beau was never Sam’s intern, he was a legislative intern in Salem, so there is no ethical issue there either folks.

  49. Blownaway says

    1- Politics is mostly about lying your way to office, then to reelection. (I’ll be bipartisan, compassionate conservative and so on).
    2- The only ones who scream murder about 40 year olds dating 18 year old dudes are the jealous trolls who never get laid.
    3- Thinking you won’t get hated and mugged by rednecks and other Porp8 enthousisasts if you are monogamous with a guy your age (when most str* fuck around all the time) is childish, wimpish and laughable.

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