Rick Warren: Saddlebacking is a Purpose Driven Connection


Matt Rettenmund at Boy Culture notes that Pastor Rick Warren is publishing a new magazine (featuring an interview with Obama in its first issue) with a title more suited for a gay hook-up site.

Slogger and sex columnist Dan Savage held a contest to determine what might be a proper definition for the term “saddlebacking” (in honor of Rick Warren’s Saddleback Church) and the definition above prevailed:

“Saddlebacking: The phenomenon of Christian teens engaging in anal sex in order to preserve their virginities.”

A purpose-driven connection if I’ve ever heard one.


  1. says

    YES!!! I was hoping that one would win. I know Dan wanted it to win too.

    I did like the logic behind the suggestion that it should be a word for anal sex with a condom, as opposed to “barebacking”. It makes perfect sense!

    But then I see safe sex as a positive thing, and thinking about Warren and his church makes me hate life.

    If we ever come up with a word for anal sex with a condom I want it to be something positive and uplifting.

  2. SFshawn says

    Warren better hope that the paps don’t get photos of him and his boy toys playing around in his guest house behind his mega mansion otherwise we’ll have to be subjected to yet ANOTHER hypocritical religious leader living a double life. :)

  3. paul c says

    Unproductive and juvenile.

    Dan Savage and others should invest more energy into effectively confronting bigotted homophobes like D.L. Hughley instead of generating this kind of meaningless negativity.

  4. TANK says

    Because everyone knows that DL Hughley reaches far more people with his homophobic bible thumping, Paul C… Oy gevalt.

  5. Neil says

    If this kind of thing were against us gay people, it would be called “hate speech.” If we are going to get along in this new Obama era, how can we allow ourselves to participate in such things?

  6. paul c says

    No, actually, Tank, because Dan Savage was on DL Hughley’s mainstream, nationwide television show and was completely impotent and worthless in challenging Hughley’s anti-gay viewpoints….which he espouses on his mainstream, nationwide television show.

    But making up little slurs about someone’s church name is a really effective tool in promoting gay rights among the mainstream too, I guess.

  7. says

    Right on about D.L. Hughley! We should also not focus on holding rallies in queer neighborhoods, and hold them in neighborhoods where homophobia needs to be confronted: East L.A., Watts, Compton. Beverly Hills not so much.

  8. Jay says

    Dan Savage isn’t a politician or even a political columnist. He’s a sex columnist who comes up with off the wall shit and puts it out there. I won’t defend the DL Hughley exchange – that was embarassing on several fronts. But this is just supposed to be funny, like the Santorum thing.

  9. Christopher says

    Yeah, Dan Savage is a real tool. His sex column dispenses advice in a sex-positive way that is wickedly funny and spot on. He then uses his well-earned street cred with the next generation of straights to enlighten them that the religious bigots out there that are against gay rights are the same assholes who would deny straights the right to sex education, contraception and abortion. And by using names associated with repuglican leaders to coin terms for embarrassing sex acts that then enter the national lexicon, he points out the hypocrisy of said leaders every time someone utters them. I’m, like, so sick of that too.

  10. Lorenzo says

    anal is lieu of birth control is commonplace in Rome amongst Catholic unmarried straights. Nice that the USA is catching up.

  11. matt goldman says

    No wonder they don’t want gay men to legally marry. Who would the str8 christian men have sex with after church on Sunday afternoons? LoL