1. realitythink says

    That makes me feel like a sleaze bag. I shouldn’t be coveting that but.. My God.. those abs!!

  2. crispy says

    The reason he’s being objectified is because of a big controversy about whether he’d be cast in the Twilight sequel. His character experiences a major growth spurt in the second book and packs on a ton of muscle because (spoiler alert!) he becomes a werewolf. So he’s showing off all this muscle to prove he can play the role. He still looks like a boy to me and nothing like how I pictured Jacob from the book.

    ZOMG, I am such a teen girl right now!

  3. says

    What the fuck are they feeding kids these days? I don’t know anyone who had a body like that when I was 16 (a few years ago).

  4. Daniel says

    Gay men drooling over a 16 year old boy is as creepy as straight guys drooling over 16 year old girls.

  5. paul c says

    I prefer Ross any day. He’s not just pretty, but he seems unbelievably sweet. And funny! Love him.

  6. PM says

    I know nothing of Taylor Lautner other than he is a martial artist and in films a few age brackets below mine, but putting on 26lbs of muscle in a (presumably?) short span sounds rather dangerous and chemically-assisted.

    Having said that ; didn’t Christian Bale gain like 100lbs of muscle mass in just the few months between Machinist and Batman ?
    Maybe this is just the kind of thing people can naturally do in Hollywoodland, by working out all day long and such.

    *sigh* Makes me yearn for a long night of tv with a deep bowl of sugary/salty snacks…

  7. Paul R says

    There were a couple guys in my high school gym class with bodies like that, and we didn’t have PE after sophomore year, so they couldn’t have been more than 16.

    In any case, the age of consent for hetero sex is 16 in many parts of the world, and he seems to delight in showing himself off. So who cares—it’s not like any of us will be running into him anyway.

  8. Pekemo says

    seriously, this was this kid was in Sharkboy and Lava Girl. How can objectifying him NOT be creepy.

  9. Jim says

    I think some of the negative comments above about this delightful young man are unfounded. They are obviously jealous because he is cuter than they are. Work out, look as good as he does, and then you can DREAM about calling him “brainless”.

  10. Mace says

    Don’t diminish his muscles by claiming he cheated. My brother is only 15 and he has better abs and more muscle than this; I also know for a fact that he never took any steroids. (now, me, on the other hand: I was way too skinny in my teens, then I ballooned outward when I hit 30, and I’m trying to get some muscle now and lose the flab.) But I wouldn’t do steroids to get there, despite the fact that my personal trainer is pushing them on me.

  11. Mike says

    He, and Mace’s brother, are going to stunt their growth. They will have sick bodies and six packs, but they will be 5’5″ for the rest of their lives.

    Don’t get me wrong, he is fucking gorgeous and sweet, and gives me dirty thoughts too!

  12. rockets11 says

    dude thats crazy at 16 but what people are forgetting is that he doesn’t go to school and has the time to get in a crazy workout.

  13. drpill says

    in five years he’ll be very different. he’s over-producing testosterone already and is a prime candidate for thickened facial features and a hairy back

  14. Cocklees P Burkart says

    Love to hold those big biceps with my protrusion and blow a monster on it!!!

  15. Emil says

    ooo come on….What is wrong whit this boy?I live in Romania and here i dont hear anythyng like that.