1. Philbert says

    Hey, wake up folks!!!. Peta knew the raunchy commercial would never make it to the super bowl (Remember Janet Jackson and the brouhaha afterwards). This is a clever ploy to get more attention than a straight 30 second ad that was approved would ever get.

    So far it’s working, and bravo to PETA for keeping animal cruelty in the headlines!!!!!!!

  2. says

    I’m all for raising awareness of animal cruelty, but does anyone else get the feeling the message is getting a bit lost in this? And for that matter, how does a woman fuck a pumpkin? I mean, if you’re a man and you’re a top, I can kinda see how that would work, but a woman? That boggles my mind. ‘Splain please.

  3. jmg says

    Portraying women as sex objects in order to get people to stop eating meat–way to get your message across. More proof that these PETA morons care more about animals than humans.

  4. stevels says

    Haven’t we seen more lewd things on network TV than this? Ever watch L&O SVU? There was no nudity and the veggies never actually touched genitals and a woman licked a broccoli…oooo I’m so scandalized. Americans need to get over the double standard where it’s alright to show Eva Longoria beat her TV husband and murder him by throwing him over board or Stewie graphically blowing Lois away slow-mo bloody bullet impact after bloody spray but ban a woman licking a veggie.

    I’d prefer depictions of sexuality be seen by my kids over Saw series of movies reruns on commercial TV any day. Even the best child protection software doesn’t stop them from getting to Wikipedia and seeing things worse than this commercial.

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