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Brit Rugby Star Danny Care Strips for Male Cancer Campaign


You may remember last May when rugby athletes Danny Cipriani, Tom Rees, Simon Shaw, and James Haskell stripped down in a partnership with Cosmo for the Everyman campaign to raises awareness of prostate and testicular cancer and urge men to get tested for the diseases.

Now, Danny Care who plays for the Harlequins, has done the same.

And in a detail I know many of you will appreciate, his nickname is Care Bear. He tells the Daily Mail: "I designed my own pair of trainers and I had 'Care' on the back of the left one and 'Bear' on the right. They're definitely not pink and fluffy though: they're quite cool, manly colours... they're gold and red. They are cool though. The backs like 'em. Not sure about the forwards."

Check out the whole image, AFTER THE JUMP (warning: possibly NSFW)...


Everyman campaign [official site]
Care Bear Goes Bare [daily mail]

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  1. Oh My God, what a beatuiful body. I wish I could somehow magically put my hand through the computer screen and slowly and gently caress my hands up and down his naked body.

    Posted by: Matthew | Feb 6, 2009 1:39:25 PM

  2. What a lovely way to warm up a horribly cold day. Thanks, Andy

    Posted by: rudy | Feb 6, 2009 1:41:19 PM

  3. Uh,I think I'm getting a clue.

    Posted by: Bud | Feb 6, 2009 1:43:39 PM

  4. The ears and the hands say a package to be reckoned with.

    Phwoarr! That's top totty.

    Posted by: FASTLAD | Feb 6, 2009 1:47:47 PM

  5. Yowza!

    Posted by: Brandon | Feb 6, 2009 2:04:00 PM

  6. Hot guy and great campaign. While prostate cancer is something that older guys get, testicular cancer is a concern for us younger guys. Though there are certain unhealthy habits that increase the risk, don't think you're out of the woods just because of a healthy lifestyle. Even the fittest can get it, so we need to make sure to check monthly, my brothers! Not that most of us need much of an excuse to play with our balls. ;)

    Posted by: GayRepublican | Feb 6, 2009 2:04:10 PM

  7. ♥♥ This is all the proof I need that there is a God and he's Gay ♥♥

    Posted by: 1♥ | Feb 6, 2009 2:05:32 PM

  8. Sweet merciful fucking jesus.

    Now THAT'S what I'm talkin about.

    Posted by: Naha | Feb 6, 2009 2:09:47 PM

  9. If only this was posted before I received my EX-MASTURBATOR t-shirt. *sigh*

    Posted by: JohnInManhattan | Feb 6, 2009 2:16:57 PM

  10. Fuck, he is HOT!

    Posted by: peterparker | Feb 6, 2009 2:39:15 PM

  11. My pants feel funny.

    Posted by: michael | Feb 6, 2009 3:27:55 PM

  12. Wow!!!!! Nice manscaping, too........

    Posted by: sam | Feb 6, 2009 4:06:46 PM

  13. That look on my face would make me consider being a bottom for once (shaddup everyone)....

    Posted by: CARIBTONY | Feb 6, 2009 4:39:44 PM

  14. Tasty, but too bad they shaved the chest. :-(

    Gee, remember when we were all real men without all the clipping and grooming like a pack of pissy poodles?

    Posted by: johnny | Feb 6, 2009 5:10:53 PM

  15. I just had to take a break to the men's room. Thanks, Andy. :)

    Posted by: JohnnyP | Feb 6, 2009 5:40:07 PM

  16. why do rugby players always have stubby little arms?

    Posted by: leaf | Feb 6, 2009 5:57:19 PM

  17. OMG! This guy would be so much hotter with his natural hairy chest and a big, thick bush!

    Posted by: Mike | Feb 6, 2009 5:59:50 PM

  18. Seriously, they're all a bunch of t-rex's with baby hands.

    Posted by: TANK | Feb 6, 2009 6:21:42 PM

  19. Actually, this pose is considered very modest for a rugby player!

    Posted by: anon | Feb 6, 2009 9:34:58 PM

  20. what the fuck is with all this "male cancer" shit? it's fucking TESTICULAR CANCER. what are we fucking three years old now we have to start using the juvenile euphemisms of the british tabloid press for this shit?? what do you call cervical or ovarian or breast cancer? shush shush naughty no-no cancer? NO it's fucking CERVICAL CANCER. oh also this dude is hot and I'd like to fuck him please. kthxbai.

    Posted by: blake | Feb 6, 2009 11:37:06 PM

  21. Delicious. Shaved chest or not.

    Posted by: Molly | Feb 7, 2009 12:31:38 AM

  22. He doesn't look remotely man-scaped to me. He looks completely natural, exactly the same body & body hair distribution as an English boyfriend of mine, who always wished he had a hairy chest. He definitely didn't shave, wax or clipper any body hair, and I don't see any tell-tale signs that Danny Care does either. Some guys just aren't very hairy.

    Posted by: DanJoaquinOz | Feb 7, 2009 4:23:35 AM

  23. To use an oft repeated word "YUMM-O" May I have another helping please...

    Posted by: crash | Feb 7, 2009 9:16:14 AM

  24. He's my background image now. Sigh.

    Posted by: Yeek | Feb 7, 2009 3:34:01 PM

  25. Still laughing about the T-rex arms comment. I thought I was the only one who noticed the uniformly stubby arms of rugby players. I am usually distracted, however, by their perfect glutes and quads; the best of any ahtletes, with the exception of ballet dancers.

    Posted by: rudy | Feb 9, 2009 5:07:53 PM

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