1. Maverick69 says

    Where the HELL is the damn ourtrage !!!!!

    We need a petition to keep this filthy scum behind bars.

  2. CJ says

    Agreed Maverick. Sadly, it seems more of us are interested in fashion trends and who Madonna is seen with in public, being bitchy towards waiters and staff in NYC restaurants then screaming homophobia when they’re called on it (thus demeaning actual hate crimes and hate crime victims), sleeping with barely legal teenagers and lying about it while running for Mayor, Lance Bass’ current flavor of the minute, the latest raids on gay cruising spots – oh, wait, that’s just this year :rollseyes:. I’m sick to death of reading about the recent gay bashers who have been receiving shortened sentences, while no one seems to bat an eye. As a lot of individuals have stated, “where is the outrage?!”, and more aptly, “when no one bothers to make a difference, it’s no different than standing by and letting these acts of violence and hatred occur”. Very sad for us, and for humanity.