1. GM says

    I watched him in “Swimming With Sharks” last night. He could barely keep Buddy Ackerman from turning from a studio exec to a drag queen. Girl was flouncing and mincing and would make Carson goddamn Kressley look like John Cena. What a huge queen!

  2. JOE 2 says

    Josh –

    The vitriol has to do with the fact that Kevin is gay (well, at least he was when I was having sex with him) AND that he goes out of his way not only to deny it, but to create an elaborate facade of artificial heterosexuality. It’s one thing to remain silent on the issue – and understandable, given the homophobia that makes it difficult for out gay actors to land leading roles as straight characters – but it’s another thing entirely to go to great lengths to invent an alternate identity, and to lie so ineptly about it.

    Not only that, but he’s a wildly narcissistic, self-important creep who ham-handedly comes on to naive, straight, just-starting-out actors and won’t take no for an answer.

    Other than that, he’s a delight.

  3. juju says

    Joe 2-

    You did not have sex with Kevin Spacey. If you did, you would have sold your story to some tabloid instead of screaming about the injustice of it all on the web.

    The End.

  4. Kriss says

    I agree with Juju. Joe2’s statement is obviously nothing else but a regurgitation of all the baseless gossip that has been lingering on the internet for years. The reliable, backed up information about Spacey can be found on the Wikipedia, and I’m afraid it’s not gay related. Sorry, guys :-).

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