1. Leland Frances says

    [screaming, pulling hair] “Ooooh, oooh, Mary bar the door! The Gays are having a hissy fit again!”

    Shut the fuck up, SAAD. You’ve been floating these paper airplanes for years now and the NFL, MLB, etc., just keeps smile fucking you at best.

    Stonewall 2.0 should AT LEAST build from Stonewall One which involved literally fighting back. I’m not suggesting anyone punch out the head of the NFL or KNBC, but buy some OTHER kind of balls and picket their offices, chain yourselves to their desks, ACT UP LIKE WE FUCKING DESERVE TO BE TAKEN SERIOUSLY!!!!! Ya think Harvey Milk would have just issued a pissy press release?

  2. Jaan says

    These ads pull at my heartstrings in a way that only truth can.


    A part of me feels sad though. And, that is the part that doesn’t have the love that people like those featured in the ads have found. We live in a fast food culture, that has a similar ‘junk’ food attitude to relationships.

    These ads remind me of what the hard earned rights of those before us have granted us.

  3. Sebastian says

    Is this Los angles or Selma, Alabama? The homophobia coming out of trendy, gay friendly, progressive Hollywood is pretty vile these days.

  4. CK says

    Here we go again… it’s like the Groundhog Day of letter writing to educate the dumb mother fuckers of the fact that we will NOT be quiet and go away… all or ‘family’ who tune in to KNBC across in LA/CA: BOYCOTT them and let them know why.

    Too many of us are content watching our favorite TV shows while we get sold down the river. Wake up people and take action! No-one is going to do it for you/us… if we don’t take action, no-one will, believe me. We do not have a team of gay friendly straight people on every corner insisting we get treated right, WE have to do the work.

    Anyhow, I tried to find contact info on the website for specific people but there is nothing (neatly protecting themselves I see!), so if anyone has direct emails to the appropriate people, please post them here so we can give them a piece of our collective minds!

  5. BJ says

    So, was it KNBC or the NFL that refused the ad?

    The headline says KNBC, but the copy says “the NFL rejected our ads.”