1. johnosahon says

    i find it weird that minorities are put in position to fix a disater, whether it is Obama put to fix bush’s destruction or this woman to fix iceland’s meltdown. WEIRD

  2. says

    Actually, Johnosahon, well before Obama or Sigurdardottir’s rise to power, it was often said that this is EXACTLY when women, blacks, and anyone other than affluent white men get into power.

  3. Derrick from Philly says

    Interesting observation, JOHNOSAHON. I always said that the only way that America would elect a black man for president was if we’re in the midst of foreign policy and domestic disasters. And here we are.

    One day America will elect an openly gay president also…right after a tsunami wipes out Texas & the entire Gulf Coast, and earthquakes take away the Rocky Mountain land of the Mormons–then they’ll look to a gay woman to save our country…or maybe that beautiful CEO of Chicago Schools.

  4. NoCalDrummer says

    “…the public knows what Sigurdardottir stands for as a politician, and that’s the only thing that is important,”

    Surprisingly enlightened, in my opinion. Why are the societies that have VERY strong religious undertones the ones that have the most violence against minorities (religious, ethnic, sexual orientation), children, & women, and have the largest number of killings, highest crime rates, lowest education scores, etc.? Does anyone besides me notice that trend? And that applies to virtually all organized religions.

  5. says

    What’s interesting about this piece — besides the fact that it quotes a man named Frosti Jonsson (how do you put that in a Manhunt ad???) — is that it comes from a LGBT rights group lauding the positive changes in the national government and the larger culture. That would never happen in the US. We’re too old unreconstructed lefty reactionary. Iceland’s queers seem to know how to acquire and hold power. Might be nice to do that someday — rather than just the tired old speak truth to power rhetorical stance.

  6. clint says

    I was reminded that one does not refer to Icelanders by their “last names”, but rather just by their first name, for the “last name” isn’t our kind of last name, but simply means “Daughter of Sigurdar”. Being that there are any number of those in Iceland, you would only use “Sigurdarsdottir” in extremely formal occasions. It really is like Lord of the Rings. So, just Johanna.

  7. Brandyqing8 says

    She sets a good example for us LGBT. We needn’t refuse to say being gay or lesbian. We need to face the real of us. “I can say i am a bisexual proudly and loudly to others” often said by my bisexual friends knew at ***. Happinesass is not only belongs to you straight people but also to us LGBT. So do it proudly.

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