1. resurrect says

    “I want it to be in malls.” “I want it to be accessible.” “I’ve always been in tune w/ Marilyn Monroe.” “I don’t have to answer to any other people.” how about – “I love to hear myself blather on about myself – even when nobody else cares”? this guy’s world is about as expansive as a snowglobe. past its sell-by date.

  2. Cj says

    I don’t understand the interest in Rich’s fashion or Heatherette. It always reminded me of “Strawberry” or “Forever 21″, which may explain his mission statement of bringing fashion to malls. Don’t even get me started on Lepore, I used to bartend at Crobar where she would frequent on Friday nights. Does anyone know her story? Where are her before pictures when she was an Asian man? I’ve been interested in seeing that for curiosity’s sake.

  3. says

    Amanda is actually fascinating and rarely says anything mean or negative about anyone or anything. I’ve written two profiles of her and I’ve never had more editors or people in general fuck with a piece I’ve written just to be part of it.

  4. says

    I do not find “Amanda Lepore” or whatever his name is amusing, just sad and totally f-d up. Hating yourself so much and hideously disfuguring yourself intentionally then running around naked and begging nonstop for attention is not admirable to me. I admire people who accept themselves as the good people they arleady are, not hacking their body parts off and injecting fake hormones and trying to fix what was right in the first place. (Isn’t that the same thing as “conversion therapy”?) Why this person is celebrated in our community is beyond me. If anything, he’s setting us back many years. He’s just like Michael Jackson…they were perfect already, exactly the way they were meant to be. There’s nothing at all wrong with being a gay man, it’s natural for us. You don’t have to try to force yourself into being something else (that you can never be anyway) just because you decide to give in to society’s pressure.

  5. says

    HANK: I would have felt that way as recently as one month ago. Recently, however, i have met several Transgendered people and after talking to them, my worldview has been completely changed.

    I always thought Amanda Lepore was a total freak. Now, I see that you must truly feel a certain way inside of you if you go through all of the trouble and ridicule that goes with body modification. I mean, she knows what people think of her and yet she gets up everyday and lives her life.

    I can’t change anything about my sexuality. Neither can you. I’m not bagging on you at all, I’m just asking you to re read what you wrote, then imagine you’re her reading it. Now, would you be able to still put on your lipstick and face the world with a smile on your face because you need to be somewhere to earn a check to pay your rent?

    I don’t know that I’m that strong.

  6. Helen Skor says

    Hank, most transgenders want nothing more than to look on the outside the way that they feel on the inside – a disconnect which most of us will never truly be able to understand. It’s not as simple as being ashamed of being gay and wanting to change genders so that their attractions will be more acceptable to the world at large.

    Yes, Amanda Lepore has gone to the extreme with the plastic surgery, turning herself into a cartoonish characterization of womanhood. But is Pamela Anderson really any different? They both are basically taking the public’s fascination with human train wrecks to the bank.

    And while some people may feel that Amanda Lepore has a negative impact on the straight world’s perception of the gay community, what you have to remember is that the people who hate you because of your sexuality don’t need Amanda Lepore as an excuse – they are just bigots.

  7. DJ Tenn says

    Hey lighten up people, Amanda LePore is one of the sweetest most genuine people I have ever met, it takes lots of chutzpah to live your dream, she works hard , and was a little latino boy trapped in a womens body, and yes, she may be chopping years off her life doing all these procedures but she is playing Sinatra and doing it “my way” GO ON wid it Amanda!
    Richie Rich was just a poncey club kid who morphed himself a force in fashion to be reckoned with , bravo Richie.
    Save your hatred and vitrol for Bush / Cheney and MADoff , the repercussions of their fuckery wont be fully felt until they’re both long gone .
    Viva Amanda!

  8. says

    My point is AL isn’t really TG’d, but really just a carny clown in desperate need of attention and validation. (Same goes for Pam, she’s gross, what the hell did she do to herself?) And as for TG’s in general – hey I think many gay men probably wished they could be women at some time or another, it would be much easier than being a gay man, in some ways. But just “accept the things you cannot change”. You can hack off body parts (yuck) but you’ll never be female. Hey, you don’t always get what you want in life, and that’s okay – you can still do the best you can with what you got. (And they could still wear pants one day, a dress the next if they want to, it’s only clothes. But don’t go cut off your body parts – you’ll still never get what you want anyway.)

  9. Nikki says

    HANK, you are a complete disgrace to the GLBT community, not to mention a complete hypocrite. To be so judgemental and hateful of someone for how SHE chooses to live her life is disgusting. If you actually knew anything you were talking about, you would know that sexuality and gender identity are two COMPLETELY different things.

    There are many TG’s who are attrated to women, so they can’t all be ‘gay men who hate themselves’.

    It’s not easier to be transsexual, it’s actually a hell of a lot more difficult, with passing, relationships, appearance, etc, which you should be at least somewhat considerate of and respect.

    It takes alot of guts to live the way she does, as it probably does for you to live your life as a gay man on your terms. Imagine trying to live your life as a straight man all the while knowing you’re gay – it wouldn’t be any easier for her to have to try and live as a male.

  10. says

    Sorry Nikki, I disagree with you. We’re already right the way we are, we don’t need to “fix” or “change” ourselves. We just need to learn to accept ourselves, and I disagree that “transforming” from how nature made us is a good thing – it’s as wrong as conversion therapy, there’s nothing wrong with us as is. I do feel for real TS’s, I’ve seen many who don’t run around and make a complete sorry spectacle of themselves like AP…I saw her up close at an art opening, wearing nothing – and I mean nothing – but 2 spaghetti strings and stilettos. I felt sorry for her, that’s someone who can only get attention by doing that. All style (using that word very loosely) and no substance. Doe he have any talent or actually do anything? Or just show up naked and beg for attention and shout “look at me!” She’s appalling. If that’s supposed to represent us, we’re in trouble. (And btw I do know how awful it is to fake it, I did it in my early ’20’s, coming out of was painful but also a positive growing experience, being in the closet is BS. I didn’t have to “change” in any way, only to learn to accept myself.)

  11. Richard says

    Actually, it’s representatives like you that the LGBT community should be embarrassed and fearful of. You obviously have a lot more growing to do.
    By using your logic, someone who is secure with themselves, should have absolutely no reason to demonize someone they don’t know, based solely on their very limited perception of said person. Which, BTW, is exactly what you are doing.
    Sorry that Amanda doesn’t fit into your tiny, crowded idea of how people are supposed to look and behave. When they come to cart us all off to the camps I hope that you aren’t stuck in the same car with me and Amanda, someone I proudly support and applaud for her lovely personality and fearless independence.
    Obviously, your mama and daddy never told you about the Golden Rule. A very nice idea to live by, IMHO.

  12. Deanna says

    There is absolutely nothing wrong with being a transgendered person. It requires a lot of guts to go ahead with what you believe in. In this case AL felt she was a woman trapped in a man’s body. She decided to do something about it. It is not my place to judge her, or any one else’s.

    But can you leave Pam alone? She is sweet, kind and certainly does not need misogynistic comments aimed at her. She she has breast implants. So she modified her body to the way she wanted herself to be seen. Not much different is it?

  13. says

    Hey that’s great, you have your opinion, I disagree with it. I also like Pam (sorry, unfair wording on my part, she’s not gross) I just think she was fine already and didn’t need to “change” (and she has said she switched implant sizes a few times, shoulda just left well enough alone in the first place.) I do think it takes courage to be yourself, but sorry, for tg’s, no offense meant, I just think it’s misguidedness, and incredible self-will over nature’s already making you beautiful and perfect as is. Keep your stuff, you can still dress as a girl one day, a boy the next, and get the best of both worlds. It’s just clothes, so don’t go get yourself butchered, because you’re not female, and never will be, no matter how convincingly you tell yourself “you’re a woman trapped in a man’s body”. Sorry, you’re male, period, so just be the perfect person that god made you already (not necessarily religious god, I mean the universe or whatever your beliefs are) and dress however you like. If we disagree, that’s cool, but this is my opinion, just be yourself.

  14. Mr.Squirty says

    Hank, I hope YOU get butchered. Not only are you ignorant and arrogant, but you’re stubbornly ignorant and arrogant. It doesn’t matter what your fucking moronic opinion of TG’d folks is, you speak like you know everything, but you’re really just a totally clueless dumbass who doesn’t realize he’s a totally clueless dumbass. You don’t listen or try to understand. Maybe you should have stayed in the closet for all the good you’re doing the rest of us.



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