1. jimmyboyo says

    Why do men wear artificial scents? especially since that lemon, musk, musk, lavender, etc are all petrochemical derivatives and not true oils etc from a real lavender plant etc.

    Lavender for men?

    personally I only do my natural smell + maybe a bit of hand ground (powdered) sea salt wiped under my arms = kills germs and smells

    men should smell like men and or clean no scent men. In other words like men not lavender, lemon, etc

  2. zeke says

    He is so much hotter on the tennis court when he’s sweating and grunting.

    When he’s dressed up like that, there’s always something awfully wrong with his hair, and everything else…

  3. Hugo Shepherd says

    There’s nothing wrong with Raphael Nadal’s face – it is not ugly – just masculine as in Homme! He is actually quite handsome – although i’m married and sixty-nine years old – I’d give my last two teeth in my head to have a night with Raphael in his Island home…

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