1. Jay says

    They shouldn’t be in captivity to begin with, but that’s just my soapbox. I feel bad for the pelican’s bad luck, but that’s nature, isn’t it? The fact that the orca shared the kill tells you even in the tank, they have quite the pod mentality.

  2. Derrick from PHilly says

    Birds aint too smart, are they?

    They didn’t have any nets with long handles to pick up the pelican pieces? This didn’t make any kinda’ sense.

    Well, poultry first, human meat next.

  3. says

    Why do I find this so hysterical? We take wild animals and put them into captivity, try to smear a veneer of “humanity” on them and then parade them in front of families and kids. And then, nature just does an end-run around our intentions and shows kids what nature really looks like. And it ain’t Shamu.

  4. says

    What did one Orca say to the other?

    “Hmmm, tastes like chicken …”

    Actually, the Orcas were just tired of over-priced, badly made Theme Park food and wanted something healthy and fresh for a change, so they ordered take out.

    The pelican was simply dropping off a delivery and became the main course.

    Just sayin’

  5. paul c says

    This might be a good time to mention something that happens very often when idiotic people “swim with the dolphins”….the dolphins will get big ole’ boners over women and girls and wrap that sucker around them like an arm and pull their ass underwater to fuck em.

    Awww….how cute.

  6. jimmyboyo says


    Pelicans (and seals) are the 2 top natural prey of Orcas.

    Oh well for the poor pelican but nature is nature. The orcas were true to their geneticaly hard wired selves

  7. Derrick from PHilly says

    “…the dolphins will get big ole’ boners over women and girls and wrap that sucker around them like an arm and pull their ass underwater to fuck em.”

    Actually, PAUL C, the only person I ever heard tell of that happening to was a man–a human man. But there was no penetration…guess dolphins believe in safe sex.

  8. Lars says

    They shouldn’t be in captivity to begin with.
    Orcas are magnificent creatures. The First Nations here on Vancouver Island believe that some Orcas house the spirits of departed heroes.
    They belong in the ocean, not aquariums.

  9. Dan says

    This happens all the time @ Sea World. The reason why they were sharing was because they are Mother, brother, and sister. That’s Kasatka, Kalia & Nikai (What the trainers call them when they aren’t calling them all Shamu). I don’t see what the big deal is, and I wouldn’t really call their existence as captivity because that would mean these whales were “captured” which isn’t true at all! Both Kalia and Nikai were both born in that pool in the video.

  10. homogenius says

    The stupid thing is that they kept the insipid music rolling. They should have faded the music out and gone into marine biologist mode and explained the behaviors being exhibited.

    According to YouTube, this video is a year old, from Feb. 20. 2008. Here’s the link and it’s in Hi Def, as well:

    This reminds me of a video I saw of an experienced marine researcher out on a small boat observing a pod of Orcas. He noticed them bumping up against a whale and commented that he had never observed Orcas playing with a whale like that in the wild. It was only when he noticed the spreading blood slick on the surface of the water that he correctly concluded that the killer whales were eating the whale, stripping off hunks of flesh. To his credit, he admitted that even with his years of experience with marine mammals, he had been blinded by the whole “Shamu” anthropomorphism.

  11. Mike says

    Okay, a few things concerning the comments:

    * Sea World is NOT owned by Disney, they are owned by Anheuser-Busch. They are in no way related to Disney.

    * Anheuser-Busch was the first theme park to introduce healthy foods at the parks, and their parks have several sit-down restaurants. These aren’t carnivals, you know…

    *Lastly, the company is one of the largest conservation organizations in the world. Their Busch Gardens park in Tampa is one of the largest zoos in the world, and their animals are very well taken care of by experts.

    Just thought I would balance out some of the Sea World bashing going on…

  12. Jeff says

    I worked at Sea World as a summer job when I was in high school. The ‘Shamus’, as Dan said, ate ducks whenever they stopped to rest in their pool. Oh well. Animals eat animals.

    Worse, birds would fly into fans used to cool park visitors. If they weren’t shredded in a mess of blood and feathers, they’d be mutilated. Lot’s of one-winged and one-legged ducks roaming around.

  13. Blake says

    Well to ‘balance out some of the Seaworld cheerleading’ by Mike, I have to tell you that Seaworld is a total shithole. Worst vacation ever. I’m not some greenpeace nutter who thinks we should shut down all the zoos and set the animals freeeeeeee, but to take a highly intelligent mammal that lives in the fucking OCEAN and then shove it into a hundred foot concrete kiddie pool to make it do tricks for the rest of its life is bullshit. its a shame it was only a bird that thing ate. highly amusing nonetheless!

  14. Kerry says

    It seems more that they were more curious about it thn anything. It looked like the trainers got most of the pelican out of the pool instead of the whales eating it. Those egrets were rather brave, or stupid! Didn’t something like this happen a couple years ago with a seagull?

  15. jon smith says

    They should put the owner of sea world in
    the tank with that killer whale. You talk
    about exploitation. Taking that killer whale
    and putting it in that small tank for 25
    years. I don’t blame the whale for killing
    that trainer.

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