British PM Gordon Brown Calls Proposition 8 ‘Unacceptable’

British Prime Minister Gordon Brown spoke to a group of gay and lesbian leaders assembled at Downing Street in London at a reception for LGBT History Month and referenced California's Proposition 8 battle as a reason to be wary and battle discrimination at all costs:

"I was in America yesterday and I know you will be sorry I didn't bring
Barack Obama back. He is coming soon. But what I saw in America told me
what we have to do. This Proposition 8, this attempt to undo the good
that has been done. This attempt to create divorces among 18,000 people
who were perfectly legally brought together in partnerships, this is
unacceptable and shows me why we always have to be vigilant, why we
have always got to fight homophobic behaviour and any form of

It was the first such reception held at 10 Downing Street according to gay activists: "The Prime Minister spoke passionately about the fight for LGBT rights
and paid tribute to the work of Schools Out. Harriet Harman, a long
standing supporter of the LGBT community, said it was the best
reception she had ever been to. Amy Lamé was celebrating her hen night,
as she will be having her Civil Partnership ceremony tomorrow. Other
guests included LGBT politicians, civil servants, campaigners,
entertainers, teachers and clergy."