1. tony the tiger says

    Wow. Paul Rudd is really out of shape.

    I’d be VERY interested to hear Andy’s take (or any news he has heard) on Paul Rudd’s new movie coming out entitled “I Love You Man” or something like that. I am worried it might be homophobic.

    Or just plain bad like that movie where the two straight firefighters pretend to be gay to get married.

  2. tony the tiger says

    What is bizarre about this picture is Seth Rogen is actually pretty thin while Paul Rudd is overweight. Its a complete role reversal!

  3. why bother says

    Does any of this matter? No, wait, photographers are getting paid real $ for this? WHO is coming up with these “concepts”?
    Has Ms Leibowitz become so desperate to pay her bills that she has actually developed a sense of humor to parody her own work—or more likely that she considers it an opportunity to top herself in creating yet another (blergh) “masterpiece” (evidenced by her applauding her own bad self at the end of the video…) I could go on but… who cares?

  4. Strepsi says

    I agree ANDY, naked would be funnier. What’s weird is that they would have done it, as the other photo indicates, and Jason Segel already did the full monty for comedy in Forgetting Sarah Marshall.

    Paul Rudd is doing ok – of all the current comedy posse he’s the token gentile, and every film has a token gentile role!

  5. Wayne says

    How can you NOT think these guys are sexy?! They are all attractive in their own way, especially Rudd and Rogen, AND they are hilarious… which is about all it takes to make me swoon. And yes, it would have been better without the skin suits and they certainly all would have gone there.

  6. RJ says


    I don’t know if he’s at all religious, but Paul Rudd is no gentile. He’s the son of Jewish immigrants; their family name was shortened from “Rudnitzky”.


    Annie Leibovitz *IS* having major financial problems and has had to taken out a $15.5 million loan against the rights for her work, in order to pay off mounting debt.

  7. TANK says

    Yeah, paul rudd used to be quite hot. He’s still got a good face, but apparently that’s what happens when you get old…for the most part…and stop caring about how you look–to give up, basically, and live out the rest of your days in sweatpants. Well, there goes that fantasy.

  8. Daniel says

    Further evidence that gay men and 16-year old girls have something in common: screwed up body images they project on others.

    Rudd isn’t fat, or at least isn’t fat in the normal sense. Maybe in WeHo or Chelsea, he’s fat, but I’m not sure that really counts.

  9. TPL says

    Christ, you guys. They’re COMEDIANS! They’re not leading men. Comedians are NEVER about being hot. They are the the ones on the outside who comment on the culture at large. Hence, the C-O-M-E-D-Y. In fact, when comedians are “hot” they’re usually astonishingly unfunny (Dane Cook, anyone?)
    Besides–Jesus! As if a guy with a real body can’t be sexy. What are we all, a bunch of vapid high school girls?

  10. Strepsi says

    Thanks for the info — so now I found out that James Franco and Paul Rudd are Jewish, I do believe the current comedy posse to be 100% Gentile-free.

    If only that were true, but there IS a massive gender double standard. TIna Fey and Amy Poehler and Ana Faris are comedy stars, AND have to ALSO be hot. Whereas Ratchel Dratch (hilarious) was dumped y 30 Rock for Jane Krakowski, and Molly Shannon (as equally fearless as Will Ferrell) will NEVER be cast as studio comedy lead, with a hot himbo boyfriend. Wanda Sykes is funnier than all these guys, and I don’t see her getting a mainstream movie with Taye Diggs as her husband (or Beyonce as her wife for that matter!).

  11. Kendall says

    Some of these comments are pissing me off. Just because they don’t all look like the Jonas Brothers (yuck btw) they are thought to be ugly. As if skinny hairless twinks are the be all of attractiveness. This is the reason that Gay men get a bad rap about shallowness. Get a grip people and realize that everyone has a different idea of what is hot . Personally I keep them all busy for a couple of hours….

  12. Gabe R L says

    James Franco’s mother is said to be Jewish, but James himself is not. I never said that these guys are not funny or talented. I just hate this picture they’re doing and have no desire to see them naked. Its perfectly acceptable for Tom Ford, gay that he may be to love women: he is no gay male misogynist and women have certainly made him rich enough! I hate the implied mockery of the pic and their cowardice at not being naked, even though I don’t want to see it.

  13. says

    “Yeah, paul rudd used to be quite hot. He’s still got a good face, but apparently that’s what happens when you get old.”

    Ed Koch is old. Paul Rudd isn’t old. 40 was old maybe in 1812; in 2009 it’s on the bright side of middle-age. I would have found him hot when I was 20, and I find him hot now, even with an extra inch around the waist. (On SNL not that long ago, he looked in fine shape to me.) So much more interesting than the hairless cookie cutter gym bunny look. But to each his own.

    I agree, though, the photo would be better without the silly padding.

  14. TANK says

    I cede the point. He’s on the very sunny side of middle age. Middle age is a funny concept created to appease the vanity, yah–to beat back the relatively short window of the male sexual peak and nurture the illusion that one can be youthful without being young. Trade on the inherent logical vagueness of the term, and voila, the market has spoken.

    To repeat, I used to find him extremely attractive despite his height. His charming personality is nothing to dismiss in evaluating his attractiveness, but he’s let himself get sloppy looking with the gut and hips; it’s largely avoidable; and thus, a shame.

    But he’s heterosexual, and heterosexual women are much more forgiving than gay men, so his incentive for physical best is considerably diminished if not nonexistent in conjunction with his profession.

    Oy, I’m a bit disappointed…that I wasted this much effort in clarifying and correcting my remarks on this topic.

  15. says

    TANK: HUH?
    I’m SO not picking a fight with you,but, I am interested to know your age? You commented on Madonna/Cindy recently in a way that combined with your above comment just makes me want to know.

    No issue, just wondering.

  16. Paul R says

    Derek, a previous stalker of Tank’s indicated that Tank is 27. Having been stalked on this site once before, I remember and am horrified by such things (I used to post my real name, back when Towleroad was slightly less of a bitchfest).

    Tank, please correct me if I’m wrong. Though I was surprised to see you linking Cyndi Lauper to Siouxsie. I followed them both at the time, and never saw a link.

  17. mike shackleford says

    Vanity Fair? UUUGH.
    They, 2-3 years ago, had the chutzpah to do a feature on women in comedy & conspicuously omitted Tracy Ulman.
    They’re better suited as an outlet for Dominic Dunne’s gushing.

  18. Nick says

    I though Seth Rogen was on the coke diet? Doesn’t look it…

    And I also wish men were held to the same standards as women. Being a little “thick” is not the same as being fat and sloppy, which would describe these guys (Hill, especially) save Rudd.

  19. Gabe R L says

    After all, if these were women comedians who looked like this they wouldn’t be movie stars, so its a double standard to demand that we sexually desire these men, when their female equivalents are not desired. I guess being a real man means being out of shape and putting yourself at risk for heart attacks, strokes, not to mention belching and farting all the time? That said, Paul is still cute, if a little chubby.

  20. TANK says

    Close, 82–er, 28; much too close to 35 to be honest about it anymore. I’m not surprised you never linked them, because her early looks in the seventies weren’t like cyndi’s. But I think the comparison comes out in cyndi’s early eighties output and siouxsi’s in their makeup choice and also, to a certain degree, in wardrobe (for example, the dear prudence cover). Cyndi’s hair, of course, is hers. I’m not suggesting that cyndi stole her look or that her look isn’t original, just inspired.

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