1. Daniel says

    She may want to look back beyond 1993 to see what’s changed. Here’s a history lesson: everyone gives president johnson credit for changing society with the civil rights legislation in the 1960’s, but in fact president Truman already integrated the military years before the society at large got it. Truman couldn’t economically accommodate separate barracks, cafeterias and water fountains for blacks and whites, so he said, basically, “you’re all soldiers, go live & train together & deal with it, that’s an order from your commander.” And then society came along in tow, years later.

    Regardless of how many Bible-thumping Christers are in the armed forces now, if their president gives them an order repealing Da/Dt, they’d have to obey as soldiers.

  2. Bryan says

    Oh Dear Roast Jeebus on a Stick… With such articulate friends as Ellen Tauscher, who needs Sara Palin? Snark aside, she sounds like a stoner talking about the legalization of pot. “Atmospherics?” Her heart may be in the right place, but her rhetoric is from the Planet Ozone.

    “One of the last civil rights issues… in this country?”Never mind, I’m moving to Ozone. It’s apparently nicer there.

  3. Clark says

    Why a single gay/lesbian person would serve and die for a country that denies their equal and human rights is something I cannot understand. I do know however that theirs is a patriotism truer than any other, and should cause every non-gay person to feel a great regret and the shame like no other.

    Those who have done anything to support or nothing to end the apartheid of glbt men and women wioll be remembered by their children, by our history, and by God as ignorant cowards and some of the greatest sinners the world has ever known.

  4. mike shackleford says

    Congresswoman Tauscher should be as concerned about the G&L homeowners, including those discharged via DADT, who risk loseing their homes to foreclosure. She is colluding w her former investment banker coworkers to gut the mortgage relief bill in Congress.

  5. John in CA says

    I don’t care about her public speaking abilities. Many politicians are inarticulate and owe their position to party machines. Have you seen one of Nancy Pelosi’s language mangling press conferences? It is painful to watch.

    What interests me though is Tauscher’s position in the Democratic Party.

    Rep. Tauscher is the most conservative of the Democrats from the San Francisco Bay Area. She’s also the chair of the New Democrat Coalition (Clintonistas) in the House. So, it is important that she’s on board with DADT repeal.

    There are about 60 members in that centrist caucus (with the Liberals and Progressives controlling some 150 seats and the Blue Dogs around 40 seats).

    If Tauscher convinces the NDC to endorse getting rid of a law their spiritual leader enacted, it’ll bring us within striking distance of passage. Of the remaining 40 Blue Dogs and Republicans, we’d only need to pick off around 10 votes. That’s certainly doable.

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