1. Leland Frances says

    SAAD’s been worthless for years. Send your money to groups that actually do something besides give awards like PFLAG or Lambda Legal or Gay American Heroes Foundation, et al., and let this paper tiger blow away.

  2. Bert says

    Someone should’ve asked Tyra why she did that show recently about Gay4Pay sites. To me, it didn’t serve the community well at all. It reiterated old stereotypes, potentially created new ones, and brought to light a despicable business that suggests that:

    (1) gay men lust for hairless college boys and young men,
    (2) self-hating gay men will be “straight” for money and fame,
    (3) gay men are stupid and gullible enough to believe that those men are really straight, despite being so willing to have oral and anal sex with one or more men, and
    (4) all gay men think about is sex, sex, sex, and more sex.

    Just because she’s surrounded herself with gay men in the only successful job she’s really had (modeling) doesn’t mean she has their interests at heart. It’s all about opportunities to titillate and launch water-cooler discussions, which equals more viewers, more advertising revenue and more $$$ in her pocket.

    Did she have full shows on the consequences of Prop. 8? Did she actively campaign against it and implore her audience and viewers to do so as well? Has she done, or planned to do shows on the same-sex marriage bills that are going through several state Senates and Houses right now? Has she done shows on education of LGBT rights and acceptance in schools and workplaces? By giving her an “Excellence in Media” award, it sure sounds like it.

  3. Leland Frances says

    Agree, Landis! “Shelter,” for its budget, is one of the best gay positive films every made. Why it got almost completely ignored by the gay community, I never understood. Maybe if it had Rufus on the soundtrack or a cameo by Anderson Cooper.

    Agree, Bert!

  4. Paul R says

    Are there two people named Tyra Banks? Because while I couldn’t bring myself to watch it, the comments this person made don’t sound incredibly annoying—which would be impossible to believe from the Tyra Banks who hosts that talk show this site occasionally highlights.

  5. Richardson says

    Funny, her acceptance speech sounds like she’s telling everyone how SHE triumphed against discrimination and made it through the proverbial rainstorm in the industry because the gays shouldered much of it.

    “And *I* want to thank all of those people whose shoulders *I* cried on, all of the people who embraced *ME*…. *I* have had a lot of success as a model,…”

    Oh, Tyra, it’s always about “I” and “Me” and your success.

  6. Paul B. says

    Why only cover the straight person receiving an award? Why not show a video of Derek and Romain when they were handed an award? Why doesn’t the gay media cover more “gay and lesbian” people receiving awards – why only get exited that straight people get a gay award?

  7. TANK says

    Eh, this underscores the adage that if you want to be taken seriously, you must take yourself seriously. Currently, our leadership doesn’t take itself seriously. How dare it entreat others to take us seriously. We perpetuate the joke that we’re largely perceived as being. Tyra banks? Desperate housewives? Oy…

  8. Landis says

    Leland Frances: Yeah, the film was a feel good, good image, family values (non-tradition) kind of film. The kind of people that everyday gay people are like.

    I was smittened by Trevor Wright and Brad Rowe. They were realistic performances. I hope they will get more work.

  9. Mike says

    Tranny Tyra only cares about herself and her image. Anyone else notice her uncomfortable Clay is – would not be there if he was not outed by the trick he wanted to pick up on the internet.

  10. troschne says

    And back to Tyra–only a few weeks ago, she had those self-loathing “ex-gay” guys on her show, and she never ONCE pointed out how much BS that is. Thanks, Tyra–you’re a real friend–with “friends” like you, who needs enemies. GLAAD needs to either quit taking the scraps thrown at it, and concentrate on presenting awards to those who REALLY give a crap about our cause, or just hang up its jock.

  11. nic says

    i guess we gay bitches are never satisfied. a straight guy can say, “i love all my gay friends.” then the clucking starts: he must be gay, why would he have said that if he weren’t at least bi? i don’t like his hair. i don’t like the way his thighs come together.

    if it’s a woman saying, “i support you the way you have supported me.” the clucking only gets louder: i don’t like her hair, and that dress is disastrous. plus, it is all an act of self-promotion. she is just a man in drag. clay aiken was ashamed at her/him.

    do you all not see how ridiculous you come across? yet you wonder why the general populace doesn’t have tolerance. i am a gay man, and you make me ashamed.

  12. TJ says

    Me, Me, Me and Me! Tyra Banks is THE MOST self-centered individual on the planet. No Tyra, it’s NOT ALL ABOUT YOU!!! And just why did she get this award??? Because she has gay friends?? What?? She perpetuates negative gay stereotypes by having The Ms. Jay Twins flounce around on her Top Model show. Seriously? They could’ve chosen a more deserving person for this award. OK….done hatin’ on Tryra. Note to TB: Don’t try so hard girlfriend.

  13. Rovex says

    She isnt the gay mans friend, she is the camp gay mans friend. Some of us are completely average in our behaviour, nothing feminine about us, but all she likes is the camp.

  14. free2b says

    I’m not sure I understand all the hate talk against Tara Banks. She is a big celebrity who uses her voice to promote gays in as many ways as possible. Not exactly a swarm of TV folks doing that these days, but still the whining about her. Why? I would think that you need all the voices you can find – yours included to promote a positive image for a change instead of whining.

  15. sisie says

    A lot of hate out there for everyone really amazes me. I guess the internet allows that. Give a little credit for those who at least try. Maybe you don’t get their agenda but at the least to the “world” they are supportive so give them a break.

    The rest of the world gets a “positive” messsage no matter what you think their underlying message might be. Try to be a little postive and it just might make the world a little brighter!

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