1. Marc says

    He’s lost. He’s got way too much talent and can survive without the “Idol” backing.

    I predict he’ll make it to the top two and in an effort to extract the most cash from the contests contestants, they’ll contract him in at number 2 in a win/win scenario where he’s not beholden to them and can move on down the line without encumbrance and make it on his own.

    Let’s face it, HE’S THAT GOOD!

  2. RONTEX says

    He is so freakin’ fantastic and one of the few performers of recent memory that I would actually pay to see because you know you would get a REAL show and be entertained (and not lipsynched to).

    He’s like the bastard baby of Elvis, Prince, Axl and Freddie Mercury (with some Frankenfurter mixed in just for shits and giggles).

    Let’s hope America gets it right and votes for Change we can believe in.

  3. Joe says

    Obviously, the over-singing scene. Adam has a lot of talent, but he’s going to sound like Marianne Faithful by age 35 if he doesn’t learn to resist the urge to overtax his voice all the time.

  4. Lito S. says

    I just found his BTBW a mess, but there’s no denying he has vocal skills. The ending reminded me of Deep Purple tho.

    I prefer Alison out of the group in terms of vocals.

  5. says

    MARC- they actually force all the finalists to sign contracts before they are inthe final group. The producers of Idol/Fuller/19 can enforce record contracts with anyone in the final 12(13) if they so choose.

    I agree with CRISPY, David wasn’t a good singer and lacked charisma. I do love that photo of him.

  6. says

    I agree, not the gay thing with David, it was the lack of charisma thing and the desperation thing (I seem to recall an awkward attempt at being a not-gay rocker that rang very false). As performers, they’re in totally different scenes, and leagues. Adam may not be shouting that he’s gay on the show, but, unlike David, he basically outs himself with every performance and has wisely avoided trying to be something he’s not. I also suspect, as a musical theater vet, that he knows how to protect his voice. Much as I adore Marianne Faithfull, she wasn’t exactly singing arias even before the drugs and cig’s gloriously wrecked her 5-note range.

  7. David in Houston says

    David was voted off because he wasn’t a very good singer, and his performances always came across as phony. It had nothing to do with his sexuality. I think Adam Lambert has proved that point.

  8. Tracy says

    I think if anything, being a big gay stripper HELPED Hernandez. I mean it was obvious he was gay before that came out, he was way too pretty and polished (looks wise). I remember his last performance on the show just want any good.

  9. nic says


    you said, “Much as I adore Marianne Faithfull, she wasn’t exactly singing arias even before the drugs and cig’s gloriously wrecked her 5-note range.”

    ditto on that. the combination of the drugs, alcohol, cigs, and who knows what else, gave her voice a gritty, been-there-done-that sensibility without robbing her of her poignancy. the girl is still kicking it.

    adam has a gift. no doubt about it. i am not one to begrudge anyone’s talent.

  10. says

    For sure, Nic. Marianne still has it going on. I saw her perform in Montreal a few years ago and she kept asking, Are you bored yet? Cause if you’re bored I’ll just call it a night. No one was bored.

    Though their voices are VERY different, I think Ms. Faithfull would probably heartily approve of Adam. The boy isn’t boring.

  11. says

    So my fiance and I are the only ones who are not fans of Adam. He is corny, banshee like and just to much. His choice on the most obvious songs to Adam-ify is also very grating. For me it’s Chris Allan all the way. But then again I am not a tween or easily bowled over like most, I guess.

  12. Lynn says

    I’m not a tween too. I was contently going along with traditional easy going songs until ADAM LAMBERT comes along and blast me off my feet.

    Life has not been the same again. I do not have the chance to meet the phenomenal Elvis. But I’ve read that Adam is reminded of him. I’m so lucky to experience Adam’s process. I believe that he will be a worldwide phenomenon.

    He can sing ballad better
    He can rock better
    He can sing soul better
    He can perform better
    He does everything bigger and better.
    He can make me feel better, even in the midst of my pay cut.

    He keeps updating and changing his looks. Its just astounding.

    His talents outshines everything. He is the next ADAM LAMBERT. The one and only.

  13. Jake says

    crispy wrote:
    “No, David, it wasn’t “the gay thing.” It was the shitty singer with zero charisma thing.”

    THANK YOU crispy for saying what I would have said had you not said it first! If it were “the gay thing” Adam would already be gone and Archie and Clay would not have made it as far as they did! And no one can argue that Archie and Clay weren’t out. Please, my dog knew they were/are gay!

  14. Alec says

    Adam Lambert is talented for sure and has such a stage presence but like most idols whether he wins or not I don’t see him being a huge success. He is wayyy too flamboyant, vocally over the top. They love you when you’re on idol but when the show is over its a completely different ball game. He’ll have as much success as say Constantine Mourailous(which is not bad) but anymore then that not too likely and Elvis he is not. I don’t recall Elvis being half a man. Adam is not completely femme but manly i would not call him. I wouldn’t even call him Metro.

  15. Uncle Mikey says

    Yeah, fuck you DH. Middle America doesn’t like cheesy singers with no talent and they don’t give a shit what you do after hours. Get over your untalented self.

  16. twinboysmama says

    So, I’m pretty much middle america David – and you, well you weren’t that good. Now ADAM – I wait days for that man to perform. And my twin boys? They are 4 and learning the words to BTBW and Ring of Fire. They love him! They ask me to play his videos over and over again. I can’t figure out whether it would be better for HIM to win or come in 2nd. He is crazy good. Crazy CRAZY good!

  17. Kit says

    Adam is in a class of his own. He is extraordinary, a great talent, entertaining, and damn sexy looking.

    I think after one of the two wedding singers is eliminated the fans of both will vote for the other one since they’re both the same. I hope Adam survives the double-whammy. Vote for Adam, the Super Star.

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