News: Connecticut, Milky Way, Cheeto, Edmund White, The Killers

 roadConnecticut Governor Jodi Rell signs marriage equality bill: "Rell this afternoon signed Senate Bill 899, which incorporates the
findings of the Kerrigan case into Connecticut statutes. That ruling,
handed down by the state Supreme Court in October, paved the way for
same-sex marriage. Both the House and the Senate spent hours yesterday debating Senate
Bill 899, which passed only after an amendment was added that provides
an exemption to groups who object to same-sex marriage on religious

Milkyway  roadThe giant dust cloud at the heart of the Milky Way tastes vaguely like raspberries, smells like rum, scientists think.

 roadGizmodo blogger eats world's largest Cheeto – WATCH.

 roadAlabama House passes resolution in support of Miss California: "The House approved the resolution Thursday by Republican Rep. Jay Love of Montgomery on a voice vote…Love said Prejean stuck to her convictions even if it meant losing the pageant."

 roadGays vs gays on Jamaica boycott: "J-FLAG Programs Manager Jason McFarlane took particular exception to
the boycott of Red Stripe beer, saying the brewer has 'unequivocally
distanced itself from the hostility and violence typical of Jamaican
music towards members of the LGBT community.'"

 roadMomentum in Utah for same-sex marriage, or just optimism?

 roadJesus Luz and Madonna back together.

 roadThe new video from Green Day.

 roadActivists gather strength in Mumbai to pressure politicians to decriminalize homosexuality: "At a 'People's Panchayat' in the capital
on resisting stigma and homophobia, the activists said political
parties, which have mindset dating back to years, need to wake up to
the existence of sexual minorities or face electoral boycott from the
estimated four crore population."

Schwarz  roadModeling: Waifs out, muscles in.

 roadLesbian assaulted at Nairobi bar. Kenyan gays demand protection.

 roadAnti-gay forces storm parliament in Uganda.

 roadHow Lorenzo Martone proposed to Marc Jacobs.

 roadStonewall Library and Archive celebrates grand opening in Fort Lauderdale: "In decades past, when gay residents wanted to find books about their
community they had to borrow from friends or from a closet where some
were stored at a gay-friendly church. The new location is a sign of how mainstream the gay community has
become in Broward: the gay library shares a building with a county
library and ArtServe and is situated on the edge of a city park where
children play ball and seniors gather for tennis lessons. Jack Rutland, library executive director, lauded the city and county for entering a partnership to make the library possible. 'Imagine me saying that 20 years ago,' Rutland said."

 roadJustin Timberlake and Jimmy Kimmel have a golf cuddle.

 roadThe Killers planning release of live DVD and cover album?

 roadJulia Allison blabs about a "screaming match" between Rosie O'Donnell and Kelli.

White  roadEdmund White on Amazon: "I don't think it was a glitch. It's
shocking that someone in that organization has the power to [get rid
of] gay books. All my own books were [also] affected. I wrote in my
name [on Amazon] last week and A Boy's Own Story wasn't there! Only four of my 22 books were there. It was astonishing.
Frankly, if one of the custodians of
Western culture is a corporation like Amazon, perhaps they should be
regulated like the financial world. We need regulation in the cultural
world too so that they don't restrict anything, like Amazon did."

 roadCan D.C. clergy stop same-sex marriage vote?

 roadU R GAY: Hamline Univeristy in St. Paul, Minnesota sees anti-gay graffiti.

 roadPedro Almodovar developing Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown into a TV series: "Fox TV Studios is developing the English-language hourlong project
and has tapped Mimi Schmir to pen the pilot script. Almodovar and
Schmir are exec producing…Almodovar will be very involved in "Women," which will be developed
with an eye for the international market."

 roadPhotographer David LaChapelle lists Hollywood Hills home for $1.65 million.


  1. says

    Oh, that’s depressing. I saw the ‘waifs out, muscles in’ line and cheered (in my head), thinking the picture was of one of the waifs that we were seeing the back of. Then I click on the article and see that he’s the muscle! It’s like running a piece saying ‘curvy girls are in’ with a picture of Kate Moss! Fashion anorexia reigns supreme, and the hunk is truly a thing of the past.

  2. Jon says

    RE: The Alabama vote…

    The pattern of the formation of civil rights for women, African-Americans and interracial couples we need only to open a history book to witness is occurring RIGHT before our eyes in the movement toward the inevitable federal protections of marriage equality. And I am saddened that much of America still cannot see history replaying itself and stand on the side of freedom and equality. Decades from now, when leaders like Gavin Newsome and NY Governor Patterson will be heralded for their inclusive efforts, bigots like Love will be wondering where their career went.

  3. crispy says

    “We need regulation in the cultural world too so that they don’t restrict anything, like Amazon did.”

    Oh, sweet jeezus! My respect for Edmund White just plummeted. Does he honestly think regulations by the friggin’ government would work for culture? Imagine the Bush administration regulating books and art.

  4. alex in boston says

    Re: Jamaica Boycott. There seems to be a daily report of GLBT harassment, assaults, and worse Murder coming from so many vacation destinations and yet gays still continue to go to places like Jamaica and to some countries in the middle east. Gay Dollars speak louder then words from our shoreline! If a particular country is fostering anti-gay sentiments such as Jamaica (just an example some other caribe nations do also) then cease all tours, ship stops and personal visits PERIOD!!

  5. Wayne says

    I could not and will not support a outrageously homophobic country like Jamaica with my tourist dollars.

  6. Oscar in Miami Beach says

    Boycott everything jamaican.DOWN WITH JAMAICA.We all must stand together against this must evil descrimination in that island.It is not only in songs but in the every day life of gays.Stay away on vacation from Jamaica and every other Caribbean island that descriminate against gays such as the Caymans.DOWN WITH ALL THINGS JAMAICAN.Join the boycott today.It is every gay person duty to stand against Jamaica and its products.

  7. Chris says

    The scientists involved may have tried for some extra attention to their discovery with this light hearted announcement, but it shouldn’t be allowed to detract from its significance. Flavour and scent molecules are polymers and these represent the largest molecules yet identified in molecular clouds.

    This supports the hypothesis made at the time of the discovery of abiogenically produced amino acids in the Merchison meteorite that the molecules necessary for life were formed in the same cloud of gas and dust the Sun and solar system were formed from. The basic chemicals of life, including the scent of rum, rained down on every planet in the solar system. Life may be a normal for most planets in the ‘Goldilocks’ zone.

  8. Rovex says

    Ok while not exactly ‘muscle’ the guy in the pic is at least identifiable as a male. Up until now the male models around have looked like 12 year olds of either sex. As with all things, small steps will get us there..

  9. Blake says

    Chris, what do you do? That post totally makes me want to bend you over the high pressure liquid chromatograph and have my way with you.

  10. nic says


    i read what you posted, and the only nouns i can relate to are ‘life’, ‘rum’, and ‘Goldilocks’. can we meet on the bed that is “just right”? plus, what BLAKE said.

  11. Sal says

    Re Edmund White:

    Since when was Amazon a guardian of Western culture? They sell books and consumer junk; that doesn’t make them the Library of Congress. That whole story was such a tempest in a teapot.