Towleroad Guide to the Tube #468

PAT ROBERTSON: Rants about Janet Napolitano and her warnings about right-wing extremism. "It shows somebody down in the bowels of that organization is either a convinced left winger or somebody whose sexual orientation is somewhat in question. But it’s that kind of thing, somebody who doesn’t think that we should have abortion on demand, is labeled a terrorist! It’s outrageous!"

HATE CRIMES: Judy Shepard urges Congress to act. 10 years of waiting.

SUSAN BOYLE'S COMPETITION: Crafted for maximum dramatic potential.

DICK CHENEY: Obama's trips overseas "disturb" him. Won't he just go away?

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  1. Ed says

    The right’s comments about this so-called recent branding as extremist is just so much smoke. The “twin bombs” at the abortion clinic in Georgia gave rise to their branding as domestic terrorists. Law enforcement sat up and took notice because the second bomb was an anti-personnel device timed to explode after emergency responders arrive ( If you try to kill cops don’t be suprised to be called a terrorist.

  2. Madam Bomb says

    I for one think that Dick Cheney needs his own television show. There is no person that is more capable of continuing the GOP slide into oblivion!


  3. DCheneyXVPOTUS says

    Dick Cheney, you irrelevant, reprehensible twat: in your own words, “FUCK OFF”.

    I’ve never wished death on anyone, until you. May yours be slow and painful. Perhaps anal glue?

  4. tstas says

    To criticize Repugnicans is to criticize America – or at least that’s what they think! What part of “liberty and justice for all” don’t they get? Wow, these guys are totally f#$ked.

  5. Josh says

    Couple things
    First I want to say this was the most humble and respectful interview/appearance I’ve ever seen by the former Vice President
    Second the problem with his “opinions” is that they are scare tactics the right is going to use in 2012
    Third Carter and Gore don’t have a water carrier like Sean Hannity or hell a fucking channel to go on whenever the fuck they want to say whatever they want and have the interviewer agree with and/or not challenge anything they say.

  6. woodroad34 says

    Pat Robertson and Dick Cheney should keep talking — perfect visuals for right-wing extremist groups (I couldn’t force myself to say Poster Boyz, since neither one of them are boys–or real men, for that matter.)