1. paul c says

    The work of thoughtful and sincere men and women of integrity built the NYT into the best newspaper in America, only to be absolutely run into the ground by arrogant, delusional asswipes like Frank Rich.

    Kudos, egotripper.

  2. paul c says

    That was a harsh comment. It’s still the best newspaper, and Rich is very talented…unfortunately the NYT seems to have little or no filter left for screening out their ideological biases.

    They have the same credibility as Fox News when it comes to “fair and balanced”.

  3. ant says

    paul c – really? To me Frank Rich is a great example of a columnist who was “thoughtful and sincere” as he helped expose and publicize the Bush administration crimes and misdemeanors while they were in office. You may disagree with Rich’s conclusions but his integrity is not in dispute (except among the delusional).

  4. mike says

    Paul C, I think the LCR is holding a bake sale to raise funds so all five of them can go to the next White Party in Palm Springs, so run, run little child and go get some cookies and leave the discussion on this board to the adults.

  5. jack says

    nice get, andy (et al).

    and corey… its time to up your game. referring to the LCR or whoever as FUKT diminishes you and by extension blogs and us, your viewers.

  6. says

    I thought he said the LCR was “defunct”.

    @ Paul C: please note, Frank Rich’s column appears in the Opinion section of the NYT. If you’re not clear on what that means, perhaps you should bugger off.

  7. says

    Paul C, just wondering, which of Frank Rich’s many columns showing his complete support for gay rights inspired you to brand him a “delusional asswipe”? He’s a straight guy who gets it and is always on our side. How arrogant! How offensive! BTW, he’s also paid to articulate his opinion, so “fair and balanced” doesn’t really apply. But, of course, “fair and balanced” FOX News’s cries of liberal bias in the mainstream media–such as the NYTimes–are to be fully believed!

  8. MikeyDallas says

    Yeah, Paul C. that comment makes no sense. Rich is a treasure on the opionion page. Lord knows there are far more right leaning columnists out there than left. Please respond to Ernie. What makes him in your opinion an “delusional asswipe”? Or are you not intellectually capable of anything other than throwing rhetorical rocks?

  9. BobP says

    He’s a friend. We should be thankful that there are straight men like him who have the balls to defend us.
    PaulC: I think you should educate yourself and then send him a damn thank you note.

  10. says

    Frank Rich is indeed a hero to gay people in this country. Besides the comments already made, I need to add that I saw him last year in an evening of conversation with Stephen Sondheim that was an amazing & thrilling event. His Memoir- Ghost Light is one of my favorite books of late. We need to treat our straight allies with more respect.

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