1. liz templin says

    zac is a good looking guy, but something is off about that cover. it does not flatter him at all.

    that top photo though is interesting. i wonder how these people come up with such photos. haha 😛

  2. jimmyboyo says

    they are making a high school musical 4?????????????

    when is that crap going to be played out/

    I understand the kid needs a steady paycheck, but shit he has his 2nd non HM movie out now. It is going to get to the point that the HM movies detract from his ability to do other stuff.

  3. Wheezy says

    @ jimmyboyo,

    He sold his soul to Disney. He probably is making peanuts on those dumb movies but probably is compelled by some draconian contract to play a teenager till he looks older than Luke Perry in 90210.

  4. gr8guyca says

    There is something VERY odd about that cover shot. It looks like they took his head and put it on someone else’s body – only they made the head three sizes too big.

  5. Aaron says

    looks like they spliced his head from one shot onto the body from another…and not particularly well, because the scale seems off. Makes him look kind of like a bobble head – though a pretty bobble head.

  6. Jerry Cheney says

    I prefer Zac’s Emo look to this strange quaf on the GQ cover. As for the length of his hair I say skip the shears and let it grow baby grow. (long hair lovin’ gueers like me now break into the theme song from Hair the Musical).

  7. Bob West says

    The cover photo looks Photoshop-ed to death.
    His head looks out of proportion to his hands. The shirtless photo looks great.
    On a unrelated topic have you seen “Southland” best new TV show.

  8. ian says

    so, let me get this straight…

    disney created a world where homosexuality doesn’t exist…so his character isn’t harassed in a homophobic way, but in a deliberate manner to show that the other guys just don’t understand musical theater?

    i wish my high school days were like disney. then all i’d hear was, “ian thorpe never painted still lifes…” sigh

  9. f-towner says

    actually it is already confirmed that zac wont be appearing in the next HSM movie. if you can find his recent photoshoot where he’s muddy and posing with a naked girl, you’ll see he has started to break out of his disney image.

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