News: Chris Pine, Twitter, Carrie Prejean, Iraq, Joe Jonas, Avedon

 roadArkansas GOP chair Doyle Webb believes a lesbian can't be trusted with the state's budget!

Jonas  roadJonas Brother is first to attempt wet T-shirt sex symbol shot (while invoking celebrity crush Daniel Craig).

 roadNew Tony Kushner play, The Intelligent Homosexual's Guide to Capitalism and Socialism with a Key to the Scriptures, begins previews in Minneapolis tonight.

 roadThrough they eyes of RIchard Avedon.

 roadTogether: Frankly, I'd rather see Hugh Jackman and Robert Pattinson as bound captives.

 roadEffort to recall Portland Mayor Sam Adams holds kick-out party: "Organizers of Thursday’s event at Nick’s Famous Coney Island restaurant
said they wanted to spread the word about their efforts. And they
gathered a standing-room only crowd that spilled outside the small
establishment – though it was unclear how many were simply patrons
uninterested in the recall. While organizers have a number of people
already involved, they are hoping other citizens will sign up too." Focus on Breedlove.

Chrispine  roadIt kind of seems like they Photoshopped Chris Pine's head onto suits in these GQ shots.

 roadIs the ill-conceived American Ab-Fab kaput? Are we lucky?

 roadNYPD seeks ex-boyfriend in slaying of gay man in Brooklyn: "Tamiz Din, 50, was shot five times in the chest and stomach at
12:45 a.m. after he exchanged words with three men, police said. His
wallet was not taken. Din, a livery driver for 20 years, had been due to testify in court
today on assault and harassment charges he filed against Saleem Khan,
his former boyfriend, police said. Din dated Khan, also a Pakistani immigrant, for 15 years before they split up in 2007."

 roadReal life Twitter.

 roadSan Francisco activists to hold rally at Harvey Milk Plaza protesting executions of gays in Iraq on International Day Against Homophobia (IDAHO) this Sunday.

Vman  roadJoseph Gordon Levitt covers Vman.

 roadAdam Carolla makes misinformed remarks on gay parents:
"We just get it spoon-fed to us [that] everything’s great, everything’s
perfect, there’s no difference between, you know a couple of dads, a
couple of moms, couple of bis and a couple of pre-op transsexuals, and
a mom and a dad…no difference. Now look, I’m all for gays adopting but
let’s not mistake it for being nearly as good as a mother and a father.
It’s not nearly as good as a mommy and a daddy… all things being equal,
it is much better for a mother and a father to raise a child than it is
two of anything, all things being equal."

 roadFocus on the Family's James Dobson talks about "dangers" of hate crime laws.

Moakler_prejean  road"Carrie Prejean Day" DOA in Vista, California.

 roadShanna Moakler just couldn't stand behind Carrie Prejean's lies: "The turning point for me, I guess, was when I was watching the Today
show and she was sitting there continuing to lie. And it's obvious to everybody that the lying is still going
on. I just couldn't stand behind her. I
wasn't going to New York with this vendetta against her and hoping that
she would be decrowned. But I was hoping that she would, at one point
in time, stop pointing fingers at everyone in the world and take a
little bit of accountability or a little bit of responsibility for