Adam Lambert’s Boyfriend Drake?


Perez Hilton claims that this man, allegedly named Drake, is Adam Lambert's love interest and Lambert was affectionately referring to him as "my boy" at a recent party. Over the weekend, the New York Daily News floated a rumor that Lambert was spotted with someone he referred to as "his boyfriend" while dining out with fellow Idol contestants over the weekend.


  1. Aaron says

    Why are people so obsessed with outing the guy? Why, in 2009, can’t we treat his being gay or not like no bid deal? And please don’t turn this place into an Perez Hilton outing people for self-promotion site. It’s too classy for that.

  2. RONTEX says

    Hell yes we care! He has legions of fans world wide and may be the next American Idol voted in by “middle America” who just might be GAY!

    I would think that would represent a significant shift in attitudes and send a pretty strong message about where America is moving.

    Plus they are a HOT couple ; )

  3. JohnInManhattan says

    Has anyone stopped to think that perhaps they are boyfriends in a godly way?

    AARON, it’s not “outing”, it’s reporting. Your internalized homophobia is showing.

  4. James says

    Yes, but CA Prop 8 was voted on only by Californians. American Idol is voted on by the whole country. That’s the real perspective and would certainly account for the difference in numbers.

  5. jimmyboyo says

    “…Adam can do better…”


    It is the other way around. The boytoy is prettier than Adam and Adam should be grateful he has such a pretty piece of A@@ to hang on his arm. Adam can sing but good looking he isn’t with too much make up and a personal style that is out of date for his age.

  6. Terrilee says

    If it turns out that Adam is indeed gay, and he does win AI, that does not mean that millions of people will suddenly change their minds about gays or gay marriage. I personally already don’t care if he’s gay or not. This is a talent show, he is THE most talented one on it…he deserves to win for his talent, not to be a poster boy for gay rights. I believe he would see as steep a fall as Aiken has. Give Adam time to make a career.

  7. Cameron Johnson says

    Such hating! Adam’s boyfriend is adorable, and having a mainstream, gay pop-star does wonders for visibility in all markets. It’s one thing to say you don’t want gay men, in general, to get married, but what midwestern Lambert-fan wouldn’t want Adam and his adorable boyfriend to tie the knot?

  8. Nina says

    Hey Sacha ~ Thanks so much for the links to Brad! HILARIOUS!

    Daaaamn. With those *eyes* burning through the picture, who the hell is looking at the boyfriend?!

  9. David B. 2 says

    no discussion of who might be top or bottom? You guys are totally letting me down here.

    Can I order a side of bitchy queen to go please?

  10. gb says

    I’m female, straight, and think Adam is hot. If he wants to marry his bf, than I hope they can do so. Adam is the best AI that there has ever been! He’s the first contestant I’ve ever voted for.

  11. marie says

    You know, why is everyone so obsessed whether or not that Adam is gay…. or not? It’s not Adam confirming or denying it, it is American Idol that has put a gag order on him to keep the interested voters still interested in keeping American Idol RICH!They live in the 19th Century thinking that if one of their top contenders “comes out”, that all hell will break loose, and God forbid, no one will vote for Adam? WRONG! Everyone has made their assumption, and Adam himself is on the verge of admission anyway, so we all love him and he, by far, is the best contestant on AI in a long time!! Except for Cookie, of course!! Congratulations in advance, Adam for winning 2009 American Idol! You rock, in more ways than one!

  12. John S says

    As of this post Adam lost. What a shame, however he will have agents crawling through his window to sign him. He will be a mega star. Yes I’ve seen his guy boy there week after week. He is a hottie, and looks like he’s really packin a lunch lol.

    Good luck Adam in music and love.

  13. says

    So what if he is. I am and there is no problem about it. I mean this is crazy, leave my brother alone. If he wants to date a guy I say Good Choice, and I am proud of you. Me and my friend Ashley support you, and care about you. (AKA YOUR 2 Biggest fans). But it’s senseless to debate over my brother’s homosexuality. What just because there are photos about my brother doesn’t mean you all out there can go around a talk a whole bunch of shit about him. He is my blood, yes he is gay, and it just fucking is not that important for a bunch of low life motherfucking media to get there dumb fucking asses involved

  14. Kim says

    Straight gal here… I never understood men’s attraction w/ girls on girls. But w/ Adam and Drake…well, let’s just say I get it now. Too cute.

    And I agree — the more straight America sees people as, well people – and not sex, race, or orientation, the better we’ll all be. But could we at least pretend he’s bi?

  15. gg says

    Adams personal life is his own and it should be. No one asked Allison if she was a virgin or any of the other contestants their preference, etc. Leave Adam alone.
    Have to say though, Adam has good taste in friends, Drake is definitely a cutie pie.

  16. gg says

    Straight female here! Adam is HOT.

    That man in the picture above IS NOT, I repeat NOT his brother Neil.

    Drake has been in the audience several times on AI and so has Adam’s brother Neil.

    Whatever the relationship between Adam and Drake I think Drake is a cutie pie.

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