1. SFDex says

    It could be on Thursday, June 4, as well. That would be the last day they could release the opinion and still be in compliance with the 90 day rule.

    I’m glad they’re not releasing the opinion tomorrow with the historic significance of the date here in SF.

  2. says

    Could that be because of the impending holiday weekend that is supposed to be in support of our fallen troupes? God forbid that all the fairies in the country get out and protest all weekend long when they don’t have to leave work to do it. Or, maybe they were trying to be considerate and not disrupt a gay ole time in Pensacola, Fire Island, Austin or wherever the queer folk plan on partying this weekend.

  3. Andalusian Dog says

    If the majority of the justices decide to uphold Prop 8, please make sure NEVER to spend any money vacationing (or anything else) in California.

    No SF. No Palm Springs.

    Spend your money on the Cape, Winnipesaukee, Stowe, East Haddam, or even Des Moines for Chrissakes!!! (I hear they make lovely buntcake out there.)

    But be sure to devote a lavish weekend in SF or Palm Springs if they shut that s**t down.

  4. SFDex says

    I stand corrected; I’ve just been informed that the last day the Court can file their opinion is Wednesday, June 3. The court “traditionally” issues opinions on Mondays and Thursdays, though they’re not bound by any specific rules to do so.

    Biting my nails.

  5. RitchieLA says

    I am inclined to agree with Matthew. If the news was positive for the GLBT community, the decision on the anniversary would not be worrisome to SF, Newsom or others. While I certainly am not biting my nails, as I expect them to uphold Prop 8 anyway now – I would actually have hoped that they DID do it tomorrow to show just how little we’ve progressed in CA since the 70s. I beg the court to prove me wrong next week. But, I won’t count on it.

  6. K says

    Matthew, I doubt any of the justices has any awareness of the White riots, much less so that tomorrow would mark the 30th year since the riots occured. And I don’t think any court issues decisions on a certain date or avoids a certain date based on any charged historical event happening. That’s a pretty sophisticated logical argument. Ugh. I fear that the “repercussions of setting a precedent that any decision by the people is subject to random reversal by the courts” argument will be deemed more disruptive to society, and that the fundamental injustice of denying committed couples marriage, then allowing them to marry, then violently removing that right, will be deemed less disruptive. This is one of the few times in my life so far that I would be nothing less than thrilled and elated to be proven wrong.

  7. philberto says

    Doesn’t matter what day they announce it if the ruling is to let prop 8 stand. San Francisco has never been a city to hold back its feelings when it comes to gay issues. I expect delaying the ruling for a week is not going to make much of a difference to the LGBT crowd.

    I am frankly disappointed that Newsom, who has always supported the LGBT crowd, would request a delay. I guess in the end it is the practice of politics to choose appearances over reality, even for Newsom. Maybe it is time to bring back the radical approach the first “warriors” against AIDS brought to the forefront by taking it to the streets.

  8. Craig says

    If true and especially if the Court intends to rule in favor of Prop 8, it was a good move. It would be all too easy for the White Night Riot anniversary to be used as an excuse for more violence if the Court rules against us. It will be difficult enough to maintain order if the ruling is against us, but adding the anniversary of the travesty of justice in the Milk and Moscone murder case and Milk’s birthday would send emotions over the top. This was a smart temperature cooling move.

  9. rick says

    Now hearing this maybe announced next week, on Tuesday. Here’s a nifty site that has information on all the rallies and things coming next.

  10. fern says

    Since the oral hearings I had this feeling that somehow the verdict would favor the gay community the contrary would be gross injustice by allowing legal technicalities overruling the human factor.

  11. ERIC says

    I thinks it’s entirely possible that the court will opine that the constitution now prohibits marriage for all couples. The only remedy will be for legislature to come up with new terminology common to all couples. Or for prop 8 to be repealed through the initiative process. This outcome seems likely because of laguage in the conclusion chief justice George wrote in the marriage cases opinion. This approach would also allow the justices to uphold prop 8 and uphold all existing marriages.

  12. 2 Tigers says

    The Newsome rumor (he asked the courts to postphone the decision) is untrue. I am going to be a realist & go with the CSSC will uphold Prop 8, as the justices seemed a bit reluctant to go against the will of the people. I do think that one of 2 things will happen: we get a prop on the 2010/2012 ballot to overturn Prop 8, or get our STATE legislature to get rid off all marriages & offer DPs/CUs for everyone so everyone is treated equally.

    And Kevin? It’s troops, not “troupes”. I know most of my friends aren’t partying (we can’t afford it), & as a gay veteran, I plan on honoring my fallen brothers/sisters on Memorial Day. What about you?

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