Cancer Treatment Ends for Critically Ill Farrah Fawcett


Very sad:

"Fawcett now spends her days at home, often asleep. 'She stays in bed,'
says [Ryan] O'Neal. 'It's a nice bed.' She receives visits from a few close
friends – including fellow Charlie's Angels stars Jaclyn Smith and Kate Jackson and, when able, likes to watch TV, especially Dominick Dunne's cable program Power, Privilege and Justice
Another visitor has been Fawcett and O'Neal's son Redmond, who, behind bars for a drug-related probation violation, on April 25 was allowed three hours
at home with his mother to say what might be his final goodbye. In his
jail-issued jumpsuit and in shackles, Redmond is seen in the NBC
documentary climbing into his sleeping mother's bed and crying. 'Oh my
gosh, my gosh,' he says as he hugs the frail figure next to him. 'Oh,
my gosh.' … A particularly cruel aspect of the disease is that Fawcett has now lost
her iconic golden tresses. 'The hair is gone,' says O'Neal. 'Her famous
hair. I have it at home. She didn't care. I rub her head. It's kind of
fun, actually, this great, tiny little head. How she carried all that
hair I'll never know. She doesn't have a vanity about it.'"


  1. says

    Poor lamb. I hope it ends peacefully and quickly for her.

    I also hope that the rest of that family will get the help they so clearly need. Just goes to show that money and fame (and heterosexuality for that matter) don’t necessarily make for a happy and functional family. I can’t imagine the pain her son is in right now, having only a couple hours in a prison jumpsuit to say goodbye to his dying mother. Wow.

  2. JohnnyP says

    so sad. I had that poster in my room for years. That documentary is going to be painful to watch. Hope she goes peacefully.

  3. troschne says

    Johhny P, so did I–that was my last bastion of being (allegedly) hetero. It’s a shame that she is dying, and I hope that she is as comfortable as possible, and that, when the time comes, it is peaceful.

  4. GM says

    So funny about that damn poster. My cousin brought it over to my parents’ home — I was probably about six or seven at this point — and I recall being totally disinterested in Fawcett’s admittedly lovely form. Just had no interest whatsoever. I think my cousin and my sister picked up on it. That’s one of the first recollections I had of being “different” from the other boys.

  5. robert ryan says

    WE are not advertising a life style, we are advertising our lives.
    We refuse to be relegated to the shadows any longer! We are
    citizens of the United States and as such we are guaranteed equal
    rights under the law. It is illegal to deny us the right to express
    ourselves, whether such expression meets with your idea of family
    values or not.

  6. Ian says

    I did not live in the West while Charlie’s Angels was a hit. I became an admirer of Farrah Fawcett when I saw Extremities (1986). What a performance! What an accomplished actress! For me, it was a second “Klute” moment, when Jane Fonda earned my admiration. Thank you, Farrah. Your accomplished work has added to the classical canon. You will never be forgotten. May the life force of the universe keep you and bless you. A Canadian fan.

  7. says


    Pathétique, poignant, cruel comme un miroir renvoyant l’image de notre propre condition : Farrah Fawcett, ex-beauté incarnée, est en train de s’éteindre quasi en direct sous les caméras de télévision américaines. Cependant elle croit encore à un miracle, priant avec ferveur pour que la vie triomphe de son cancer alors qu’elle est en phase terminale.

    Sur son visage, le masque de la maladie, de la vieillesse, de la hideur : notre masque potentiel.

    Le plus effrayant : savoir qu’un humain peut passer de la gloire la plus complète à la misère la plus totale. Tout n’étant qu’une question de temps. Ce qui arrive aux êtres “immortels” peut nous arriver à nous aussi, simples mortels que nous sommes…

    A travers son agonie nous assistons à notre propre fin.

    Madame Fawcett ou l’histoire de la beauté qui devient décrépitude. Quand un destin de gloire finit dans la déchéance. Lorsque les sommets insolents de la jeunesse éclatante se concluent par le plus noir abîme… La maladie.

    Avant la mort.

    Raphaël Zacharie de IZARRA

  8. says

    After seeing Farrah Fawcett’s documentary I am convinced that she is an extremely genuine person; it was wonderful of her to step outside of herself to make this documentary