1. says

    Rush right out to the video stord treat yourselves to a copy of the great Hockney film “A Bigger Spash.” Lots about his life, his work and his gorgeous naked boyfriends.

  2. Tom says

    Holy cow this this beautiful.

    I like Hockney, yet have tired of all the attention and knee-jerk “Oh Hockney’s” – but the bottom line is I love his work, and after this update, would really like to have dinner with him.

    And I don’t care how fawning that sounds.
    The man’s approach to his work is genius and utterly unpretentious and charming.

  3. Tom says

    Btw, “A Bigger Splash” doesn’t refer to the classic Tones On Tail song, does it? Or is it just a British Euphemism?

    I guess I’m hoping Hockney is a Tones On Tail fan.

  4. Kirk says

    OK. This is nothing even resembling journalism. WHAT. AP. IS. HE. USING. TO. CREATE. THIS. UNBELIEVABLE. ORIGINAL. ART?

    ‘I like to draw flowers by hand on the iPhone and send them out to friends so they get fresh flowers. And my flowers last!'”

    It is only natural to be curious about the materials he uses to create such beautiful art. Please answer our questions.