Miss California Carrie Prejean Semi-Nude Photos: A New Set


TMZ has unleashed an entire gallery of topless shots from another photo shoot that Miss California Carrie Prejean didn't tell pageant officials about.

Yesterday, officials from the Miss California USA pageant said that since Prejean began her crusade for 'opposite marriage' she had cut herself off from them. They named runner-up Tami Farrell "Beauty of California ambassador" because they do not have the power to remove her crown. They also told the National Organization for Marriage that they should be ashamed of themselves.

Today, Donald Trump, who owns the Miss Universe franchise, will hold a press conference at 11am announcing whether Prejean will forfeit her crown.


  1. Lily Painter says

    Damn, bitch can not keep her tits in, can she? I’ve seen gym-bunny Chelsea boys on the FI Ferry with more discretion than this ho! Note the Carrie: that sound of a shutter clicking does not mean “Whip ’em out!”

  2. LD says

    All scandal aside, she hot. And so much hotter without all the pageant paint and drag queen glitter. She’ll make a very nice prostitute—er—trophy wife, for some closeted right wing politico.

  3. Mike says

    I of course disagree with her “opinion” – if you were to say that mixed race couples shouldn’t be able to marry it wouldn’t be an “opinion” it would be bigotry – yet another in the endless examples of these hate mongers using spin words to justify their homophobia. That said, it is really disgraceful on how NOM is using this young lady’s misguided bigotry to get press coverage for their hateful agenda – and once again the press is playing along… as they say, any publicity is good publicity, and NOM is milking this for all it is worth. Trump will probably jettison this girl for breach of contract – which he should, but then NOM will latch on and have her be the poster child martyr for their cause. So… get ready for the 2009 martyr tour!

  4. Gregoire says

    Donald Trump could not be more pleased with how this is turning out. Have you noticed that since he’s taken over the pageant, there seems to be some big ‘controvery’ every year — from party girl Tara Connor and the girls performing on Fear Factor, to YouTube moments galore

  5. Leona says

    Those are such interestingly shaped areolas. I’ve never seen bright red, five-pointed areolas. So pointy. So star shaped. I bet it must be hard getting a shirt on in the morning–those things must get stuck in clothing all the time.

  6. Barry says

    I still don’t understand why she is getting raked over the coals while Obama — who shares her opinion about gay marriage — gets a pass. Why isn’t Perez Hilton agitating for Obama’s impeachment?

  7. Joey B says

    I smell a Trump-knowing inside scandal to gain publicity year after year. Follow the money, people.

    And personally, if I were Donald, I would definitely want to “milk” this topic for all its worth, just to boost my production numbers.

  8. Linda says

    She is not a Christian. A real Christian woman would not pose nude semi nude or any of it and lie on top of it. The Rev. Billy Graham’s wife would never have posed that way at any age or any time.

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