Miss California Carrie Prejean’s Nude Photos Surface

Prejean Posted by The Dirty late yesterday, this is just the first of apparently six photos of Biblically-correct Miss California Carrie Prejean, according to Popcrunch:

"Alicia Jacobs, Entertainment Reporter at KVBC in Las Vegas, has seen all six of the photos and says some are much more revealing. Alicia believes the flicks may have been taken after Carrie’s pageant-financed breast augmentation about six weeks ago. Hmmm…These explosive pictures could be devastating for Miss California, whose anti-gay marriage campaign recently resulted in a partnership with the National Organization for Marriage and helped to make made her increasingly popular with right-wing conservatives. Can you guys believe the nerve of this bozo? Using the Lord Jesus Christ as an excuse to support inequality when she’s just as big a sinner as anyone?"

Jacobs was also a judge at the Miss USA pageant.

Jacobs' Twitter this morning:



  1. Rad says

    Poor, little right-wingnut can’t catch a break.

    Why, in GOD’S NAME, is this news to anyone and why, SWEET JESUS, does this come up day after day after day.

    I feel like I am stuck watching Nancy Grace; “Blond beauty pageant runner up fake tits opened her mouth! EVERYBODY STOP!!!!”

    What in the HELL would you expect to come out? Rocket science? Socrates and Plato? Economic advice?

    She’s a BLONDE BIMBO who’s career relys on silicone inplants, for crying out loud!

    Enough already!

  2. David T says

    LOL!!!!!! Some of you people are missing the point. Sometimes, people like Ms. Prejean and Joe the Plumber help progressives more then they hurt.

  3. kjm says

    Why should she go away? You know you want to see more. What I don’t get is they say these pics are taken after she had surgury which was financed from the proceeds from her runner-up winnings. To me it looked like she had implants during the pageant, not after.

  4. Lynn David says

    Honestly…. I’ve seen as much of Prejean as I care to see. I can do without these pics.

  5. Matt says

    You far left pricks say the most distasteful bs. Why are you so afraid of a beautiful woman. Oh I see. You’re gay and anyone who opposes queer marriage is the devil. How nice. Remember California. Michael Stipe does. LOL

  6. woodroad34 says

    I want to see naked pictures of Joe the P.

    BTW when will pictures of this type about Sarah Palin show up. I bet she’s done them as well.

  7. straight but not narrow-minded says

    Hey matt, we’re not all gay. I’m not afraid of beautiful woman but I simply think fake NOM brainwashed young girls is a tad bit wrong. What do you think her parents would say if she said anything else in regards to Perez’s question? I raise my children with tolerance. Because this world is fucked otherwise. So wise up and try to show some empathy for people different.

  8. says

    Gee, “Matt.” And you’re a far right dick who’s straight-identified trawling (not to mention taking the time to post!) on a website with stated “homosexual tendencies”? And too afraid to post his full name? How convenient. Come out, come out, wherever you are. LOL.

  9. Rob says

    I believe that pornographic photos should be only between a man and a woman. And the entire Internet.

  10. 1♥ says

    I find it typical of Christian’s like Ms Cali and MATT to cherry-pick the Bible to justify their hate and bigotry, but she should really read this part:
    1 Timothy 2
    9: I also want women to dress modestly, with decency and propriety, not with braided hair or gold or pearls or expensive clothes, 10: but with good deeds, appropriate for women who profess to worship God. 11: A woman should learn in quietness and full submission. 12: I do not permit a woman to teach or to have authority over a man; she must be silent. 13: For Adam was formed first, then Eve. 14: And Adam was not the one deceived; it was the woman who was deceived and became a sinner. 15: But women will be saved through childbearing—if they continue in faith, love and holiness with propriety.

    Of course there’s a lot more than the above from the false god of the Bible that believes women are second class citizens I just wish someone would point it out to them.

  11. Bobby says

    I’m not a religious man, but things like this make me believe there is a god. and that god LOVES me to pieces.

    How great that this girl opened her mouth, stood by her closed-minded ramblings, and now her sidling up to the conservatives is sure to backfire!

    who will have her now? hahaha

  12. Wes says

    Believe it or not this will garner more sympathy for her.


    blah blah.

    These people don’t give a f*ck about being Biblically correct. They just hate gay people. Just watch the same b*tches who point their righteous fingers in judgement at everyone they dislike (gays) embrace Ms. Prejean even more following this “attack” (as it will be branded).

    Don’t forget what giant hypocrites these people are.

    America doesn’t care about naked women with fake boobs who have premarital sex. They just care about those awful queers.

  13. Wes says

    Remember Palin’s preggie daughter. No one cared, they made Palin and her daughter out to be the victim.

    And ignored the glaring relevancy to her abstinence-only position.

  14. wisebear says

    This whore is too stupid to breathe, and I’m loving every second of it!

  15. Chitown Kev says

    What made this hoochie think that she could fuck with the ‘mos?

    Her answer in the the pageant was one thing. But…BUT… she took her babbling incoherent self on the today show, on the 700 Club, shrilled for NOM.

    And all the time she bared her naked ass and her fake titties for Jesus.

    And rubbed her fake titties all over the place. Including on a “drag queen.”

    Now, with all of this out there just waiting to be (ahem!) revealed, this bitch thought she could wage war on the ‘mos under the guise of being “biblically correct.”

    Yeah, it really takes a dumb bitch to think something like that and an even dumber bitch to actually do it.

  16. Paragon Invest says

    So this is our new definition of nudity? What a joke! Last i checked, some of the best art was nudity and by some of the most devout and famous Christians. When she starts flashing her twat and giving blowjobs, then I will be concerned. But lingere? Nigger please . . .

  17. Matt says

    I am shocked!! And she seemed like such a nice girl.

    Why is it that loud-mouthed religious conservatives are the worst hypocrites? Oh how I love to watch them fall. What a dumb b*tch.

  18. Wes says

    Paragon, we haven’t seen all the photos.

    “Alicia Jacobs, Entertainment Reporter at KVBC in Las Vegas, has seen all six of the photos and says some are much more revealing.”

    You don’t know what they are.

  19. John says

    Look, all of you queers need to get used to it. The thought of two guys sticking their penises up each others shit holes, disgust a lot of people. That is just a fact, and all of the gay pride freak show parades in the world will not change that. Lets just get along and tolerate each other, but don’t ask me to “Honor” your lifestyle.

  20. JTlvr says

    It’s funny how people with flexible morals try to impose their inflexible view of the world on others.

  21. Jon says

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!! Wait… HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! I can’t stop laughing!

  22. kjm says

    Why do people have such a problem with her and why are they calling her a dumb b*tch? Seems to me she is milking it for all it is worth. Had Perez never posed this question she would be just another pageant runner up, a face-less/name-less beauty queen. Now we all know her and her views. She is a Christian to boot. Hell, I think I found my perfect wife.

  23. jim says

    silly homos trickes are for kids have you forgot what a beautiful body looks like and that hilton judge how does he pick beauty that is one ugly judge he should ask this beauty for tips anything would help you idiot

  24. Wes says

    Why are all the homophobes flocking to this gay blog?

    Ya’ll should check out Outrage while you’re here.

  25. jim says

    this chick is beautiful have you all lost your minds and if you cant say even a little bit of positive remarks should you be a judge and a gay one to boot write a good articale about this lady she truly is beautiful

  26. kjm says

    Yes, Miss California – Carrie Prejean is beautiful inside and out. Much more than I can say for the Perez Hilton homo freaks out there trying to bash her for her opinion.

  27. Wes says

    Yea there’s nothing as beautiful as the boobs god gave her.

    Oh wait.

    You do know you’re masturbating at a gay blog, right? And masturbation is a sin.

    Maybe you guys should be repenting or something.

  28. Wes says

    Watch the homophobes go insane over the next few years.

    America is leaving them behind.

  29. kjm says

    Wes, nothing wrong with fake boobs. You guys don’t flip out when your tranny friends get fake boobs, do ya?

  30. says

    While I totally disagree with this girl’s politics, is breast augmentation really sinful? I suppose it could be linked to vanity, but come on people, is this really a reason for right-wings to dislike her? I think this is the media searching for a story.

  31. Wes says


    Its not me that has a problem, its god.

    Its unnatural. Don’t you think she ought to be consistent?

    The question is rhetorical, btw. I fully expect total hypocrisy.

  32. Wes says

    The right wing would still love her if there was a video of her coked out of her mind getting gangbanged by the football team.

    Like I said, they don’t give a sh*t about the Bible. They just need an excuse to hate gay people.

  33. Derrick from Philly says

    “….When she starts flashing her twat and giving blowjobs, then I will be concerned. But lingere? Nigger please . . . ”

    Posted by: Paragon Invest

    OK, I’ll have to let somebody else respond to the final part of your comment.

    BUT, I will say this: if you are black, you are young and stupid. If are white…well….well, if I responded to you with the kind of anti-white/anti-white gay racial slurs that I’ve learned over the last 5 decades, Andy Towle would have to ban me from his blog…and I aint ready to go yet.

  34. jimmyboyo says


    please do not use socrates or plato as examples of inteligence. They were both flat worlders, geocentric , supporters of religion, believers in immortality of souls, thought matter made up of fire/water/earth/air, and considered empirical evidence as secondary to divine revelation = muse. Plato in fact wanted to burn all the works of democritus/ epicurus/ lucretius/ and other greek philosophers who taught the world as round, heliocentric, no divinty to soul, gods are at most unimportant and most likely non existent, empirical evidence = supreme , atomists

    socrates, plato, and aristotle were fools

    read up on Democritus, epicurus , lucretius



    WWJD yet again

    – vain $10,000- $20,000 boob job
    – $10,000 capped teeth
    – showing off the tatas


  35. Jim says

    Being the poster child for heterosexual marriage and the salvation of the family from the evil of homosexual love, one has to wonder what her future husband and children will think of her nudity. I find it ironic that what someone else does in the privacy of their home is less moral than what she does PUBLICALLY with her body.

  36. anyony says

    How about a larger size of that pic? I can’t fap correctly to such a small image!

  37. Ricky D says

    Remember Freedom of Speech.
    What happened.

    So she thinks Gay Marriage is wrong. So do I and I’ll be damned if I’m going to worry about what someone thinks about what I say or do.

    So shut her up but shut up the Gays also.

    NO FAVORITES!!! All be silent for fear of hanging.

    Oh wait, didn’t we learn from that mistake?
    I guess not.

    Those who do not know history are doomed to repeat it.

    Lighten up people and get a real job. If you can find one.

  38. says

    Just remember though, the liberal God–Barack Obama–also doesn’t believe in gay marriage. And either does the Hillery Clinton.

    But no one would ever want to bring that up when you can pillary a young woman.

  39. d h says

    I want to see her BEFORE her implants. I like natural breasts, even if they are a little smaller. Nature does it best.


  40. lordgodd says

    I think she should have got her horse-teeth filed down- instead of the boob-job.

    The poor girl can barely close her mouth,

    besides that she’s a dime a dozen in terms of her face and bod.
    The WINNER is HOT looking.

  41. BC says

    You people need to get a life. This is a good person who may have made some mistakes. Her answer at the pageant was correct. Further, marriage IS ONLY for a man and a woman. I hope she makes Millions.She is beautiful and intelligent.

  42. Chris says

    I have the feeling this story has been linked to on a right-wing site, or possibly Ms. Prejean’s fan site (if such a thing exists). There are a suspicious number of anti-marriage equality posts for a gay-themed blog…I have a feeling not many readers will be swayed by their ‘arguments’ :)

  43. Pops says

    You have got to be kidding!These are supposed to be nude photos?She may have other photos out there but these are nothing to get your panties in a bunch over.

    Does the gay community know what they have done for her career? Miss Hilton has advanced her career and future more than if she had won the contest.

  44. WOW...you libs says

    What spiteful, hateful, people you are. Apparenty anyone with a disagreeable cmment not to your liking is a “troll” and anyone wlling to stand up for their belief based on their religious belief is a B****, hatemonger, whore, slut etc.
    She simply stated her belief. Maybe you disagree, maybe she’s wrong…but you lib’s truly show your colors.
    YOU represent hate and intolerance….look no further than the comments to this blog for proof.

  45. Dennis D says

    I think she looks hot. And she is most certainly an All American Girl. What makes you Homosexuals so angry and hateful? Are you jealous she has REAL equipment?

  46. Dennis D says

    Silly Faggots think Carrie doing tastefully done modeling photos somehow makes you Normal? Its meaningless. You are still freaks.

  47. Mike says


    This looks like a picture that a college girl sends in to Maxim. Is this it?

  48. says

    RE: “Can you guys believe the nerve of this bozo? Using the Lord Jesus Christ as an excuse to support inequality when she’s just as big a sinner as anyone?”

    You’re saying she’s a sinner because . . . what? . . . she posed naked?

    Do you think the models in Playboy are sinners also?

    How prudish in 2009!

  49. joey says

    Technically, this is NOT a topless photo. If there were really topless photos of Carrie Prejean then where are they? You would think if they really existed, they would have been posted all over the Internet by now. This looks like a feeble attempt to discredit her.

  50. Ed Nelson says

    Prejean is a hot looking Conservative. Let’s face it Conservative women have it all over those sloppy hippy chicks that call themselves liberal: Rachel Maddow,Hillary Clinton,Nancy Pelosi,Keith Olberman.

    If she did a nude abortion video the National Organization of Women would crown her a queen.

    Get over it gang. The citizens of Ca. don’t want gay marriage.

  51. Mike says

    This country has bigger issues than any comments or photos Carrie Prejean has to offer. Our media people would better invest their time and efforts investigating and reporting how the American public is duped, misled and humiliated by the people we put into political office. Last I knew we are all afforded the right to believe as we wish and speak our mind. She was asked a controversial question and gave a controversial answer … her right as an American. This country is going too far with this political correct horse shit.

  52. SFshawn says

    It just goes to show you that you don’t FUCK with the homos without consequences!
    She may be a “hero” to all you religious,bigoted,hateful,homo-hating hets but she’s a ZERO to most intelligent,fairminded,tax paying homos. I hope she keeps opening her mouth because she just keeps looking worse by the day(and who thought that was even possible?) LOL.

  53. wise up says

    Tolerance?! What Ever! Tolerance is an engineering term. Definition: The degree of ERROR you are willing to accept. Every knee shall bow and every tongue confess..

  54. Sean says

    Will everybody get over this. First off this all came about because dirtbag Perez Hilton tried to use her as a pawn for his own political agenda and it backfired. Get over this America. This is old news.

  55. Jack Tripper says

    Idiot republicans never miss a chance to alienate people. I’m a complete socialist (would Jesus believe in SHARING) but think taking it up the poop shoot is disgusting. The lefties might go overboard, but the right contradicts itself far too often. Bush and his immoral majority took all the money Clinton saved and GAVE it to those who needed it the least, they overinvested in stocks and the housing market and ruined our economy, period! Not to mention the illegal invasion and murders in Iraq that you all watched like a Sunday sporting event. Congrats, you’ve embarrassed Jesus once again.

  56. SSBlackAngel says

    You queers should shut the fuck up already. the girl think marraige is for men and momen not disgusting homos. Im sure if any of you where normal you wouldnt have a chance with a cute girl like her. you are lucky im not in charge! Hitler had it right Cleanse the earth of this scum

    Zieg Heil! 88/14!

  57. kj says

    LOL. You silly people…she was posing for a children’s bible. This one is Lot’s wife in the “Pillar of Salt Pose.” She also did “God Saw Me Naked After I Ate That Apple and I’m Ashamed” and “Mary Magdeline Wipes Jesus’ Feet with her Tongue.”

  58. John says

    Who care’s about gay marriage!!! just show me the BOOBS! by the way i want to see nude pics of barney frank HUM!

  59. Ron in Calif. says

    This women is fine as hell. Leave her alone. I feel like bitch slapping those little gay boys.

  60. dougx says

    This doesn’t make her a hypocrite, silly people. If she were caught with a women in bed, then you could maybe say she is a hypocrite. A sexy woman, taking a pic with her top off; what the heck does that have to do “gay” marriage.

  61. B. Lowman says

    if anyone knows anything about christians you would understand that Jesus Christ is the only person who is and was able to live a sin free life, Christians are not perfect people.

  62. Seth says

    I have about as much respect for this Cali ho bag as I had for Nikki Catsouras, the other Cali bimbo who coked up, fired up her daddy’s Porche, and then, at 100 mph, wrapped it. Governor Schwarzenegger ought to have a new town erected to these paragons of hip, and he should call it, “Bimbetta, CA.”

  63. Mike says

    Yeah, like this is going to ruin her. Only the homos and liberals are acting like this is a travesty.

  64. Jeffries Bittner says

    You guys are sick… she stood for what she believed in and no matter what she has done in the past (i have not seen any of the pictures)you guys hold it against her. She isnt a loud mouth christian, just because she answered the question as it was asked.

    I admire someone who can stand up for whats right and what SHE believes in. The bible doesn’t say christians dont sin. EVERYONE sins!! Its just a matter of asking for forgivness.

  65. MLW says

    You people are not very tolerant! I can’t believe the hate some of you are spewing!

  66. Tony says


    Please try to explain the hypocrisy to me. Do you think Christians are never nude? This girl was asked her opinion on gay marriage, she gave it, hence she should be vilified? That’s tolerance?

    I’ve done things I’d be terribly embarrassed of and I’m not easily embarrassed. Does that mean I think that it’s right to do those things? Of course not. The only way NOT to be a hypocrite is to have NO ideals at all.

    I don’t know what this girl thinks about modeling in the nude. I also don’t know what it has to do with government sanctioned marriage between same-sex couples.

    You people come along with your caricatures of Christians and your bigotry towards them makes you think they never have sex or whatever. What you seem to miss is that most people in this country are Christian (I don’t happen to be one of them) but the attacks on this girl for modeling are outrageous.

    The attacks on Sarah Palin for hypocrisy because her daughter had sex? How does that even make sense?

    You don’t even understand the definition of hypocrisy. If Miss CA had run around saying that people shouldn’t pose nude… THAT would make her a hypocrite. She’s a hot girl with a pretty prosperous future in front of her with a modeling career. But you HATE her because her views are different than yours. Nice tolerance.

  67. Tony says

    Jack Tripper,

    I’m a complete socialist (would Jesus believe in SHARING)

    So you believe in having the government FORCE people into Sharing because Jesus would want them to?

  68. Ralph says

    I consider myself a moderate liberal and I certainly support gay marriage. However I am also an American and I believe that ALL people have the right to believe in what they want. It is wrong for the few to force their beliefs on others and vice-versa. By the words of Rodney King “Can’t we all just get along.” Some of the emotional rhettoric on this blog is quite disguisting and several of you should be ashamed.

  69. Mojo Celtica says

    Oh. So this is it? The big “topless” photograph? Oh horrors. I, for one, am shocked. This is a joke, right?

  70. BlowMe says

    Why are fags always so sensitive? Queers do nothing to help propagate our species. Gays are irrelevant hypocrites. They engage in non functioning reproductive behaviour and then want to marry and take heterosexuals offspring for themselves. That is F’d up.

  71. kevin wold says

    I cant believe all you people saying she gave the wrong answer. I am sure a vast majority of states dont have gay marriage legalized, or maybe im wrong, NOT. Whoever says this is a conservative view is an IDIOT, what about our liberal, way far to the left president, he believes the same thing as ms california, so shut up you faggots, and get the laws passed if you can. You people who belittle ms california are sick, she was not rude, so why are you so rude to her. Oh we dont believe in fags your right! A GUY SUCKING COCK IS WRONG THAT SIMPLE!

  72. Lisa GM says

    Nice comments. Love the name-calling, saying she’s a b*tch and a wh*re because of some stupid photos. I’m not saying they weren’t a mistake, I’m saying that she never said she was perfect. She was asked, let’s face it, an intentionally incendiary question during the pageant, and she simply said that she was brought up to believe that marriage was a between a man and a woman. That’s it. She didn’t say anything insulting about homosexuals or say she thought they’d burn in h*ll. Why is there so much hate directed at this flawed (like all of us!) girl??

  73. says

    I am amazed. you see more in Sports Illustrated than Prejean is ‘displaying’ or is it that she is not a politically correct robot that repeats the idiocy of the left wing jounalist.

  74. John says

    So the girl shows the side of her breast..BIG DEAL…..That unfortunately has become pretty tame in our morally decaying culture where people can act anyway they want (including men acting like women and women acting like men) and if someone criticizes them for deplorable behaviour, they cry discrimination because the whole world doesnt accept them and their dispicable acts. After Gays get their wish of everyone treating them as if they’re normal, the Zoophile’s will be next claiming they should be able to marry their dog or their hampster!!! Lawsuits will be filed, protesters will be protest outside washington. What the hell is wrong with this country??? Were going the route of ancient rome!! If you were born with a penis, act like a man…If you were born with a vagina, act like a woman…. Acting any other way is mentally deviant behaviour!!!

  75. John says

    So the girl shows the side of her breast..BIG DEAL…..That unfortunately has become pretty tame in our morally decaying culture where people can act anyway they want (including men acting like women and women acting like men) and if someone criticizes them for deplorable behaviour, they cry discrimination because the whole world doesnt accept them and their dispicable acts. After Gays get their wish of everyone treating them as if they’re normal, the Zoophile’s will be next claiming they should be able to marry their dog or their hampster!!! Lawsuits will be filed, protesters will be protest outside washington. What the hell is wrong with this country??? Were going the route of ancient rome!! If you were born with a penis, act like a man…If you were born with a vagina, act like a woman…. Acting any other way is mentally deviant behaviour!!!

  76. Truth hurts says

    ANOTHER RELIGIOUS HIPPOCRIT WHAT A SLUT What else did she give the photographer for the $Money shots?

  77. Rob says

    As far as I am aware, Miss Cal expressed a personal opinion about marriage allowing for others to do as they wish. She shares her oposition to gay marriage with President Obama, Hillary Clinton, and the majority of Americans. Do you vilify the President for his views on marriage as you do Miss Cal?

    Regarding the photo(s), is that the new definition of nudity? We see that much boob exposure on television all the time.

    If you are sick of Miss Cal, ask yourself who dug up these photos in the first place. We will stop hearing about Miss Cal when the smear campaign ends.

    You may disagree with her but Miss Cal has been a class act throughout this affair. The mud slinging has come from pro-gay marriage and anti-Christian militants.

  78. The Eraserhead says

    You liberals are such facists. You call just about anyone who have differing opionions brainwaished and closed minded. The fact is, you’re as brainwashed as the person you accused.

    I don’t expect her to be perfect on anything and I don’t know if she’ll be heading to heaven but she sure is right to oppose gay marriage.

  79. The Eraserhead says

    Liberals versus Conservatives

    I change my title to further define myself: Christian Capitalist Constitutionalist Conservative, basically, I stand for the preservation of principles that work be it in religion, economy, or how a country should be governed. This does not mean the restriction of freedom, but the preservation of such. It’s called freedom with personal responsibility based on fundamental principles that are as good as the law of gravity. I don’t claim to be perfect and sometimes I don’t follow the principles but they’re princples that work never the less.

    1. Believe in traffic lights and road signs (Freedom with responsibility)
    2. Do not reinvent the wheel.
    3. Believe in fundamental principles (equivalent to the law of gravity).
    4. Progressive.
    5. Think with feelings, common sense, and logic. Common sense and logic dominantly
    6. Realists.

    Liberals believe you get to pick whatever you think is right or wrong. There are no fundamental principles or standards you need to measure against. Liberals believe in open mindedness to just about anything. Due to Liberal determination of these ideals, they’ve discard some or most of the very principles that work, even the concept of good and evil, and many have adopted communist ideals. Change to them is always progress.

    1. Don’t believe in traffic lights and road signs (Freedome without responsibility)
    2. Always reinvent the wheel.
    3. Don’t believe in fundamental principles (equivalent to jumping off a high rise building).
    4. Backwards thinking.
    5. Think dominantly with feelings.
    6. Always high.

  80. The Eraserhead says

    You Liberals don’t understand what Christianity is all about:

    As it is written, There is none righteous, no, not one. . . . Now we know that what things soever the law saith, it saith to them who are under the law: that every mouth may be stopped, and all the world may become guilty before God. Therefore by the deeds of the law there shall no flesh be justified in his sight: for by the law is the knowledge of sin. . . . For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God.
    –Romans 3:10-23 (KJV)

    Christians and atheists have fallen short of the glory of God. The difference is that a Christian has princples to measure against in order to improve, an atheist or a liberal have none but rather by their own standards which they can always change(basically, being a liberal or atheist is anti-progressive).

    You can pick any Christian and you’ll find him or her will have a dark past cause they’re humans. The difference is that they have improved character wise (which is a constant journey with bumps and thorns on the way) compared to an atheist or a liberal.

  81. Jason says

    Is that it? All the controvery over a photo that isnt bad at all? When I hear NUDE PHOTO, I am thinking NUDE PHOTO, not a photo of someone facing the other way.

    She took a stand against dick sucking bastards who want to get married. Thats freakin GROSS!!! Aint nothing worse than two boys f_cking…

  82. Kim says

    It is websites like these that KEEP MS. CALIFORNIA AROUND! Thank GOD for our Constitutional right of FREE SPEECH! Obviously everyone here has forgotten that!!! Showing a naked BACK by all means is NOT posing nude! Open your eyes, I have seen less clothing on the beach for God sake! Lets respect her for not LYING about her own personal beliefs and crucifying her for sharing them with those tunning into the program TO WATCH HER!!! She did not curse, swear, cuss, or berate anyone! She simply expressed her OWN BELIEFS. This is NOT A CRIME! Free Speech, lets respect it or leave America!!! Thank you! and you go Girl!! I’ve got your back and think you’re BEAUTIFUL! inside and out!!!

  83. Mike says

    If she was 17 when these pics were taken, wouldn’t these photos and the posting of them violate the laws regarding child pornography? I haven’t heard anyone raise this issue yet!

  84. C-LECTA SKI says

    MMMMMMAN just leave the girl alone!! you all are just mad because she spoke against gay!! REMEMBER GAYS ARE NOT OFF GOD!!!!

  85. dupsy says

    Em………………… I mean if V. Williams was………..then what next for this lady?

  86. NYB says

    While I will always be a true advocate of rights regardless of sexual preference, WTF is up with trying to make money off of this story? People who do that are as bad as Miss “I’m Perfect & Gays are not”. Shame on all of you! You expect tolerance but give none and want to benefit financially? Who’s worse?

  87. i can't die says

    Stop bashing this poor girl. She is a private citizen not a public official, a celebrity, a musician, or any other egotistical idiot this society worships. She held true to her beliefs on national TV. Why destroy someone for their beliefs and religion? Oh wait Nazi’s did that tooo.
    Oh by the way most Californians don’t support gay marriage either, see Prop 8.

  88. Marshall says

    I’m confused; how exactly do her revealing photos contradict or undermine her stance on same-sex marriage? And i love a gay website calling her a “sinner” for posing (semi) nude. I know you can’t mean it ironically because she never said posing provocatively was a sin. Dude this site is way hypocritical!

  89. taber says

    I hail her ,she is bold .clear,speaks her mind and is independent. She is one of the trillions who believe in human society,civilization. So she shouldn’t be afraid of few extra terestrial living amongst the human race who r trying to make a mockery of civilised society.

    Carre just move on we love u.

  90. Rick says

    The left wing sure is full of hate. For years I was convinced that right wingers like Rush were the haters. Now I see both extremes are huge jerks that hate.

    Barrack Obama opposes gay marriage, same opinion as Carrie. Why no hate towards him? Why no calls for him to step down.

    Really ugly you left wing nut jobs. If you hate on this girl for having an opinion you are every bit as bad as Rush, maybe worse.

  91. says

    I love the tolerant left. You are tolerant of everything, so long as it is lockstep with your opinion.

  92. Jj says

    Man I think there should be more nude photo’s of her she’s hot and has nothing to hide from God

  93. Dan the Man says

    Hey HITLER! This is still the United States of America, and this woman is just as entitled to her opinion as anyone else. My question is, where was the ACLU or the Feminists to stick up for her rights?

    The liberals like to consider themselves “progressive” and “tolerant.” However, this shows that that is far from the truth; liberals are tolerant provided that one agrees with their viewpoint.

  94. lonnie says

    Where the hell are the nude pictures? I’ve searched the internet and it’s starting to become evident that this is more left-wing propaganda. Show me the damned naked pictures!

  95. Samuel says

    Enough already! By the way how do u know they are fake? Were you ever considered good enough to touch them? Besides that the left seem to full of perverts and idiots who don’t have all the facts…my recomendation is that you should have seen the interview with Mrs. California and Shawn Hannity. Now that is where you get the facts…of course, if your so stuck on looks..then maybe look in the mirror at yourself. None of you are beauty contest winner and neither Is Perez Hilton. If anything she had a good point. She gave her point of opinion. Oh by the way they are natural…had you seen the interview you have known that.So enough is enough.

  96. john doe says

    I can’t believe all the hate on this blog over someone having an opinion of their own. What if a straight judge asked a lesbian the same question? People need to stand up for what they believe in (gay or straight). You are not going to win every battle. If you lose, don’t pitch a fit like a spoiled little girl. As for God. God loves ALL his children. Everyone sins. It’s in our nature. Jesus gave his life for us sinners. The question is, when you and jesus look back on your life, will you be proud of everything you did or ashamed? Think about it…

  97. tate says

    WTF you are a bunch of jelous people and fags, and you bitches that need to put a bag over your face need to shut up. Gays should not marry. Two guy sucking on each others face, damn what a nasty thought. Who falls in love with a hairy butthole.

  98. tate says

    You know if all girls were lesbians life would soon be over. They can’t bare children with out us men. Gay men together can’t have children either. Thanks for looking out for the future populations.

  99. Rand says

    While I completely disagree with her on this subject, I do find it interesting that she is called all these names for being against gay marriage and yet a lot of the same people just love Obama…..who has the same position. The difference between the two is that she never promised us that she was for gay marriage. And this week the White House supported the decision to leave Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell the law of the land.The exact opposite of what he promised.

  100. skersell says

    oh and Romans 3:23. the girl never claimed to be “sinless”, she just stated her take on that particular issue. that is the #1 misconception of Christianity. that once we become christians, all of a sudden we are sinless. far from truth. knowing Christ and God just reveals how wretched we all really are!!! hate the sin, not the sinner!

  101. Mojica Man says

    it is very apparrent to me how most liberal and shamefully vulgar people try to use the failures of others in order to justify there own actions. Please follow this logic. Someone falls out of a two story building and breaks both of his legs. He is rushed to the hospital and his legs are surgically repaired, set and after a long recovery period the person heals. After he heals, he makes an appearance warning everyone of the dangers of falling out of a two story building. Well, everymakes fun of his efforts and decide that he is hypocritical because fell and they dismiss his remarks. My friends, how ridiculous is it to fight against the fact that he fell due to gravity. Gravity is an unchanging law and it does not rely on someone’s judgement or opinion. God created MAN and WOMAN to be marriage in a sacred union. They are to become one flesh. When a MAN and a WOMAN join together each one contributes to the formation of a new being…a child. Gay and Lesbians can never naturally produce children. Marriage is not a political opinion or judical status. It is a fundamental law similiar to gravity. And to declare this fact makes me no better or worse than anyone. Just like the man who fell due to gravity. It is what it is.

  102. Joe Blow says

    Key difference in sinner types: She’s a heterosexual “sinner”. gays should be put on an island. In a hundred years they’d all be dead. I wonder why? Maybe because nature didn’t intend the same sex to breed.

  103. Andrew VanH says

    For people who want to preach tolerance and shit where is your own. Why is it that most of the comments on this site seem to only be tolerant of those that share their opinion? I think her view of marriage is dead on, but don’t discriminate because of it. I think marriage should only be a religious thing as it was first designed. Don’t call someone else a hating bigot if you aren’t willing to look in the mirror and realize that your lack of tolerance of a differening point of view is just as hate filled.

  104. Mark says

    I think she’s gorgeous. She would have won the Miss USA pageant if it weren’t for the vote from a “man” who was only judging her politics and not her beauty. Now that she’s gained all this notoriety her career can really take off.