1. Paul R says

    Umm, aren’t the ones geared toward 13-year-olds (Happy Bar Mitzvah) and the Happy 16th Birthday a bit skeezy? We all know that Bruce Weber enjoys the company of younger men, but that’s pushing it *just* a little.

    I love the art school one, since I and most people I know who do fine photography usually do it in our underwear, outside, with a similarly clad pal putting his hand on our shoulders to ensure a steady shot.

  2. John says

    Not very interesting – all buffed and polished and never touched by human hands. I mean, surely somewhere there is a man.

  3. doogiehowsah says

    That may be the ugliest graphic design I’ve ever seen in my life. Maybe that’s the point? I can’t even tell any more.

  4. styleboy says

    I think the cheesy graphics are the point…do gays have no sense of camp anymore? I think they look adorable!

  5. Greg says

    Okay, so is it April 1st still? Did I fall asleep and dream the last month and 12 days?

  6. says

    I realize he’s famous and brilliant and everything but … could he maybe have made a bit more of an effort with this project? I’m sure they paid a mint to use his name.

  7. brian says

    all that pulling on the underwear. honestly. you’d think the Burger King “wedgie” spot was enough already. graphic direction is naive, to be charitable. critically, its perhaps a homage to Vegas call girl cards? his work at least used to be aspirational – now it just looks desperate, codgy, with whiffs of pedophilia near the edges. warmed over A&F rejects.

  8. Paul R says

    Bear in mind that the “graphic design” here is based on greeting cards. To that end, most of these look no different from the “naughty” greeting cards available from about two dozen stores in the Castro—or, at this point, even Safeway.

  9. Jordan says

    These are truly hideous. Intentionally “camp” or not, they’re not appealing at all.

  10. Geronimo says

    Simon, when you asked if he was still pretending to be straight, I thought you were kidding. I’ve been seeing his pictures for 25 years and it never occurred to me that he was anything but gay. But you are correct, he’s married to a woman who (shock!) produces the “films” he’s made. (Note here that he considers his ultra-homo Pet Shop Boys videos to be films—since he ends a couple with “Film by Bruce Weber, Music by Pet Shop Boys”—though it’s unlikely she had any need to finance those.)

    Something new is learned every day.

    I’m sure they have wonderful summers in the Hamptons with Barry Diller and Dianne von Furstenberg!

  11. Jimbo says

    Derivative and witless. Another reason why VMan and the forests of new gay hairdresser magazines like it deserve extinction.

  12. says

    Wow, NAMBLA has a new line of greeting cards.

    Bruce Weber is such a hack. He’s been shooting the same pervie pics since I was a model agent in the 80’s. I stopped sending mu guys to his go-c when it became apparent that nude poloroids were always going to be a part of the experience. The only ones who were safe from the fat freak were girls and Black guys. Of course he never saw (or shot) Black guys anyway.

    And yeah, he and his fag hag wife have been co-enabling each other for over 100yrs now.

  13. Drake says

    INAPPROPRIATE soft-porn- The Bar Mitzvah card is totally inappropriate to send to a 13 year old, the age for a Bar Mitzvah. Very bad taste here.

  14. Bob West says

    I think the object of the card designs was to spend no more the 5 minutes on each (if that). Yes the guys are attractive, yeah he’s straight and I’m 25.

  15. johnny says

    Looks like somebody got a new font disc and they want to show it off.

    Meh. Looks like 1st year VC-grad junk.

    And why no real men? Not a chest hair to be seen.

  16. Darren says

    Oh he’s definitely straight. A gay man would have done a professional job here. Absolutely terrible. Must be something marketed to straight people to give to their gay friends. Uggh. You KNOW somebody’s going to think you want this!

  17. holdensf says

    has Bruce Weber just given up? someone should let him know that although he’s had a distinguished career, he’s no longer relevant.

  18. ggreen says

    Bruce is still king of the softest soft core pablum porn. These poses make A&F images look explicit and down right masculine.

  19. Pbar says

    Forget the fact that these are derivative uninspired graphics, and get past the yawn of Weber’s same ol’ schtick…
    more pertinently keep in mind that we’re talking V magazine which is ultimately a disposable and unnecessary publishing vehicle which desperately attempts to prop up the chewed-up and spat-out fashion industry. Fashion died years ago, it’s over.

  20. Marco says

    If I had a buck for every time i heard the fashion industry is dead, i’d have at least – well, 7 bucks over the last 20 years. It ain’t going nowhere.

    Fashion mags, however…

    On to the work. I love Bruce Weber, but this stuff is wrong. I find it hard to believe he had a direct hand in the concept of this outisde of taking photos.

  21. dc8stretch says

    These ‘models’ should take a page from Carrie Prejean- if they want to get anywhere other than Randy Blue. Should have let something blow in the breeze.

  22. Paul R says

    Wow, so 1 positive comment on this thread. I guess VMAN might not be rushing to send Towleroad “first looks” in the future!